AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking – Is it Worth it?

AliExpress is one of the top online ecommerce retailers in the world. Alibaba group owns this ecommerce giant.

It’s effortless to find cheap and bestselling products on this site and have them delivered almost anywhere in the world. However, most people new buyers are often confused about the shipping and deliveries.AliExpress Standard Shipping

To be exact, most new buyers have no idea which delivery option to choose since this online retailer offers a plethora of different delivery options depending on your country.

One of the most popular shipment options is AliExpress Standard Shipping option which is mostly free and provides tracking as well.

Ali Express Standard Shipping Pros and Cons


  • Cheapest shipping option available on AliExpress. It’s often available for free or costs around $1-$2.
  • Tracking is available so you can easily track your package when it’s shipped.
  • Available for almost all the suppliers on AliExpress, so it’s always the easier option to choose.
  • Decent packaging quality considering the price point of the shipping option.


  • Takes way too long to reach the destination. Usually takes 15-20 days for shipment to arrive.
  • Sometimes the packages are lost during shipment and there’s nothing to do about it. You can get a refund through AliExpress in such a case.
  • Very suitable for smaller items. Bigger items are better off with more secure options.

Today, we are going to dive deep into AliExpress Standard delivery option and see how it works and if it’s the perfect delivery option for your future purchases.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

It is a shipment option available to all customers. It’s more like “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that AliExpress takes care of the product delivery itself.

Who delivers AliExpress Standard Shipping?

It is delivered by AliExpress’ shipping partners which include Singapore post (Most used), Correos, Posti-Finland, SPSR, DHL,  and Direct Link.

As a seller, you pack your products, but then it’s handed over to AliExpress Shipment Center who then check and deliver the products through their own service.

As a buyer when you choose this shipment method, the same process happens again. The products are delivered to their shipment center first and then shipped to you through them.

It’s one of the cheapest shipping options available on the website, mostly it’s entirely free, and sometimes it costs somewhere around $2-$3 for delivery.

It is, however, one of the most secure shipping methods available on the platform and if you think you might have to dispute the transaction, then it’s the best option to choose since the retailer can quickly intervene and check the status. AliExpress delivery time for standard shipping is 15-20 days depending on the location.

What’s the difference between Seller’s Shipping and AliExpress Standard Shipping?

As already mentioned above, the standard delivery is fulfilled by AliExpress through their own logistical partners.

Any other shipping method is fulfilled by the sellers themselves as they package and deliver it to the chosen carriers.

The main difference between both these delivery methods is mostly the cost and timings; however, that varies for different countries.

For some countries, the standard delivery might be cheaper and quicker while for some other methods might be a better option.

If your country doesn’t support any other reliable shipment methods, then it’s much safer to go with this shipment method as it’s a secure option for buyers in case of any disputes.Seller's Shipping and AliExpress Standard Shipping

In the image above, you can see that Standard Shipment option is available for free, but the estimated AliExpress shipping time for standard shipment is around 19-39 days while ePacket and other options are much quicker to deliver.

These details are for U.S. delivery; other countries might have different estimates and costs, so it all depends on where you are getting your order delivered.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking

It’s effortless to track this delivery method since the retailer provides the tracking details on your order page.

All the delivery updates will be available in your order details directly through the website.

Here is how you can easily track your orders from your account:

  1. Head over to “My Orders” in your account.
  2. Click “View Detail” on your order.
  3. The tracking details will be available under “Logistics Information”.

If you are not happy with AliExpress’ shipping details, then there are other third-party tracking services available that will help you track your shipment.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping FAQ:

How can I track my Aliexpress order?

17Track is one of the most popular shipment monitoring websites that shows accurate tracking information for a multitude of carriers all over the world. Tracking AliExpress shipments is easy with 17Track.AliExpress Standard Shipping - How can I track my Aliexpress order?

Just head over to 17Track, enter your tracking number, and it will show you the current logistical status of your order within minutes.

