Trending Hashtags on Instagram: How to Find Best Hashtags for Your Business

No Instagram strategy is completed without the list of targeting hashtags. These Instagram hashtags are the most productive tool to boost the engagement, likes, followers, and reach of a profile.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post and 10 hashtags in a story. Also, you can use in the comments and bios as well, however, comment hashtags will be counted in your post.

Hashtags on Instagram can help you to easily reach the target audience without much hassle. But, before getting to the list of trending hashtags let’s understand what are hashtags and why you should use them.

What are Instagram Hashtags?

The hashtag was first time introduced on Twitter in 2009 by Silicon Valley product designer Chris Messina. Since then it has been adopted by almost all social media platform and used it as the content categorization to make the content more visible for the relevant audiences.

A hashtag is a symbol # that possesses the combination of numbers, letters, and sometimes emojis. They are clickable that helps the user to find out more post that contains the same hashtag.

Why Hashtags are Important?

Hashtags play a crucial role in boosting engagement and manage to increase the reach of any post on any particular topic. The brand usually creates its own hashtags for promotion purposes.

An Instagram hashtag is the ultimate tool to make your content discoverable, the post that contains hashtags get 12.6% higher engagement.

Also, you can use stories to get featured in that hashtags story.

When people search for a Hashtag they can also see stories in which those particular Hashtags are included.

Hashtags are clickable, Instagram users usually click on them to get more content related to that hashtags. So, it is a great opportunity for you to get discovered in front of the people who have not connected with you yet.

Now, Instagram allows you to follow any hashtag which allows the Instagrammer to get notified whenever that hashtag used in any post.

Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Here I am mentioning the top trending hashtags on the basis of top categories.

Top 50 trending hashtags on Instagram of all time 



















































Note: All the aforementioned popular hashatgs were taken from an Instagrm management tool – All-Hashtags.

Top Instagram hashtags for Likes











Top Instagram Hashtgs for Followers 











Top Hashtags for Travel












Top Hashtags for Fashion











Top Hashtags for Food 











Top Hashtags for Business and Start up











Top Hashtags for Music 











Top Hashtags for Fitness











Check out 421 more Fitness Hashtags

Top Hashtags for Dog











Top Hashtags for Cats











Top Hashtags for Animals









Top Hashtags for Art











Top Hashtags for Wedding 











Why Using Trending Hashtags is not Always Good?

Trending hashtags are the most prolific way to feature your post on Instagram explorer organically; it determines the reach of your Instagram posts and makes it easy to access for your target audience.

Over 95 million photos and videos posted on Instagram every day. Therefore, Instagram uses hashtags for cataloging the posts in the right place to make this platform more relevant for its users.

Hashtags make it much easier for the users to discover the content in which they are interested.

So, it is enough to say that Instagram hashtags help your profile to grow steadily by reaching the right audience.

That does not mean using any popular hashtags will help you to increase following you might get initial responses but soon people started drifting off from your posts then Instagram will not show you on certain hashtags.

Instead of using popular hashtags try to find hashtags that are relevant and more precise to your niche.

Backdrops of Using Irrelevant Popular Hashtags

Some hashtags are way too popular on Instagram such as #Likeforlike and #Followforfollow. They are used as the bait to influencer users to follow you so you follow them back.

This strategy might help you to gain some good number in your follower’s section but it will be useless for your business. They are not interested in your products or services and soon become a dead audience.

Wrong Audience is Worse than No Audience

When you use trending hashtags, irrespective of your niche, it increases the reach of your post to those who are not related to your niche which causes you to have the following that does not fall in your target audience.

Soon they become irresponsive and become dead audiences on your Instagram profile.

Do not fall for targeting only trending hashtags. Try to find trending hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

But the main question is how to find relevant trending hashtags on Instagram.

Find Niche-Specific Trending Hashtags on Instagram

The only way to determine that the post is relevant is by analyzing the engagement rate (likes and comments) on the post and for that, you have to use the right hashtags to reach the post to a targeted audience.

1- Use Instagram Suggested Hashtags

No one can suggest better hashtags than Instagram itself.

