How To Gain 300,000 Facebook Likes with $0 Ad Cost

Organic reach on Facebook sounds like hoax now. But when I say 300,000+ Facebook likes, it’s not an exaggeration, and yes, all those likes are real and organic.

First, let me show some proof that we did not run any ads to get 300,000+ Facebook likes.

The ad centre shows the complete ad history of a Facebook page.

Now, let’s look at the page insights to see how much page likes we have right now.

As of today, our Facebook page has 313,196 likes.

Want to know how we did it.?

If yes, then in the next 10 minutes you will learn how you can grow any Facebook page from scratch.

Excited? So are we.

Let’s begin.

How to Increase Facebook Like to 300k Organically

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on this planet, and having an engaging giant community is the biggest asset anyone can have.

To make a large community Facebook without spending any money on advertisement is not an easy task. It takes hard work, precision, solid Research, and, most importantly, consistency.

It will take some time, but if you follow the right process, then you can generate the first 50k likes in just a couple of months.

We have broken down the process in 5 steps so you can easily understand the approach.

Step # 1- Research about Niche

Step # 2- Get Involve in the Community

Step # 3- Get in Touch with Relevant Audience

Step # 4- Create the Facebook Page

Step # 5- Drop The Viral Bomb

Buckle up!

Step # 1- Research about Niche

Research is the most crucial aspect of building a community that determines the success and quality of your followers.

In our case, we have to create a community for nurses, and as you can guess, we do not know anything related to nursing communities.


Why on earth do we need to create a community on nurses?

Answer: To promote our online print on demand store products related to nursing such as mugs, legging, t-shirts, etc.

So, how did we become able to create a highly engaging 300,000+ community?

Yes, you get that right, Research!

There is a process that we followed that would probably work for you too, if you do not know much about your targeted niche.

Identify Relevant Facebook Groups

The best way to connect with any niche is to join there closed group communities and understand them better, such as what humor they prefer, what language they like, and what terminologies they used.

Google is the best source to search for the best communities on Facebook.

Just write, “your niche + Facebook groups.”

That’s not enough. You have to check each group and see if the group has a warm audience or not.

A warm audience means engaging groups that have more daily activities.

Identify the relevant groups that have at least ten daily posts and start observing the kind of content being shared on these groups.

Understand Terminologies and Abbreviations

Getting familiar with the terminologies and abbreviations of the niche is one of the most crucial ways to become part of the community.

Here is an example:

Do you get this meme? No, right?

We neither until we understand the abbreviation of AMA.

AMA means “against medical advice” when a patient leaves the hospital against the doctor’s advice.

Also, we get to know the meaning of some nursing terminologies like the term “Code Brown.”

Well, you might guess this one. Yes, it means bowel movement on the bed.

So, we get to learn alot of different things about the nursing community by just being a part of niche communities.

If you want to create a community targeted to any specific niche, then you must join at least 3 to 5 groups to understand the crux of that niche.

Step # 2- Get Involve in the Community

Always keep in mind your main objective. Ours was to create an engaging community for our online store without investing any money on Facebook advertisements.

The reason to be involved in the community is to get recognition by the relevant audience so we can invite them later to like and join our group.

Here you need to use two to three pseudo profiles that define you as a part of that niche like a gamer, lawyer, etc. based on your niche.

In our case, we go with three pseudo profiles that appear as nurses.

Next, you need to involve in these groups by commenting and replying smartly on the posts of engaging groups.

Get involved in different groups with different pseudo ids and identify the most relevant people that are hardcore related to your niche.

Step # 3- Get in Touch with Relevant Audience

The reason I asked to identify the most relevant people in your community because you need to make them your friend.

Here the pseudo ids will help.

The purpose of those ids is to make friends with the people who are related to your targeted niche.

In our case, we created three nursing profiles and only added those who are nurses themselves.


Because we only wanted professional nurses to join our group.

Yes, you read that right “group.”¬†Here is what we did to create our group.

We added almost 300+ nurses from each of our pseudo profiles from different groups.

That takes the total to collective 1000 nurse friends.

Then, we created a group and invited all the friends to our group related to nurses.

As we expected, all our nurse’s friends instantly joined the group and quickly start engaging in the group.

Step # 4- Create the Facebook Page

The time has finally come to create a Facebook page because now we have a dedicated group with a relevant audience to test our content.

Here is our million-dollar advice:

Use your group as a trial platform if the people in your group engages with the content then start sharing it on other groups; otherwise, change the content strategy and start again.

We started to post the different nursing-related content on our page, including memes, videos, success stories, etc. and shared them on our group.

After the audience in our group start liking the content of our page, then the process had become straightforward. Invite the group members to like your page and push the content in different communities in which you are already a member, so it does not seem like spam.

When you share a page’s post in a group, the “Like Page” appears as a call-to-action.

That is the best way to gain some quick likes organically by publishing the post in some highly engaging niche groups.

We start getting some good reach, engagement, share, and a few thousand like as well.

But was that enough?

No, we need a couple of viral posts that could get our page to at least 50k followers in two months.

Step # 5- Drop The Viral Bomb

To get any post viral on Facebook here are specific rules that we have learned:

  • Make/take the content in video form.
  • Make the video short (15-60 seconds).
  • The message of the content should be positive and joyful.
  • Meme + trend (connect with your niche)
  • Add text within the video to make it relevant for your niche.

We followed the same rules, and in a couple of tries, we finally found the big viral post that still shocks us whenever we see those numbers.

Here are the stats of our viral video

  • 186 million reach
  • 146 million views
  • 1+ million likes
  • 4+ million shares

This post worked beyond our expectations and gave us the significant boost that we needed. Within a month, we quickly reached 50k Facebook likes.

That gradually grows up to 300,000+ now within two years.

Still, we have not spend a single penny in boosting posts.

Well, this was an exceptional case; you just need 5 to 6 small viral posts to get 50k followers in 2 to 3 months.

To make any video viral on Facebook, do check out this Video Marketing Secret to Get 10 Million Reach in Just 14 Days.

Wrapping Up:

So, that’s all from our side. We can assure you that if you want to increase Facebook likes for any niche organically, then just follow this process as it is, and you will find some really fruitful results.

If you want to see more case studies like this one, then do tell us in the comments below and feel free to join our 5000+ ecommerce entrepreneur community.





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