Another website that’s also great for AliExpress shipping tracking is CAINIAO; they are official AliExpress logistical partners. AliExpress tracking available through them is mostly

So, if your tracking information is not appearing correctly anywhere else, then CAINIAO might be able to help you out in tracking your package.

AliExpress Standard delivery tracking numbers change often depending on which carrier they use for your order.

For example, if the tracking number has SG in it, then it’s Singapore post. CN means China Post.

Do Long Shipping Times Stop Customers from Buying?

The short answer is NO. It doesn’t stop customers from buying, so you can leave that worry aside. Why? Because it is an actual KNOWN issue. We tested this and what we discovered is that long shipping times don’t affect conversions that much.Total Aliexpress Shipping time

Of course, it is completely different story if the shipping takes less than a week. In circumstances like those, you will definitely increase your conversion rates, but still, not as much as you would expect. And when you consider the profit margins, the price difference more than makes for the conversion rate.

So, if you’re one of those people, who have been dragging their feet and putting off creating a store because of this small issue, then you need to start rethinking. It literally does not matter. In fact, we strongly recommend being honest with customers about shipping times.

At the end of your product page, just add a small notification that the item is going to take two to four weeks to arrive. This way, your customers will know exactly what to expect. We even bold this section to make sure that people read it. This helps you with follow-up customer support.

How to Overcome Challenges of Long Shipping Times?

When most people think of the challenges that are caused by long shipping times, they’re focused on how these times are going to affect the initial conversions and sales. However, if you are crafting your store and your ads appeal to people emotionally, this isn’t going to be a to deal with Aliexpress long shipping times

The issues, unfortunately, come from the customer service side. If you are shipping out from China, then you are going to get a much larger influx of emails, than if you were shipping the same items from the USA. You see, what happens is people don’t mind the long shipping times when buying the item.

However, fast-forward to a week or two, they might start to get a little bit angry. Why? Because we are used to getting items quite fast. Subsequently, you will get a lot of emails saying the same things. “Where is my item? It’s been a week and it hasn’t arrived yet.”

The vast, vast majority of people just want a REPLY. They want to know that someone is behind that computer screen and that they CARE. So, don’t worry, if you get an email that sounds a lot angrier than just “Where is my item?” Just email them back and explain the situation as nicely as possible.

Tell them it’s going to arrive in two to four weeks as “advertised”. Bear in mind CUSTOMER SERVICE is the key here! Of course, you’ll sometimes get customers, who won’t calm down so easily and will ask for a refund. Now, what you do here is up to you.

We personally recommend that when creating a store; create a refund policy, which only allows money backs for faulty products or ones that arrive after four weeks. This issue is another reason why we strongly advise to be upfront with the customer at the beginning about shipping times.

Majority of Shoppers Prefer Free Shipping Over other options

Soppers don’t care if you can ship an item within 2-3 days or a week, what they really want is “Free Shipping”. Check the image below to see how a whopping 58% of shoppers prefer Free shipping over other options.

Majority of Shoppers Prefer Free Shipping Over other options

How Should You Ship Your Items from AliExpress?

In the past, we used to recommend using the “Free Shipping” option from AliExpress. However, times have now with the entrance of a fantastic alternative, “ePacket”. For those of you who don’t know, ePacket delivery is an agreement with the Hong Kong Post and U.S. Postal Service to encourage USA customers to purchase items from China.

It’s a heavily discounted shipping option and it is run at a loss. It will usually cost you $2 or less to ship your items out using ePacket. Now, on average, using the free shipping from AliExpress will have your items arrive anywhere between three to five weeks.

If you opt for ePacket though, it gets cut down to 2 weeks max. Nevertheless, it’s still advised to put two to four weeks in your product page copy. After all, you never know what there can be a handling or processing delay on top of the shipping time.

