About Us

A success story about your success stories

A few years ago our team of marketing experts was heavily invested in affiliate and content marketing. It was a lucrative industry with high payouts, but we wanted to branch out.

It was around the same time that we started noticing a new trend of unusual and quirky products across hundreds of pages appearing on our social media feeds. These products had tens of thousands of views, shares, and likes with a simple Call-to-Action. We knew these were selling like hot-cakes, so we dug deeper into this industry. There was lack of information on our part, we didn’t even understand basic concepts of dropshipping while everybody else was making a killing selling products they didn’t even manufacture.

When we started, we were at a loss. We had money to fund our experiments, but no direction on what would work, but that didn’t stop us from finding out more information. We paid for attending webinars, bought tons of guides, and even paid for 1-on-1 consultation with “ecommerce gurus”. This eventually led to us finding success with one of our ecommerce ventures. We made over 250K in revenue, but the ecommerce landscape was rapidly changing with strategies falling out of flavor within weeks and months.  The worst part of it all was that weren’t that many free resources for learning about e-commerce strategies.

This is why we created WithinTheFlow. We wanted to create a single hub where everyone who is remotely interested in ecommerce can find useful tips, strategies, and tutorials on everything ecommerce, absolutely FREE!

We want to make sure you don’t have to make the same ecommerce mistakes we did. We want to help all the newcomers avoid any unnecessary struggle by providing valuable information, guiding them to aggregate traffic, lead generation through email marketing, develop lasting sales funnels, and sustain growth as their ventures grow.
We have helped over 250,000 ecommerce entrepreneurs in their journey so far!

To become a part of this journey, you can join our private community of over 2,500 store owners and professionals where everyone has something valuable to contribute.