11 Top eBay Alternatives: The Best Marketplaces of 2021 Like eBay

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September 3, 1995, was the day when a multinational corporation based in California came in to being to expedite the sales process in costumer-to-customer and business-to-customer through its website. Since then, eBay is considered one of the largest online market places worldwide.

In recent years eBay marketplace progressed tremendously, but abundant policy changes are the crux for the exodus of 20 years old eBay sellers as they are prompted to look for a more remunerative online market place.

ebay community

Source: eBay Community

While others are showing concern over the seller’s safety on eBay.

During this Covid19, the global economy is affected badly, which also affects the consumer’s buying behavior. Most of the first-timers really tend to reach out for some alternatives other than ebay.

No matter what is the reason, if you are here to find the alternatives for the eBay marketplace, then do check out the list of these 11 top marketplaces that are entirely eligible to fall under the category of eBay alternatives.

Top  11 eBay alternatives of 2021

1 – Amazon

2- Etsy

3- Bonanza

4- eBid

5- Rakuten

6- Newegg

7- Walmart

8- Poshmark

9- Rubylane

10- eCrater

11- Mercari

So, let’s check out which of these 11 eBay alternatives will work best for you.

1. Amazon


It is nearly an unbelievable fact that Amazon, which was merely considered an online bookstore, is now standing tall in comparison with eBay.

Amazon vs. eBay is one of the most common comparisons that happens in the ecommerce industry.

The fact that differs Amazon from eBay is that eBay is an auction website in most cases, whereas Amazon is a retail website.

People definitely tend to visit Amazon as buyers always find ease, and at Amazon, they directly interact with third-party that make their shopping experience remarkably different than eBay.

Amazon Highlights

Consumer find it trustworthy

Amazon came after eBay; however, it surely wins the race when it comes to gain customer trust. During this sporadic pandemic, it is reported that overall consumer spending in the U.S is down, but spending online and Amazon is high.

Whereas it is also reported that more than half of the U.S consumers (52%) say that if they were only able to buy products from a single store, it would be Amazon.

Amazon won’t let you lose

Everyone wants to achieve something. It is a common human nature that nobody gets ready immediately to pay the prices for the listings only as the fear of disastrous results is always there.

In this case, Amazon gives a helping hand by not charging the amount for your listings. You don’t lose anything if you didn’t get any, well, later on, you will be charged $0.99 on your per item selling.

On the other hand, eBay has some basic fee structure, which has nothing to do with the fact that you earn in thousands or you don’t earn a single penny whatever the reasons occur in the future you have to pay for your products listings.

Items to sell on Amazon

During these pandemic days, when everything seems to be changed, the preferences of consumers also changed. If you want to list up your products, you must get into the following categories:

  1. Toys and Games
  2. Electronics
  3. Video Games
  4. Cameras
  5. Clothing

Want more bestselling Amazon categories? Check out these 12 Best Selling Niches to Sell on Amazon.

2. Etsy

etsy image

Etsy is an online marketplace for artisans. If you are a pro in making unique items of your own, then Etsy is definitely made for your products’ sale.

Etsy is known to connect millions of creative and passionate buyers and sellers. Etsy was started in 2005 as a crafters’ community. It was then based in Brooklyn in an apartment.

In 2019, Etsy generated a revenue of $818.79 million, which jumped from 603.69 in 2018.

According to the First Quarter Financial Summary 2020, Etsy witnessed a year-over-year revenue growth of 34.7% and 32.2% GMS growth.

Currently, there are 45.7 million active buyers on Etsy, and 40% of them are returning buyers, which you can easily create your brand by selling on this platform.

Etsy Highlights

Listings in Etsy last 4 months than eBay

Likewise, eBay Etsy too charged the listing fee but cheaper than eBay and lasts up to 4 months, which is just $0.20 per item and commission up to 3.5% fixed, which is much easier than Amazon and eBay.

Items to sell on Etsy

If you are creative enough to sell some unique items, then these are some of the bestselling products to sell on Etsy

  1. Crafts and supplies
  2. Handmade items
  3. Wedding essentials and jewelry
  4. Paper and party supplies
  5. Vintage
  6. Home and living
  7. Art Collection

Check out these 12 Bestselling Items to Sell on Etsy.

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3. Bonanza

‘Find everything but the ordinary,’ the slogan of Bonanza says it all. For the selling of quirky and unique items, Bonanza is the best alternative.

Bonanza has the same wide range of varieties as that of eBay, but unlike eBay, Bonanza has so many different and extraordinary items to offer its customers.

Bonanza Highlights

Bonanza – the 2nd best Online market place

Bonanza came in 2nd place in the 2020 Sellers Choice Awards, jumping up four places from last year. You can surely make a handsome amount of profit by listing your items here.

Also, it is the self-proclaimed best eBay alternative of 2020.


