7 of the Best Shopify Customer Reviews Apps

Embedding customer reviews as social proof within your product pages is a meticulous idea to build lasting trust with visitors. Not only do customer reviews establish great trust between seller & buyer, but also offer visitors an unbiased perspective. Since manually importing buyer reviews from social or eCommerce platforms can be quite hectic, Shopify offers a brilliant solution. Now Shopify store owners can instantly install Shopify Customer Reviews apps developed to import real user reviews from popular social platforms.

How do Shopify Customer Reviews Apps Work

Shopify customer reviews apps usually work in three ways. They can either be invitation based, import based, or a combination of the two.

Invitation Based Customer Review Apps

The first is when customer review app sends your buyers emails & social notifications requesting reviews from them in real time. I really like this type of app since it gets the review when it’s fresh in customers’ minds plus buyers are delighted with your service. It can lead to brilliant reviews while offering the option to add product photos and videos.

Import Based Customer Review Apps

Another way customer review apps, like AliReviews, imports review directly from platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and even social networks like Facebook. These reviews are already submitted and are actual buyer reviews published on reliable eCommerce platforms including AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy and several others.

7 Most Reliable Customer Reviews Apps on Shopify

Shopify makes accumulating real time buyer comments to publish on your product pages. You can choose from an excellent list ranked apps developed for both importing buyer reviews and requesting new ones. So, without further ado let’s have a look at the 7 best shopify customer reviews apps on Shopify for reliable buyer reviews.

Loox Reviews

Loox Reviews developed by Loox is another popular app on Shopify known for its massive ease of use and brilliant variety of features. Loox offers much more than just gathering reviews from buyers and the web. Rated five star on Shopify apps, Loox currently secures 403/423 perfect scores from store owners.

Loox app’s primary feature is collecting buyer reviews by sending out emails, and sellers can offer discounts or coupons for submitting reviews with photos. The review app also showcases buyers’ photo reviews arranging them in attractive galleries or a dedicated reviews page. In addition, Loox makes its offering even stronger by integrating a review in Google search results, increasing traffic.

There is a massive line-up of excellent features embedded into Loox app, providing an array of functions for sellers. Here is a list of all features:

  • Import reviews and photos – Import reviews from social networks, forums, eCommerce platforms etc.
  • Made to fit – A 100% mobile friendly theme, designed to integrate with all Shopify themes.
  • Automatic review emails – Collect reviews by sending out automatic emails to customers.
  • Send out fully branded emails – Add brand name, logos, subject line, and text.
  • Vast customization – Schedule emails & notification, change widget color, size and position.
  • Moderate reviews – Manage all your reviews publish, hide, or edit from one place.
  • Offer reviewers a discount – Create special discount codes for buyers who submit photo reviews.
  • Proactive SEO – Display customer reviews in search results using the cutting edge reviews Widget.
  • Social sharing – Share all your reviews on social media to gain more traffic hence conversions.
  • Review Widget – Publish 5 star reviews for quick view on collections and product pages.
  • Dedicated review page – Display all reviews on a special landing page for reviews only
  • Encourage Upsell – Upsell by recommending amazing compliments to buyers in review emails.
  • Translate reviews – Translate foreign language reviews in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Icelandic and Dutch.
  • World-class customer support – Commended by all app users.

Loox provides 4 very affordable subscription plans will all their features loaded. The prices are as follows:

  • Basic – $9.99 per month, 100 email review requests
  • Advanced – $24.99 per month, 500 email review requests
  • Pro – $49.99 per month, 1,500 email review requests
  • Enterprise – $99.99 per month, 10,000 email review requests

For those with a larger requirement than the enterprise plan, you can contact and negotiate with the development team for a price quote too.Loox Reviews - A best customer review app

Ali Reviews

If you’re operating an AliExpress dropshipping eStore, then there is no better partner than AliReviews app from developer FireApps. With over 600 user reviews & ratings, AliReviews secures a respectable 4.5 star average rating (477/628 five Star ratings) on Shopify apps.

AliReviews establishes its core function is to remove “Purchase Anxiety” from the buyers’ minds using social proof. Displaying objective reviews of both product & eStore experience at the right time builds buyer confidence, trust, improve conversions, and increase chances of brand recall. The developers claim average conversions increase of 30% when using AliReviews.

AliReviews app offer a great selection of features to gather buyer reviews, allowing both invitation based reviews and importing them from Ali Express. Below is the list of features available with AliReviews:

  • Bulk actions when you publish, filter, and hide reviews.
  • Display settings – Display details in reviews including country, personal info, avatar, photos, trust seal, dates and times.
  • Full customization: Use appealing themes edit text, colors etc. and make your store layout easy to use.
  • Oberlo Integration – Integrate product reviews from both AliExpress and Oberlo.
  • Default reviews – Display default reviews for products without latest reviews.
  • Review page – Create a dedicated reviews page in one place.
  • Translation support – Convert reviews into your language and convert foreign language reviews in English.
  • Photo attachment – Allow buyers to attach photos in reviews.

