What is ePacket? Know Everything about ePacket Shipping and Tracking

ePacket tracking and delivery came as a revolution in online shopping that backed up hundreds and thousands of online sellers and dropshippers with excellent cutting edge shipping services.

The reason I called this service a revolution in the ecommerce industry because it somewhat resolved the primary issue of digital buyers that restricts them to complete the purchase.

According to Statista, 63% of US digital shoppers abandon their carts because of unexpected shipment costs, and 36% abandon the cart due to late shipment issues.



VWO commerce survey states that 24% of online buyers are willing to spend more to qualify for free shipping.

I hope you can understand how ePacket delivery revolutionized the ecommerce industry by eliminating the problem of late delivery and expensive rates in online purchasing.

Now coming back to the concern of understanding what is ePacket shipping, how to track ePacket from China and ePacket shipping time.

Table of Content

— What is ePacket Delivery and ePacket Shipping?

— What is an ePacket tracking?

— Which Countries have ePacket?

How long does an ePacket Delivery from China take?

— What is the Eligibility Criteria for Using ePacket?

— What is Aliexpress ePacket?

— How to Choose ePacket on Oberlo?

— How does ePacket help dropshippers?

— FAQs

Let’s begin.

What is ePacket Delivery and ePacket Shipping?

ePacket is a shipping option that came into existence after an agreement that the Chinese and Hong Kong government made with the US postal service along with multiple other tiers A & B countries to make the delivery fast within 10-20 days and relatively cheap than other shipment options.

This international shipping method was designed in 2011 to flourish the ecommerce industry worldwide as the ‘e’ stands for ecommerce in ePacket.

It allows the merchants of big ecommerce marketplaces such as Aliexpress and Lazada to offer fast shipping services at reasonable prices for customers worldwide.

What is ePacket tracking?

ePacket shipping tracking service allows the merchant as well as the customer to track their product on the websites Express Mail Service (EMS China) and the US postal service (USPS) website.

How to track ePacket?

You can monitor your package destination on China EMS website with an ePacket tracking number that is provided to both – merchant and buyer – when the order is placed.

Here how you track ePacket shipping


So, it is basically EMS tracking more than ePacket delivery tracking.

EPacket Countries 2020

Following are 43 countries where ePacket delivery is possible.

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Brazil
  5. Canada
  6. Croatia
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Gibraltar
  13. Greece
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Hungary
  16. Ireland
  17. Israel
  18. Italy
  19. Japan
  20. Kazakhstan (currently in a trial run)
  21. Korea
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Lithuania
  24. Malaysia
  25. Mexico
  26. Malta
  27. Netherlands
  28. New Zealand
  29. Norway
  30. Poland
  31. Portugal
  32. Russia
  33. Saudi Arabia
  34. Singapore
  35. Spain (in testing for some cities)
  36. Sweden
  37. Switzerland
  38. Thailand (currently in a trial run)
  39. Turkey
  40. Ukraine
  41. The United Kingdom
  42. The United States
  43. Vietnam

How long does an ePacket Delivery from China take?

The delivery date is not exactly specified. There are certain elements on which ePacket delivery from China is dependent such as the country’s import policies, customs restrictions, and local post office services. Also, public holidays in different countries affect shipping time.

EPacket Delivery Duration in Different Countries

Brazil – 25- 30 Business Days

Russia, Saudia Arabia & Ukraine – 7-15 Business Days

Mexico – 20 business Days

Other ePacket Supported Countries (e.g., UK & USA) – 7-10 Business Days

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Using ePacket?

There are some requirements that have to be fulfilled to use ePacket delivery.

USPS presents eligibility criteria based on height weight, size and value. Every product has to fulfill the entire requirement on those fields to become eligible for ePacket delivery.

The package/parcel requirement and rolls requirements are slightly different here.

Package Eligibility

Weight – The product’s weight must not exceed 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) – includes the weight of the shipping box + any packaging or filling material.

Value/Price – The product price should be equal to or less than $400 and must be delivered to the countries eligible for ePacket shipment.

Height and Length – The length of the package should not exceed 24 inches (60 cm). The length, height, and width altogether should not exceed 36 inches (90 cm).

Rolls Eligibility

The rolled-up packages’ weight and value requirement is the same; however, the length requirement is different.

Maximum Length

The length of rolls should not exceed 36 inches (90 cm).

The length plus twice the size of diameter should not be more than 42 inches (104 cm).

