How to Gain 50k Instagram Followers with Automation

Increase Instagram followers is hard, but it just needs some strategy, hacks, and automation to generate almost 50k Instagram followers organically.

Instagram is one of the platform where even a small, engaging community can help you to earn $1000 a month easily.

However, it is full time to keep your community engaged with relevant content. You have to post regular stories, publish IGTV videos, interact with the audience, etc.

That’s is the reason most Instagram influencers prefer automation to provide valuable content continuously.

Still, regular posting does not guarantee to get fast Instagram following for that you need to use some hack.

So, here we are going to show a process that helped us to generate almost 50k niche community only by using automation tools.

Here is the process that we followed

  • Start an Instagram and Upload up to 15 posts
  • Find Influencers (Niche Related)
  • Instagram Automation

So, without further ado, let’s understand the process.

Set up your Instagram Page and Upload at least 15 posts

No one will like your profile unless they find any relatable content. Therefore, we first created an Instagram profile and published 15 posts in a week.

Try to post two to three per day for a week with relevant hashtags.

Then we move onto page automation to make relevant people follow our page.

Learn how to set up the Instagram business page.

Find Influencers (Niche Related)

I will tell you later about the process you need to do with these influencers. First, you need to learn about how to find relevant profiles or influencers.

Here are some easy methods to find Instagram profiles within your niche with a decent following.

1. Search with Google

Use the following query to search relevant Instagram profiles.

Site: “niche.”

You just need to write the keyword in which you want to create a dedicated community.

Research is an essential task to increase your Instagram followers with automation. You need to invest some quality time in performing your research.

Prepare the list of all suggested results that you find from Google to use them in the automation stage.

2. Use Influencer Finder Tool

If you cannot find the productive results from Google search, then you can use the Instagram influencer research tool.

Free and paid both tools are available to perform this research. We prefer to use a free tool —


Just write the keyword and set the filters to sort the list by followers and relevancy to find the potential micro and macro Instagram influencer.

3. Manual Check

By using the Google search and influencer finder tool, you can easily find the relevant profiles for your niche. But the major question remains intact, and that is,

Are these profiles engaging?

To answer this question, you need to check the profile and see the frequency of their posting and engagement (likes and comments) on each post.

Check the last three posts to understand if they have a warm audience.

Then, shortlist at least 60-80 profiles to use them to increase your Instagram following. Make the excel sheet of the profile’s URLs.

Now comes the time to automate the whole process.

Instagram Automation

There are multiple Instagram automation tools free, as well as paid.

Here are some of the best desktop-based Instagram automation that we suggested to use,

Combin (Free & Paid)

automate your Instagram account and grow it without doing any manual work

Jarzee (Paid)

Instazood (Paid)


Free tools work exceptionally well if you have one Instagram profile to manage.

However, if you have multiple social media accounts to manage at once, then you will need the assistance of a paid tool.

Put all those shortlisted accounts in your tool resources, setup follows, and unfollow automation through these tools.

jarvee instagram automation

Automate Following:

Here is the process that you must follow to start following the accounts automatically:

  • Only follow the people who have reacted to the latest post of your targeted influencer.
  • Do not follow all at once. Follow at most 10 profiles per hour (240 per day).
  • Like the latest posts of the people you followed.
  • Write comments on the latest post too. Make sure not to sound too spammy, try a different variation of responses to make your comments look genuine.

You can automate the complete process of following, liking, and commenting by using any of the Instagram management tools mentioned above.

Automate Unfollowing:

The only purpose to follows these profiles was to convince them to follow you back; you do not have to follow forever.

Unfollow automation will be set up the exact same way as the following automation.

  • After 2 to 3 days, unfollow 10 accounts per hour (240 per day).

Follow the process of following and unfollowing simultaneously to grow your Instagram following fast.

Automate Commenting:

You need some conviction to make anyone follow you back. Commenting on the latest post makes the person feel valuable that most of the time ends up following the commenter back.

But, commenting on each post sound like a tough task.

Well, you can also automate the comments, but you have to come up with a series of different comments. Posting the same comment on every post can be marked as spam.

Use different variations of appreciating the post of people. 6-8 different versions of comments will suffice.

Here are some comments suggestions you can use for your automation.

“Love your style.”

“Already a fan of your style.”

“Aesthetics pictures.”

These are just suggestions you can come up with several other comments and automate them in different profiles.

Also, you can adjust the niche within your comments to get better results. There is no winning formula, keep testing a different kind of comments and see what works.

Automate Posting:

Once you start getting the following, you need to keep them engage with new content such as photos, stories, videos, and IGTVs. For consistency, you have to automate your Instagram posts as well.

We would suggest assigning one or two days in a week and schedule all posts for the month that would save alot of time and help you to run your Instagram profile on complete automation.

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Wrapping up:

Just perform this excercise for a couple of months, and you will get almost 10k relevant followers that you can easily convert in your customers. This is a proven method that helped us to gain almost 50k followers without any hassle.


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