The best aspect of AliReviews in my opinion, the app is FREE to use forever. You can simply download the app from Shopify and start using instantly.Ali Reviews

Product Reviews Add-On

The number 1 customer reviews & social proof app on Shopify, Product Reviews app is from developer Stamped.io. Popular and highest ranked with over 1200 ratings, Product Reviews secures 1148/1236 five star reviews. User testimonials are simply excellent giving us a perfect preview of the app.

Product Reviews app sends out emails automatically to customers requesting feedback of their purchase. The developers claim that products with their app reviews convert 70% more than those without. Product Reviews offers 7 cutting edge features within, which include:

  • Product Reviews – Request reviews from buyers via Email
  • Checkout Reviews – An exclusive Stamped.io feature, allowing visitors to provide their experience in real time.
  • Photo Reviews – Allow buyers to add real images of their products
  • Video Reviews – Stamped.io exclusive feature allowing buyers to submit video reviews of their products.
  • Instagram Curation – Create an Instagram feed with real buyer image reviews with their permission plus add a Shop button to your gallery.
  • Community Questions & Answers – Engage past buyers and leads with live Q&A sessions
  • Net Promoter Score Survey – Exclusive to Stamped.io to measure the loyalty of your buyers

Product Reviews also offers its leading edge review Widget 2.0. The widget allows buyers to quickly view product ratings, images, and buyer reviews in one place. In addition, Product Reviews also gives sellers the ability to create branded review landing pages, thankyou pages, create review groups, and share a review across several stores.

A superb aspect of a Product Review app is that it can integrate with a huge number of social networks (Facebook, Tumblr etc.), Shopify apps (social, shipping, returns etc.), and analytical apps (Slack, ZenDesk etc.).

Product Reviews is free to use forever if you have a small scale eStore allowing 50 free review invitations per month. There are however 3 premium plans priced as follows, the paid plans offer added selling & marketing tools to your dashboard:

  • Basic – $14.99 per month, 200 reviews per month, 1 Custom Form
  • Premium – $29.99 per month, 5,000 reviews per month, 5 Custom Form
  • Enterprise – $99.99 per month, 10,000 reviews per month, 100 Custom FormProduct Reviews Add-On

KudoBuzz Testimonial & Reviews

Earning a five star rating on Shopify apps since 2013, KudoBuzz may just be one of the most underrated apps for customer reviews. KudoBuzz Testimonial & Reviews, a creation of developers KudoBuzz, is a multi-function app designed to collect testimonials from customers & import reviews from the web.

Primarily, the app ensures automatic emails to buyers to request real time reviews. In addition, you can connect all you social pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and Google+ to collect instant reviews. Reviews can then be placed on your eStore on a dedicated page, product pages, or a widget.

Like other shopify customer reviews apps, KudoBuzz also offers 4superb widgets to display quick reviews on product and collection pages. Widget reviews also index (SEO) on Google search for buyers, increasing traffic and views on your eStore. New visitors can also comment on existing reviews to encourage leads, visitors and buyers to get real time opinions. The four widgets include:

  • Review Tab Widget – Instantly show your visitors reviews in a clean & clear widget
  • Single Page Slider Widget – Show buyers and visitors reviews at the ideal time with the sliding widget for example on Checkout, on another product page etc.
  • Full Page Widget – Create a dedicated page to display all reviews in one place.
  • Product Review Form – Collect real time reviews of products, customer service, and site experience when buyers are live.

In addition to the above, KudoBuzz T&R can also localize a review in regional languages. Sellers also get a basic Upsell tool to send out in emails to customers. Furthermore, store owners can also send review rewards to buyers like coupons, discounts etc. when they submit a review for their purchases.

But, probably the best aspect of KudoBuzz is the company’s concrete support service. Not only is their support ever available, but also one of the most knowledgeable of the industry as testified by app users. Currently, KudoBuzz Testimonial & Reviews app is available in 5 subscription plans, and are priced as follows:

  • Coffee – Free to use, 200 review requests per month, 50 review imports per month
  • Breakfast – $10 per month, 1000 review requests per month, 500 review imports per month
  • Lunch – $30 per month, 10,000 review requests per month, 5000 review imports per month
  • Dinner – $50 per month, 20,000 review requests per month, 10,000 review imports per month
  • Buffet – $100+ per month, unlimited review requests per month, unlimited review imports per monthKudoBuzz Testimonial & Reviews

YotPo Reviews

We conclude our countdown with one of the most trusted and reviewed customer review apps on Shopify.

YotPo app designed by the developer of the same name, ranks 5 star on Shopify with 904/1116 positive reviews securing a perfect score. The app is renowned for its signature in-mail review form designed to collect detailed reviews from customers. YotPo app also allows adding product photos in reviews, while building instant trust with visitors, by displaying real buyer reviews.