But you know what the best part about ePacket is? You can track your items to see whether the have arrived or not. So, if you are a new dropshipper, I strongly recommend you focus all your attention upon buyers in the US, as ePacket is not available for all countries worldwide.

And, in the countries that it is available in, it isn’t always as efficient and quick as ePacket shipping is to the USA. Stick to ePacket and stick to the USA. You can expand out from there later and subsequently begin generating more profit than ever.

Let’s compare different AliExpress Shipping methods.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs. China Post Air Mail

AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs. China Post Air Mail
A lot of people often wonder whether they should use the standard shipment or China Post for their orders.

Most of the time it depends on the details for each method. Sometimes, standard delivery will be free or cost less than China Post and vice versa.AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs. China Post Air Mail 2

Sometimes the delivery times will be different for both services. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should always opt for standard shipment over China post.

Standard shipping is often cheaper and faster when compared to China post. It also offers better tracking information.

User feedback also states that there have been more lost packages with China post than standard shipping.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs. ePacket

When it comes to epacket vs AliExpress Standard Shipping, then most of the times ePacket comes out on top, as it’s cheap, reliable with the tracking information, and much quicker than other alternatives.AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs. ePacket

However, do keep in mind that it also varies according to different countries. In the image above, you can see ePacket being much faster for Canada with a little $0.38 cost; it also has tracking available while both China post and standard method don’t have tracking information. AliExpress shipping times for ePacket are much quicker.

Now, in this image you can see ePacket being the same as China post and standard delivery; however, this time ePacket costs $0.36 which is higher than other methods since those are absolutely free.

So, your delivery choice would often vary depending on the country where you are delivering. No need to pay an extra buck or half when all the features and delivery timings are same for each service.

How do I choose e-packet as a shipping option?

It’s very easy to choose epacket as a shipping option on AliExpress. If epacket is available as a shipping option then you can select it from the drop-down menu.

If you are using AliExpress for dropshipping with Oberlo then Oberlo lets you specify the shipping option. You can select epacket from Oberlo settings and it will always use epacket wherever and whenever available.

Is AliExpress shipping really free?

AliExpress shipping cost is zero. It’s mostly free, but sometimes it does cost a minor amount. Somewhere around $1-$2 for the shipping. So, in a sense, it’s free but for certain countries, it might charge you a buck or two.

Can we pay cash on delivery in AliExpress?

Unfortunately, Cash on delivery is not available on AliExpress because that would not be possible worldwide. Cash on Delivery is mostly available on stores that offer local services only.

It would be impossible to collect cash on delivery in hundreds of countries that AliExpressshhops to. So, that’s the reason why CoD is not available on AliExpress.

What is AliExpress Premium shipping?

AliExpress Premium Shipping is a high-quality and quick service provided by AliExpress itself in collaboration with Cainiao logistics. Sellers and suppliers on AliExpress can also choose to use this shipping method to provide faster shipping in more than 183 countries.

AliExpress Premium Shipping is a bit faster and reliable than AliExpress Standard Shipping in comparison. Most packages are delivered within 8-15 days with AliExpress Premium Shipping which is comparable to DHL and FedEx shipping options. AliExpress premium shipping tracking is also available via the website.

Aliexpress Different Order Status Mean

Your order status is visible in the My AliExpress section of the My Orders tab. AliExpress also sends you an email when the status of your order changes. So, what do these different orders stasuses on AliExpress mean?

Here’s what they mean,

Awaiting Payment: This means that AliExpress is waiting for you to make the payment for your order. It changes when you successfully make a payment and it’s received by AliExpress.

Payment being verified: After you make the payment, it takes some time for AliExpress to actually verify the payment and change the status of your order.

Awaiting shipment: After your Payment is successfully verified the status changes to waiting shipment which means the supplier is going to ship your order and add the tracking code to AliExpress.

Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress

Awaiting delivery: This means that the order gas been shipped successfully and the buyer is awaiting the delivery of their order.

