SunFrog Review 2020 – Build Your Own Print on Demand Collection

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SunFrog is an easy-to-use print on demand platform, however, it does make things easier for you when you want to sell customized shirts. SunFrog specializes in apparel, especially t-shirts. So, if you are looking to get into the apparel market then this has to be one of the best choices out there.

However, there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out with this platform. So, read on our SunFrog review 2020 to see if this is the print on demand service for you or not.

What is Sunfrog?

Sunfrog is primarily a print on demand company that allows the user to sell customize t-shirts, mugs, leggings, sweatshirts, and hoodies to its marketplace. The user can upload their own design on these products, sell them on Sunfrog’s marketplace, and earn a percentage on each sale.

Is Sunfrog Safe?

Sunfrog is print on demand marketplace that is 100% safe and secure service. The refund and return policies are quite straightforward; the purchaser can return the product anytime, if unsatisfied with the product, and get a complete refund (apart from shipping cost).

SunFrog Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

SunFrog offers a great affiliate program that lets you make money even if you are selling someone else’s designs. This way you make a commission on each sale regardless of whether the design belongs to you or not. This means that SunFrog offers you multiple ways of making money with the platform which is great.

Sunfrog Pros and Cons


  • No limited campaigns and no tipping points with SunFrog Affiliate program.
  • No wasting money on Facebook campaigns in hopes of hitting a home run.
  • You make a bit of profit on each sale. 5.5% or $1.10 per $20 shirt.
  • Your designs stay live on the site forever.
  • SunFrog Affiliate commissions around 35% of the sale.
  • More emphasis on unique art instead of just stealing designs and rehashing the same thing.


  • Profit is low.
  • Need unique ideas for designs.
  • Can not create a brand on your own website.

How SunFrog Works

SunFrog works in two different ways to help you sell your products and designs. First of all, you can sign up as an artist or seller on the SunFrog website and start selling your designs and logos printed on high-quality apparel.How SunFrog Works

The SunFrog manager lets you sign up as an artist/seller where you can start uploading your unique designs on the website. This way you can put your customized products up for sale on the SunFrog marketplace where millions of people can discover your cool designs. SunFrog mostly markets your products to the masses. You can choose to either sell your own designs or sell other designs on the platform.

You can choose from a plethora of different designs to market as many as you want, all you have to do is just add your seller ID and start marketing the products for an affiliate commission.

SunFrog doesn’t only offer a marketplace for you to sell your products, instead, it always provides a great fulfillment service that lets you sell the customized products on your own website.

This method provides you with extra flexibility since you get to brand the clothing according to your style. You upload the designs, put them on your favorite products, and sell them while SunFrog takes care of the manufacturing, printing, and shipping of the said products. You can set your own price on each product which means after paying the base price to SunFrog for the product, you get to keep the profits that you set.


If you are looking for SunFrog fulfillment then you will need to contact the support team to ask for a partnership. There is also a direct way to sign up for SunFrog fulfillment, through your seller account on the website. However, it requires you to have billing information on file so they can charge you for the orders.

If you want to sign up as an artist/seller then you will get access to all the products available on the platform and their base pricing.

The best thing about SunFrog affiliate program is that they offer a flat rate on all their products. This way you can set a decent profit margin while keeping all the costs in mind.

SunFrog does not charge you any signup or subscription fees, so the service is entirely free. You only pay for the items you sell which means you never pay the money out of your pocket and only pay when a customer purchases your designed products.

Payment Methods

SunFrog prides itself upon fast payouts for their affiliates. It offers multiple different payment methods to make it easier for the affiliates to withdraw their commissions.

The payout methods available on SunFrog include PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Bank deposit, and wire transfers. The payout methods may vary depending on your location, but these are the easily available methods in multiple regions.Sunfrog Payment Methods

Free Trial

SunFrog is available for free, so there’s no need for a trthey are unavailableial account as you can create a full-fledged account to try out the service. There are no upfront charges or subscription fees so you can try it out without any fear of losing money.


SunFrog offers multiple different shipping options. Since they print all the shirts to order, that often leads to different printing times. However, the average printing times are 3-5 days for most of the products. Printing times can be different depending on the order volume and the shipping option chosen.

Here are some estimates of different delivery options.

Domestic Orders (Delivery estimates include printing times)

Economy Delivery: 6-10 Business Days

Premium Delivery: 5-7 Business Days

Express Delivery: 3-4 Business Days

International Orders

Economy Delivery: 3-5 business days printing time and delivery takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the destination country.

Customers will receive an email with shipping confirmation that will also include a tracking number for easier tracking of orders.

SunFrog Products

SunFrog specializes in shirts. They offer all different kinds of shirts and hoodies, from tank tops to V-necks. So, it’s a great platform if you are interested in selling custom-designed shirts. However, they do offer customized mugs, phone cases, and some other stuff as well. Here are the types of apparel and other products available on SunFrog.

  • T-Shirts
  • V-Neck Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Sweaters
  • Tanktops
  • Mugs
  • Baby Shirts
  • Hats/Caps
  • Canvas
  • Phone Cases

These are the types of products that are available on SunFrog for customization. You can clearly see how SunFrog focuses mostly on shirts and other variants of shirts. These are the high-quality products that are available on the platform.

