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How to make money on Instagram in 2021

Earning from digital platforms has become a new profession of this era. Have a large audience on your blog or YouTube channel then make money from monetization. Making money from YouTube has become a cliche idea; however most the content creator does not realize the potential of Instagram to make money. Those who do realize

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15 Best Social Media Management Tools of 2020

Social media marketing is one of the highest-paid jobs in the digital marketing industry. The engagement on social platforms is the most essential component for every business either its complete digital brand or brick-and-mortar business. Presence on social media platforms to generate leads is one of the most prolific digital marketing strategies. However, it takes

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How to Gain 50k Instagram Followers with Automation

Increase Instagram followers is hard, but it just needs some strategy, hacks, and automation to generate almost 50k Instagram followers organically. Instagram is one of the platform where even a small, engaging community can help you to earn $1000 a month easily. However, it is full time to keep your community engaged with relevant content.

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Pinterest Advertising 2020: How to Advertise on Pinterest in 7 Steps

When I started writing about Pinterest advertising, I, myself, did not realize the significance of Pinterest. Do you know? Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media platform with over 367 million monthly users; moreover, 98% of Pinterest users say that they tried new things after finding them on Pinterest. These facts were some big eye-openers

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How To Gain 300,000 Facebook Likes with $0 Ad Cost

Organic reach on Facebook sounds like hoax now. But when I say 300,000+ Facebook likes, it’s not an exaggeration, and yes, all those likes are real and organic. First, let me show some proof that we did not run any ads to get 300,000+ Facebook likes. The ad centre shows the complete ad history of

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How Do We Get 5500+ Facebook Likes in Just Three Days

Starting a Facebook page from scratch and generating relevant likes and followers quickly is a tougher task than it sounds. We tried to make a Facebook community based on a particular niche and run Facebook ads for three days to generate maximum likes. A niche community is always better than a general community so we

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