Low Fee Commission

The most highlighted feature of Bonanza is its low fee commission. It simply allows you to list your products just free, and later on, they will charge as soon as you sell.

For new sellers, Bonanza is certainly the right place to indulge. Moreover, sellers get more exposure because Bonanza also helps in advertising the products as it diverts every item’s listing on Bing and Google.

Here are some of the best categories to sell on Bonanza:

  1. Home and garden
  2. Collectible
  3. Women’s Fashion
  4. Health and Beauty
  5. Pet Supplies
  6. Seeds
  7. Mobile Accessories

See the complete categories list here.

4. eBid

It is another online auction British company established in 1998. It is one of the greatest competitors of eBay in terms of the vast difference between fee structures as eBid has no listing fee, and only 3% of commission deducted on sales. I

t is a low-risk option than eBay due to cheaper commission rates.

eBid Highlight

Buddy Point system

eBid has a Buddy Point system, which means buyers and sellers will be rewarded, buyers for purchasing, and sellers for getting good feedback. With Seller+ account sellers are facilitated to import their items from Amazon, Etsy, and eBay

Things to sell on eBid

If you are interested in starting or transporting your online trade to eBid you must look at the following bestselling items on eBid :

  1. Books
  2. Toys
  3. Antiques
  4. Arts and Crafts supplies
  5. Baby stuff
  6. Comics and Magazines
  7. Charity auctions
  8. Clothes, shoes and home accessories

5. Rakuten

Rakuten, we can say, ‘Amazon of Japan.’ Based in Tokyo, Rakuten is Japanese electronic commerce, and the online retailing store was established in 1997.

More than 90% of Japan’s internet users are registered on Rakuten. It is one of the most prominent online market places in the world, formerly known as Buy.com.

Rakuten Highlight

Sellers without competitors

Unlike Amazon, which lists in its items on the website, Rakuten doesn’t list its products, which means it has no competition with sellers. If you are looking for another way to step in Japanese and Eastern marketing and trading, Rakuten is the best option.

Items to sell on Rakuten

From baby products to trending fashion, from tech products to office accessories, Rakuten has a vast list of categories

  1. Electronics
  2. Home Décor
  3. Beauty and personal care
  4. Health, sports, and fitness
  5. Bags and luggage
  6. Toys, toddlers, and baby
  7. Food and beverage
  8. Media
  9. Office supplies

6. Newegg

Newegg is an American online retailer founded in 2001 is popular for items such as Computer Hardware and Computer electronics, including gaming products and smart home, the company actually based in California and has globally expanded up to 50 countries, however in 2016 a Chinese Technology company acquired most of its stake.

Newegg Highlights

Best Place for Tech-Savvy Customers

There are numerous websites where sellers found a wide variety for different categories, but for tech-savvy buyers and sellers, Newegg is definitely the place to explore.

The modern world requires modern technologies, and modern technologies cater to products that are suitable to display on such sort of online markets, which is dedicated to Tech products. This variation prominent Newegg from eBay as a large number of people prefers Newegg over eBay in search of tech products.

Newegg’s fulfillment service

Likewise, Amazon’s FBA, Newegg also offers fulfillment service (a third party warehouse which is responsible for preparation and shipping of the orders) whereas eBay doesn’t provide any such service.

Tiered Membership Models

Newegg provides tiered membership (a loyalty membership where members are ranked into specific groups based on a particular metric)

According to this if you pay more then you get more flexibility, support, tools, and listings as well depends on the membership you choose

7. Walmart

The American Multinational Retail corporation Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, which later on incorporated in 1969. The sellers who have already experienced eBay and Amazon are rightfully looking forward to expanding their ecommerce business.

Recently, Walmart joined hands with Shopify, which means if you have a store on Shopify, you can sell the products directly to Walmart buyers from your store.

Walmart Marketplace Highlights

Easy setup to sellers

As compared to eBay, sellers found the set up on Walmart much easier. In its platform, it has readymade professional assistance for sellers, which facilitates the sellers in comprehending the marketplace and gaining a profitable sale. That makes it more harmonious to sellers than eBay.

Buy Box Requirement

Sellers always dreamt of properly visible to the consumers, and the ‘Buy Box’ (which means listed your products on top of the search) has become more comprehensive for them than eBay. To make the desired growth and profit, Walmart is an excellent alternative to eBay for sellers.

No maintenance fee

Walmart doesn’t charge any maintenance or set up fee. Sellers need to pay a referral fee within a range of percentages from 8% to 20% depends on the various products’ categories.

Items to sell in Walmart

If you are willing to establish a strong business over Walmart, the following categories will gain you a substantial profit,

  1. Health
  2. Beauty
  3. Personal care
  4. Food
  5. Sports and outdoors
  6. Household essentials
  7. Seasonal

Check out Walmart’s top seller page to find trending items to sell on this platform.