You can use the search engine of Instagram then jump on to “tags” and search for your niche hashtag. The hashtags will be sorted via their usage frequency.

Like here, I searched for ’embroidery’ hashtag and get got all the other related hashtags associated with my main niche.

And I get all the trending hashtags that are beings used the most by the embroidery niche audience.

2- Engagement Rate on Top Post

Top post teaches a lot about the productivity of hashtags, so whenever you perform research for hashtags always analyze the engagement rate of the top post and check the list of hashtags they are using against the post.

Let’s take “#embroidery” and see the top post against coming up on this hashtag.

In bonus, I got a number of related hashtags that are currently associated with this niche.

Next, open the top post and check out the list of hashtags to get new ideas.

Make sure to eliminate the branded hashtags of the page.

After analyzing the page, I get a few new hashtags that I can add in my list.

3- Check out the Competitors and Market Leaders

A wise man can learn more from his enemy than a fool from his friend.

While creating a business strategy your competitors can turn out to be your biggest mentors. Always keep an eye on your top competitor’s actions and list down all the hashtags they are using in their posts.

You can search the Instagram with Google search by writing this query,

Site: “niche keyword”

Check out these top competitors from your niche look into their posts to see what hashtags they are using to get maximum engagement.

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5 Free Instagram Tools to Find Hashtags

Numbers of free tools are available that give complete information to generate the maximum engagement on your post by using the best Instagram hashtags.

Here I am mentioning 5 free Instagram tools that will help you to find the most relevant hashtags for your niche.

1- All Hashtags

all hashtags

All hashtags is one of the complete Instagram tools. Its multiple features provide a wholesome solution for hashtags research in one place.

Here are the features that you can use for free on All-Hashtags

  • Hashtag Creator
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Top Hashtags
  • Hashtags Analytics

all hashtags features

Once you search for any hashtags against it instantly offers 30 top hashtags related to the main keyword. Moreover, it provides 5 different option 30 more hashtags that contain a total of 150 that are related to your keyword.

2- Ingramer

Ingramer is an Instagram management tool that offers a free hashtags generator feature that provides the list of top trending hashtags.

To generate the hashtags just write the keyword of hashtags and it provides a list of relevant hashtags by sorting into 3 different categories.

  • Frequent: List of hashtags used most of the time.
  • Average: List of hashtags used normally.
  • Rare: List of hashtags used barely.

Ingramer offers multiple other features to perform an in-depth such as

  • Hashtag Trends: List of all top trending keywords
  • Profile Analyzer: Examine any Instagram handle (top hashtags, user interest, and top captions)
  • Stories Viewer: View any story anonymously and save automatically.
  • Instagram Downloader: Save photos and videos from any public profile.

It is hands down the best Instagram marketing tool. This will come extremely handy in your Instagram growth strategy.

3- Sistrix

Sistrix hashtag generator sorts the hashtags listing based on popularity. It offers up to six different premium features for Instagram growth, however, hashtags generator is free to use.

The tool is easy to use, just write the keyword in the search bar and get 30 best hashtags related to your keyword.

sistrix hashtags

You can find up to 25 queries per day with a free Sistrix hashtag generator tool.

4- Display Purpose

daily purpose

Display purpose is a free and easy to use hashtag generator tool.

The best part about this tool is that it does not show generic and spammy hashtags. So, you get the list of unique hashtags every time without any trouble.

5- Keyword Tool

keyword tool

Keyword tool is another hashtag finder tool that offers its a free feature to find top trending Instagram hashtags by just entering a keyword.

The process is straightforward, just click on the Instagram option and write the hashtag keyword.

instagram keyword tool 2

It shows up to 5 top hashtags with a number of posts using those hashtags. You can check all the hashtags in the free version, however, to see all the hashtags with the number of posts you need to get the premium version.

Wrapping up:

Instagram strategy cannot be completed without preparing a list of trending hashtags. If you use the relevant hashtags strategically in your post and stories then it would not be hard to promote your business and gain the relevant followers that could easily convert into potential customers.

These trending hashtags on Instagram will surely help you to make your content discoverable and even if you still find it difficult to get the followers organically then do check out this case study to gain 50k Instagram followers with automation.


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