Length + 2(diameter) = 42 inches (104 cm)



Minimum Length

The length of rolls should be at least 4 inches (11 cm).

The length plus twice the size of diameter should be more than 6.69 (17 cm)

Length + 2(diameter) = 6.69 inches (17cm)



What is Aliexpress ePacket?

Aliexpress provides the option ePacket shipment on most of its hot-selling items that are very cheap compared to other shipping options.

Here is an example of ePacket Aliexpress;



In the image below, you can see the comparison of ePacket shipping time and charges with other services.

You can get this portable blender in just 25 days via ePacket in just $1.22 delivery charges.



How to choose ePacket on Oberlo

Oberlo Chrome extension allows you to add products directly from Aliexpress to your Shopify store. And also it comprehensively tells you either the item has the ePacket option or not.

To learn to setup your own Shopify Store, do check our step-by-step drop shipping Shopify guide.

In case, if you just need to check the ePacket Aliexpress product without even clicking on the item, Oberlo will help you to do so.

All you need to do is to download the Oberlo Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.

Write ‘Oberlo’ in the search section and click ‘Add to Chrome.’



After adding Oberlo Chrome Extension, click on it and select ePacket in the options section.


Now go to Aliexpress.com and scroll down the products. All the ePacket Aliexpress products will be highlighted in ‘green.’



ePacket dropshipping – how does it help dropshippers?

ePacket services come as a messiah for dropshippers. The primary problem that a dropshipper face on which he has the least control is the shipment. The unreliable, slow, and expensive delivery is similar to a contagious disease in the dropshipping business.

The unreliable and unsettling delivery methods proved as the primary barrier to create trust issues among the merchant and customers.

ePacket bring the evolution in the dropshipping business by making it possible to deliver the dropshipping products from China to all over the globe, including Australia, North America, and Europe.

Here are some benefits that dropshippers gets from ePacket

1. Inexpensive Rates

ePacket is famous for its cheap delivery prices that became the primary factor for its success in the ecommerce sector. In online markets, the major issue that buyers face is the unreasonable and expensive shipping charges that sometimes cost more than 10 times the price of the product. With ePacket delivery, the product manufactured in China now can be shipped at cheap rates or even some time at free of cost all over the world.

The inexpensive shipment allows the dropshippers to offer the product to their customers with a free delivery option, which online buyers love the most.

2. Fast Deliveries

Usually, a customer has to wait for months for the product to be delivered from China that makes the customer frustrated with the ecommerce market. Getting an ePacket delivery from China came as a revolution by cutting down the shipment time as well as the cost.

Now, instead of waiting for months to get the products, the customer receives the product in 7-20 days.

3. Sync with Dropshipping Sites

The popular dropshipping sites provide ePacket in their shipment options, including eBay, Oberlo, and Aliexpress. The ePacket option is not available on all the items, but the majority of items do give the ePacket shipping option.

4. Product Tracking and Receiving Confirmation

Another issue that dropshippers frequently face is the complete helplessness on the inventory control and its tracking. With the help of ePacket, the dropshippers and the buyers both can track their products with the tracking number at no surcharge fees or hidden cost. The tracking option creates an element of trust between buyer and seller, which is a crucial aspect of online selling.

5. Boost your Sale

Free shipping is a proven method to improve online sales. ePacket allows the sellers to provide their customers with a fast, reliable, and free shipping option.

This practice helps the seller to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers to generate lucrative results for their ecommerce stores.


Q: What is EUB Tracking?

EUB tracking was widely used by seller eBay sellers to ship the product in the USA, Australia, and the UK. The major reason for using EUB is to ship the product faster to these destinations as it takes only 7-10 to deliver the product. EUB tracking is sync with EMS tracking; you can track the parcel on EMS by tracking number.

The tracking number of the product from China starts with “L” or “A,” and it ends with the letters “CN.”

Q: What is ePacket Tracking DHGate?

DHGate is another ecommerce platform from China. Similar to Alibaba, It sells a wholesale products made by small and medium-sized manufacturers. DHGate also offers ePakcet delivery, and you can also use ePacket tracking via EMS.

Wrapping Up

Every individual associated with ecommerce industry can significantly leverage from ePacket that opens the option of global shipment where price and time are not a problem.

New countries have been adding to the list of ePacket every year, which will option more gates for online sellers to target a more relevant target audience for their products.


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