SunFrog Complaints (Refund and Return Policy)

To return or refund the item customer has to login in the Sunfrog’s contact order page. Sunfrog return and refund policy have mentioned the eligibility that includes these three terms.

  1. The refund request should be made within 60 days of the purchase.
  2. The customer should not use or damage the product
  3. The customer should have the receipt of purchase for proof

If any of the criteria mentioned above is not fulfilled, then the product will not be returned.

To return or refund, the customer should send the product with the purchase receipt and shipping rates information attached to the official Sunfrog address

SunFrog Shirts LLC
1782 O’Rourke Blvd
Gaylord, MI 49735, USA.

Sunrfog takes 1-3 takes to process the refunds. Learn more about Sunfrog return and refund policy here.

SunFrog User Experience

When it comes to the User Experience, SunFrog is definitely a bit lacking. The whole interface is designed in a way that makes it very difficult for newcomers to find their way around the platform.

There’s not even a sign-in or sign-up button in the top-fold of the website so it makes it quite hard for newcomers to even get started with the service. The pages are not even properly linked except for in the footer of the website. The platform is quite poorly designed and makes it a headache to navigate through different pages.

However, once you get the hang of it, things get a bit easier. Still, there’s no need for the website to be so difficult to use. It would really benefit SunFrog to give their whole platform a revamp and make it easier for people to use the service without having to search for everything they want to do.

SunFrog Customer Reviews

The best way to know about any service is to read its customer reviews from a credible platform. For that, I went to Trust Pilot to know about Sunfrog services.

The overall reviews are great. It receives a rating of 4 stars that fall under the ‘great’ category.

Let’s see what customers have to say about Sunfrog.

Majority of reviews are praising Sunfrog service, but also few customers had terrible experiences with Sunfrog. You can check out the reviews here.

Comparison (SunFrog Vs. Teespring)

You can’t just understand how good a platform or service is until you see it compared with another similar service. So, we are going to compare SunFrog with TeeSpring to see how it fares.

POD ServiceSunFrogTeespring
Pricing$11.30 (Starting price)$10.22 (Starting price)
Avg. Rating
3 Stars4 Stars
Ease of UseNot very friendly to newbiesNewbie Friendly
Lead Time3-4 days3 days
Tech SupportNegative reviewsPositive reviews
VarietyFewer optionsMore variety
Print QualityPrint Quality is great according to user reviews.Print quality is great according to users.

Customer Support

Well, for our SunFrog review we tried contacting SunFrog’s support team. They are available via Live chat on the website and by email as well. The live chat was responsive, but most of the times, they are unavailable.Sunfrog Customer Support

Getting a reply to your email takes roughly 24-48 hours which is not too bad, but there are other services out there that offer an email reply within 12 hours of you emailing them.

Customer support is not entirely bad, but it’s not extraordinary either. We’d call it an average support and there’s definitely room for further improvement.

SunFrog AcademySunFrog Academy

For all the sellers out there, SunFrog Academy is a great resource where you can learn all the different aspects of selling successfully with this platform. All the videos are of high-quality and the instructions are very clear. You will learn everything from using the SunFrog manager to the Facebook marketing of your products. It’s a great resource even if you don’t want to sell on the platform.

SunFrog Alternatives

There are various POD T-shirt companies similar to Sunfrog, here are some of top Sunfrog alternatives companies.






SunFrog F.A.Qs

Is SunFrog Legit and Reliable?

Yes, SunFrog is completely legit and reliable. They have a clear and honest payment process where they pay all their sellers in time for each sale. They offer payments via multiple different payment methods making it easier for everyone to receive their profits.

How to signup for a SunFrog Seller account?

Just go to the footer for the website and click “Sign up for an Account“. You will be taken to a new page where you enter your personal details and your SunFrog seller account will be created without any hassle.

How to upload Design/Art on SunFrog?.

It’s very easy to upload your custom designs or art on SunFrog. From your Dashboard, go to Designs > Create Designs > Upload, then select a PNG file for your design and it will be uploaded to the platform.

You can then choose the type of products you want to print this design on and different variations of the product. Add the details like name, keywords, tags, etc and hit Process to complete the upload.

How to add Facebook Pixel tracking to SunFrog?

It’s very simple to add the Facebook pixel or any other social media pixel to your SunFrog products. From the Dashboard, go to Designs > Manage Designs and Edit your products. In the right-tab, you will see the fields for Pixel tracking. Add the Pixel code to these fields and hit save. That’s it, now your pixel tracks all the activity on the product page.

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I personally give SunFrog a 3 out of 5.

SunFrog is definitely a service worth giving a shot if you want to start a t-shirt or apparel business, but if you want product variety then it’s not worth the effort.

If you are just starting out with print on demand and don’t know how to go about it then it’s better for you to steer clear of SunFrog since it’s definitely not very newbie friendly at all. However, it provides great features, decent affiliate commissions, no tipping points, and mostly flat rates on pricing. If you are already familiar with print on demand services then SunFrog is definitely a platform worth trying. You can quickly get familiar with the features it offers and check if it’s worth your time.

Let us know what you think about our SunFrog review and tell us about your experience with the service. Comment below

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