The automated app instantly integrates with your eStore and social pages. This allows YotPo to easily import reviews from different social networks. The developers have concluded with proper testing that YotPo generates three times more reviews that other apps. The app offers vast integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, HubSpot and many other platforms.

The absolutely amazing aspect is YotPo’s partnership with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This allows you to easily drive traffic from these social channels, building trust with the user generated content. Looking at YotPo features I am really impressed with the functionality of the app:

  • Review Request Emails – send out forms in email to gather customer reviews.
  • Reviews Widget, Reviews Tab & Star Ratings – Showcase user reviews and ratings to build trust with visitors.
  • Advanced Moderation & Commenting – Manage publishing reviews and hide those that you don’t want. Allow others to comment on reviews and generate even more content.
  • Social Push & SEO Page – Drive traffic from social networks and Google search with added SEO tools and social integration.

There are several other features that sellers will love since they come as a bonus. Top added features include Upsell, reward coupons, Instagram shop, YotPo Ads, Google Product Listing Ads and many more amazing features.

YotPo features are free to use forever, but more selling tools can be at your disposal with a simple subscription upgrade. There are 4 YotPo plans available to choose from:

  • Free Forever
  • Powerhouse
  • Visual Marketing
  • Enterprise

Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Products Reviews is a fully-functional reviews app developed by the developer team of the same name.

It’s an amazing customer review app for your Shopify store that lets you show customer reviews in a most aesthetically pleasing way. This app has secured 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store with more than 450 reviews.

The app offers great in-email review forms that let your customers provide feedback on their purchases directly from their email inboxes.

This app offers a plethora of features that make it one of the top reviews apps for Shopify stores. Here are some of the features included in the Judge.me reviews app.

  • In-email form: Customers can easily leave reviews from their email inbox.
  • Timed review requests: Review requests are auto-optimized for local and international orders.
  • Automatic Reminders: Send non-intrusive reminders automatically to customers who haven’t left a review yet.
  • Web push via PushOwl: Seamlessly integrates with PushOwl to send review requests via Web push.
  • Product groups and Shop sync: Sync your reviews across your Shopify store.
  • Coupons: Provide incentives to your customers for leaving reviews.
  • Advanced Blacklisting: Disable reviews from certain customers or on certain products.
  • Manual requests: Invite customers to leave manual reviews on your Shopify store.

Judge.me Product Reviews is available for free, but if you want access to a number of advanced features then you will have to shell out $15/month for these features.


Growave is another reliable Shopify customer reviews app that helps the store owner that allows easy integration of product reviews to let the customer know about business and product. This app assists the Shopify store owner to build the trust and credibility of a business.

The best feature of Growave is that it’s an all-in-one marketing solution for Shopify store management. Under one dashboard you can handle reviews, social logins, Instagram galleries, and Wishlist.

Here are some of the incredible features that insist to make a place on this list.

Supreme Functionality – Multiple features offering such as custom questions to get product’s insights, review request emails, syndicate review of product groups along with multiple shops.
Answers to Customers – With a moderation feature, it addresses questions of potential customers of your store.
Customization – App’s dashboard is user-friendly for customization.
Easy Setup – The setup process is very easy with automated moderation and importing process.
Integration – It allows integration of multiple marketplaces and tools such as Facebook, PushOwl, Google Shopping, and many more.
Average Shopify Rating: 4.9 / 5 (based on 1137 reviews)

Growave offers a free plan as well as three different pricing plan:

Starter- $29.99/month
Growth- $69.99/month
Enterprise- $299.99/month

Product Reviews Add-On

Cost of Shopify Customer reviews apps

As we conclude our general discussion on customer review apps for Shopify it’s time to discuss just how much the financial hit will be. Usually, the cost of apps depends on your own requirements. While most apps are available for free, they provide a minimum limit for sellers.

You will notice that most subscription-based apps will have monthly prices determined by a number of reviews per month. Generally, basic plans are available from $10 per month, while enterprise solutions can vary up to $100 & above.

For small scale sellers, a free plan or basic plan will do the job. Some apps will even offer bonus features like Upsell, SEO, forms, widgets, and other amazing benefits within the subscription. The cost of customer review apps is usually insignificant to your long term profit. Paying $120 per year as expenses to generate real user reviews & content will be massive to any eStore.

Start with the free plans, collect fewer but more relevant reviews for your eStore. Upgrade only if you wish to take your eStore to the next level of business. Once your eStore starts to grow, there will be a time when you will not need to request buyers for reviews. Good Luck!

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  2. brett dalton says:

    Which one of these Shopify customer reviews apps lets me import reviews from AliExpress and other eCommerce platforms?

    • Adil Malick says:

      Both Loox and Ali Reviews allow you to import thousands of reviews from AliExpress. Loox also allows you to import reviews from social media, forums, and other ecommerce platforms as well. So, I will recommend that you use Loox app for that purpose.

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