How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is the most popular social network on the web right now. It’s where people connect with each other. Recently, people have been using the social network for buying and selling with each other. This buying/selling activity started in local Facebook groups, and it has grown exponentially. To increase these connections, Facebook officially launched Marketplace,

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Is it possible to create a Facebook page without a personal account?

How to create a Facebook page without a personal account – There are multiple blogs on the internet with these types of titles that provide a complete step-by-step guide to create a Facebook page without a personal profile. Well, they were not wrong – most of those articles are five to six years old –

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How to Approve Your Ad if Facebook Hates You!

Dammit, Facebook disapproved my ad again. It is highly frustrating when my ads gets disapproved while other similar ads get instant approval. It sometimes makes me feels like of that unfortunate student who does everything right but still, teachers don’t like him. However, it gave me some relief when I realized that there are some

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Facebook Canvas is Now Instant Experience to Highly Engaging Ads

Facebook canvas is now instant experiences - In this article, we explore Facebook canvas ads on Facebook, we show you the best practices when creating Facebook canvas ads, and show you examples from top brands that have been using Facebook instant experiences to delivery high-quality canvas ads to their audience.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads Retargeting 101: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Retargeting is really effective for sellers to reach there pre-qualified audience, previous buyers, and push them the content that they like. Facebook is an amazing tool to get deep into the audience insights. That’s why, today I am going to cover Facebook Dynamic Ads Retargeting. Why Dynamic? Whenever someone leaves your website or performs some

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11 Important Facebook Metrics You Should Never Ignore

What are Facebook metrics? Why should you track metrics? Well, if you want an answer to these questions then you need to ask yourself the following questions: How’s your Facebook ad campaign doing? How’s your Facebook page doing? What’s your ROI on different Facebook ads? And many more. You need an answer? Well, you gotta

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