Finished or Fund processing: The prder has been successfully delivered and the buyer ahs confirmed the delivery of the package. Fund processing means that AliExpress will release the funds to the seller.

Final Words

Now that you know how all the different shipment methods work on the platform, you can truly make an informed decision.

When choosing your delivery option, make sure that you know what works and what doesn’t for your country or any other country where you might be shipping.

There’s no need to pay extra when all the different methods are offering similar features. It’s better only to pay extra when availing premium delivery options.

Typically, the free delivery methods will suffice. ePacket might cost a buck or two depending on your country, but it’s much cheaper than premium methods and provides reliable shipment and tracking information.

We hope this cleared up all the questions that you had regarding the standard shipping and its alternatives. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section, if you have any.

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Dilawar Hussain is a professional blogger who loves gaming, technology, and ecommerce. He spends his time testing new strategies, hacks, and tricks to help the ecommerce community.

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    • Adil Malick says:

      You can provide a free shipping option to your customer and it is very simple. You only need to charge retail price from your customer – included the shipping. For example, If your product retail is $12 and $3 for shipping, you only need to mention the price $15 + free shipping. Your customer will never know that he/she is paying for shipping.

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    • martin says:

      You might have to send some documents such as; id, address etc. proof to the logistics company in order to clear customs. The logistics company normally contacts you for that.
      Once clearance is done the goods are delivered to your doorstep. I hope that helps!

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    AliExpress delivery time for fastest shipping is 15-20 days depending on the location but I think it takes more time. sometimes it takes 2-3 months. for standard shipping.

    • Adil Malick says:

      Usually it takes 25 working days or more but it depends on your location. However, 2-3 months is a lot of time and could be possible for bulk orders.

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    I have ordered several things from China Hong Kong and I never get any of them so I and telling everyone never order anything from overseas cuz I seriously doubt you will ever get it I have lost so much money trying to believe that I would get my product and every time I’m disappointed It Never Comes and now I’ve ordered something from a seller in Hong Kong and they have totally ignored me will not answer me I have not got my order or a response on a refund so if I was you I would never order anyting overseas

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      You should file a dispute through AliExpress or Alibaba, if you bought through these platforms. You will get your refund without any hassle.

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    I ordered some thing in aliexpress and i chosed aliexpress standard shipping but the seller sended the package by yanwen economic air mail. Is this correct? Many thanks for your reply.

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    Hello! wonder why under AliExpress standard delivery, some items will deliver to office for signature but some just drop at mailbox?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      This depends on the supplier and courier used. Sometimes they require a signature for confirmation while some don’t. So, it varies from seller to seller and on item basis.

  13. Mohamed Awfa says:

    Thanks for your guidance & i have a question that i made my first order & choose standard shipping method(to Qatar) cost abt 1USD.
    But my order page showing that “The supplier is processing your order,Reminder:Your order will be automatically cancelled if the seller fail to ship your order in 8days”. So i totally confuse about it, bcs i have selected AliExpress standard shipping & they need to ship it right? then why it showing 8days limit mentioned abt seller? can you little expalin or guide me to better understand abt this fact. Sorry for my English….

    • Jörg says:

      The seller has to process the order and hand it out within 8 days, otherwise you get a full refund. This is in addition to the delivery time (the two or three weeks mentioned in the article).

  14. Mohamed Awfar says:

    Thanks for your guidance & i have a question that i made my first order & choose standard shipping method(to Qatar) cost abt 1USD.
    But my order page showing that “The supplier is processing your order,Reminder:Your order will be automatically cancelled if the seller fail to ship your order in 8days”. So i totally confuse about it, bcs i have selected AliExpress standard shipping & they need to ship it right? then why it showing 8days limit mentioned abt seller? can you little expalin or guide me to better understand abt this fact. Sorry for my English….

