How to Approve Your Ad if Facebook Hates You!

Dammit, Facebook disapproved my ad again.

It is highly frustrating when my ads gets disapproved while other similar ads get instant approval.

It sometimes makes me feels like of that unfortunate student who does everything right but still, teachers don’t like him.

However, it gave me some relief when I realized that there are some other students who were disliked by the… Ahg, Sorry, whose ads got disapproved by Facebook without any reasons.

Yes, I know many of you have been thinking that I must have done something against Facebook ad policies that made my ad disapproved.


No. I am the best I didn’t do anything wrong!

What if I tell you, it’s Facebook’s fault and it will apologize to you for disapproving your ad. Has it ever happened with you?

Well, it did with to me.

Cut the long story short let me get straight to the premises of what happened when Facebook disapproved my ad and how I made them approve it.

Or, you can take it as a guide on how to make your ad approved when Facebook hates you (just kidding).

Here is what happened

I posted an ad on Facebook that seems legal and follows every guideline of Facebook ad policy. But guess what, it still got disapproved.

I didn’t paid much heed to it, but when I found out that my competitors’ ran similar ads without any disapproval, I was infuriated. It was when I realized I was that hated child *sobbing*

I made a sincere appeal; why always me?

But, it was not that bad when I realized that I do matter to Facebook and it knows my frustration to get bullied for no reason, but the complaint was still the same: why me and not them?

I showed all the evidence to prove my point that I am the victim here.

My conversation with Facebook Advisor Support started and it appeared more like a courtroom drama – where my Ad being a victim and me being its attorney, defending its claims by showing proof and evidence to the judge (Facebook) on how my client is innocent.

I showed every possible proof as I was asked to show.

Then finally, justice was served and Facebook admitted to incorrectly disapproving my ad and apologized for the inconvenience.

While, Facebook was manually reviewing my ad, it sent me a link where I just needed to enter ad ID.

Within 5 minutes after I enter my ad ID in the link, the ad was approved, while I was still having the conversation with Facebook Advisor Support.

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Key Take Away

In case of Your Facebook Ad Disapproval Here is What You Need to Do…

Just follow these steps as I did:

  1. Go to Facebook ad disapproval contact link:
  2. Add your Ad ID on the given space.And that’s it.If the mistake has been done on Facebook’s behalf, the ad will be approved within a matter of minutes.Well, if Facebook still doesn’t approve your ad then I am afraid you are doing something wrong.Make sure to go through Facebook Ad policies carefully and evaluate your ad accordingly. If you think that your ad complied with all the policies and still got disapproved, then consider yourself that hated the child.So are you the hated one or the chosen one? Drop us a comment below to let us know!


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    I am not running ads at the moment but worth reading.. thanks!!

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