8. Poshmark

Like Newegg, which is famous for tech-savvy buyers and sellers, Poshmark is also a niche-specific website. Founded in 2011, the company is situated in California and best known for buying and selling new or used clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Poshmark Highlights

Buyers are Sellers too

The crux that made Poshmark a better alternative of eBay is the fact that buyers can also sell here. Not every marketplace provides such opportunities where used items can be displayed to sell. These sorts of websites are highly targeted by the specific category of buyers who are fashion freaks.

Fewer Selling Restrictions than eBay

Poshmark started as an App due to which it is in the maximum reach of people. Moreover, its flexible fee structure makes it convenient for sellers to list their products to engage the buyers easily.

They only after the sales. You have to pay $2.95 for sales under $15 and a 20% fee for sales over $15.


Brands to sell on Poshmark

Following is the list of best selling brands on Poshmark during Covid19 :

  1. Nikes
  2. Levis
  3. Polo
  4. Rothy’s
  5. Kate Spade

Most of the list contains some great brands’ names.

9. Rubylane

Founded in 1998, Rubylane is considered as the world’s most curated website for buying and selling of exclusive vintage collections.

Like Bonanza and Etsy,  it has unique listings of pieces of jewelry, vintage collectibles, arts and antiques which gather buyers and sellers worldwide.

Rubylane has a global reach, but most of the buyers and sellers are from Australia, Germany, UK, and USA that approximately makes up to 1.1 million visitors every month, whereas 85% of the visitors are women only.

So, it will be a great option to sell here than on eBay if your target market audience is women and items that include such vintage and unique items for women.

For selling, you must keep this fact in mind that most of the educated consumers would love to spend a significant amount in such niche sort of markets, which will earn you an amazing profit than eBay.

Rubylane Highlights

Fixed Market place with much more niche than eBay

Rubylane is not an auction site like eBay; it is a fixed-price market place. You can easily sell successfully if you have a target audience of women, especially up to the age of 40 and onwards. It also provides a step by step guide for selling successfully on Rubylane

10. eCrater

Founded in September 2004, it has approximately 65,000 active stores on its website. Other than eBay, it also provides you an online template to make your store more attractive to customers.

eCrater Highlights

100% Free Marketplace

If you are just thinking of stepping in an online market with no setup cost, then eCrater will be excellent assistance for you than eBay. A 100% free online store attracts the sellers globally.

eCrater only charges 2.9% if you sell on its marketplace.

To earn a profitable income, you must invest time in improving your SEO and marketing requirements.

What to sell on eCRATER

It is a wide range of categories, but the bestselling items include collectibles, video games, baby accessories, toys, and computer networking devices are also in the list.

Check out the complete list of eCrater categories here.

11. Mercari

Stay at home, make money from home! It will probably be a new market slogan during the current pandemic. Mercari offers a wide range of varieties that attracts buyers from each nook and corner of the world.

Mercari Highlights

Lowest Selling Fee

Sellers want this ‘Lowest fee’ cherry on the cake which Mercari provides openly. As compared to eBay, Mercari facilitates its sellers to list the items free of cost and later on charged 10% on the selling of an item.

Simple Listings

As compared to eBay, where listings can be time-consuming and tedious. Mercari is the most accessible platform for items listings as it doesn’t provide the lengthy fields to fill out that makes another unique feature of Mercari than eBay

Best selling items on Mercari

Likewise Rubylane, Mercari has a list of attractive products for women, the following items are very high in demand on Mercari,

Women Handbags & Wallets

Women Shoes

Kids formal wear

Men’s accessories

Laptop & Computers.

Check out the best selling items on Mercari here.

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Wrapping up

So, these were some of the top marketplaces that you can consider as eBay alternatives. However, there some other options as well that I would not consider as an alternative of eBay but an excellent opportunity to penetrate the ecommerce industry such as starting your own online store with Shopify or sell directly on the Facebook marketplace and Facebook shop.

I hope you would have made up your mind about selecting the best online marketplace as per your need and preference. If this guide helps you in finding the best eBay alternative for your business, then please tell us in the comments.







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  1. Wong Nguyen says:

    Thank you for the list.
    Amazon charges very high fees and isn’t a good option to replace ebay. Plus, they favor high volume sellers and drop shippers. There is no customer service available, if you have a problem it is near impossible to get help. They also process payments, so you have no recourse if there is a payment issue. Lots of fraud attempts on the site, too. I get them constantly and have to cancel ‘purchases’ from fraudulent buyers.

    ebid is not a good alternative. I’ve put 20 different items up for sale on ebid. I haven’t sold one item in 6 months. on ebay, I’ve sold 8-9 of those every month for 6 months. I think ebid is 95% sellers and 4.5% browsing buyers and .5% buyers.

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