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    Hello can someone help me with AliExpress standard shipping no# South Africa please people

  16. Valerie Cudnik says:

    Overall I’ve bee perfectly happy with my shipping times (mostly epacket). The rare order takes longer, but mostly I get everything within 3 weeks. (I’m middle-aged, so that used to be a pretty standard time-frame. I’m fairly addicted to Amazon’s 2-day delivery now, though.)

    Everything I’ve ordered since mid-July, though, shows that it’s been turned over to the airline within a day or 2 of ordering… and nothing since. Over a month with no movement makes me think there’s a kink in the process right now… probably customs at this end.

    Most of what I’ve ordered have been tests of vendors my reseller shop.

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Yeah, that seems like a problem with the customs. It’s still better to contact your local customs office first and see if they are holding the items.
      Also, try to get in touch with the seller and AliExpress support to see if they’ve run into any problems trying to ship your products.
      Worst case scenario, you have to file a dispute and get your money back which shouldn’t be a big problem.

  17. osu says:

    some countires charge tolls for the post that comes from China. IS there any shippings method that doesnt show the package is not coming from China?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      That’s impossible. The package has to show the origin of the order otherwise it would be quite illegal. You normally have to pay the local taxes on all the International shipments, these taxes vary depending on your country and the type of items that you have ordered.

      • Osa says:

        Ok But when the package comes with post NL they don’t charge for tolls. What I understand it is important if the package comes through eu country. When I ordered China post I paid tolls but not by standard shipping and post nl. Sweden put new rules for the packages which come from China. They charge minimum 9 usd for even an item which costs less than 1 usd.

        • Dilawar Hussain says:

          Yeah, they don’t charge tax for within Europe shipping, but China shipping costs you a tax. Sadly, you have to pay those taxes as that is the only legal way out.
          I think if you order multiple products and make the total cost above $80-100 then a $9 tax is reasonable.

  18. Alex says:

    Is it possible to get items from different sellers delivered in a single pack? And what’s a limited quantity tho?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Nope, that option is not yet available. All items will arrive in different packages from different sellers. There’s no limited quantity, but each seller will often have their own limits visible on the product page.

      • Drew says:

        I’m totally new at this, and yet to open my first droppshipping biz – still doing the research, haven’t even had my first sale.
        So, if I have a customer order 3 different items from 3 different suppliers – all from Aliexpress – they will all get there at differing times?
        Aliexpress doesn’t deliver them all simultaneously from the nearest warehouse with all the products in stock?
        I’m totally confused. Can you do an article on this? Also, just give me a quick answer here 🙂

        • saleem ahrar says:

          yep Drew!

          Your customer will get orders separately.

          You can communicate to that customer openly that you will get all of your ordered items but it might come separately due to different suppliers (no harm in it).

          Plus, it would be great if you could tell your customer explicitly about the number of days of delivery on a product page.

  19. sirwilly says:

    Will my item be delivered right in my home address/doorstep if I choose AliExpress Free Standard Shipping ?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Yes, your item(s) will be delivered to your (or any address that you put) doorstep with AliExpress Standard shipping.

  20. TCHAPTCHET says:

    Good morning AliExpress, is it possible to group many command and send them in the same pack via AliExpress Shipping ???

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Nope, you have to use individual packs for different AliExpress items. Each item comes from a different supplier and they pack them individually.

  21. Rockafeller says:

    How do I track packages if I chose AliExpress standard shipping as my shipping option?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      For AliExpress standard shipping you have 2 different options to track your shipment.
      You can either use the tracking details provided in your AliExpress account by the retailers itself.

      Or, you can use a third-party app like 17Track or CAINIAO to track your AliExpress standard shipping items.

  22. Mike says:

    The question: Aliexpress offers buyers quarantee (on time delivery in 60 days). But the shipping times are different. When wil start counting the 60 days delivery time: from actual order or from actual shipping (which can be even 12 days from order)?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      You can have the buyer’s guarantee extended for 2 weeks if you want. That’ll keep you safe if your products are taking too long to reach.

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    Thanks Saleem, that answered my question completely

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