Pinterest Advertising 2020: How to Advertise on Pinterest in 7 Steps

When I started writing about Pinterest advertising, I, myself, did not realize the significance of Pinterest.

Do you know?

Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media platform with over 367 million monthly users; moreover, 98% of Pinterest users say that they tried new things after finding them on Pinterest.

These facts were some big eye-openers for me.

Then, I realized that advertising on Pinterest is definitely worth it to promote products.

So, in the next few minutes, you are going to learn how to advertise on Pinterest in just 7 steps.

Step # 1- Create Pinterest Ads Account

Step # 2- Choose a Campaign Objective

Step # 3- Select Your Audience & Targeting

Step # 4 – Finalize the Budget and Scheduling

Step # 5 – Bid for Budget Optimization

Step # 6- Select Pin for Ad

Step # 7- Select Ad Format and Launch Ad

But before that, I need to show you some fascinating facts that will convince you to use Pinterest to promote your business.

Why Use Pinterest to Promote Business?

Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media platform. However, in recent times marketers have started to realize its potential after Pinterest generated $1 billion in revenue in 2019.

Pinterest has become a go-to platform for visitors to generates ideas, find trends, and do research for shopping.

Here are some facts that Pinterest published in its infographics that magnify its significance and insist you consider Pinterest in your next social media marketing strategy.

1- 60% of Pinterest users do research for shopping on Pinterest, followed by search engines, social media platforms, and friends recommendations.

2- 72% of Pinterest users agree to do impulse buying when they are not looking to buy anything.

3- 90% of Pinterest users use this platform to make a purchase decision.

4- 66% of Pinterest users buy from a brand after watching the brand’s Pin.

5- Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook.

6- 59% of Pinterest users get information about thier purchases from Pinterest.

I hope these stats are enough to prove its significance in driving the maximum sales opportunities by advertising on Pinterest.

How to Advertise on Pinterest in 7 Steps

Step # 1- Create Pinterest Ads Account

If you are already on Pinterest, then you just need to click continue with your email.

In case you are new to Pinterest, then go to and create a Pinterest business account.

Pinterest advertising

You just need to provide your email address to sign up for a business account.


Step # 2- Choose a campaign objective

Similar to the Facebook advertisement, on Pinterest, you also have to select the ad campaign before creating an ad.

This objective will be the focal point of the whole advertisement that defines want do you want to achieve from advertising on Pinterest.

First, you need to click on “ads” and then select “create ad” option from the drop-down menu.

Select your campaign objective

Next, you need to select your campaign objective. Pinterest offers five different objectives to choose from.

  • Brand Awareness: Helps your brand to be discovered by increasing its reach.
  • Video Views: Boost video views on video ads.
  • Traffic: Increase traffic to your website.
  • App Install: Increase the installation of your app.
  • Conversion: Make the customer purchase something on your website (Pinterest tag required).

Here I am going with the “Traffic” objective because it is one of the most common objectives of the Pinterest ads.

Step # 3- Select Your Audience & Targeting

In this step, you need to specify your target audience as per your niche.

For example, I have an online store of “pet food” and I need to promote my dog food recipe, so here I am naming my group as “dog food.”

Next, you need to “add interests” to target audiences who are more likely to show interest in your business. Make sure to check all interest to see if there is more than one interest section for you.

In my case, I selected “animals and pet supplies” in the interest section to promote my pet food.

Next, you need to add targeted keywords on which you want your ad to display.

This Pinterest keyword planner is one of the best tools to promote your products via advertisement and organically.

Just write the main keyword in the search box, and you can add all the suggestions in your targeted keyword list.

Select Demographics:

Now, you need to specify the demographics of your audience, such as genders, age, location, language, and device.


Select Placement:

Then select the option where you want to display your ad.

Pinterest provides two placement options,

Search: To show the ad in the search results.

Browse: To show the ad in feed and related pins.

I would recommend to select both and move to the next step.

Step # 4 – Finalize the Budget and Scheduling

Budget finalization totally depends on how much money do you want to spend on Pinterest ads.

In this step, you have to select the daily or lifetime budget with the start and end date for your ad.


It’s totally up to your business need to select the amount for your budget.

Step # 5 – Bid for Budget Optimization

Here you need to optimize the budget by bidding a price on a single action taken on your CTA.

As I have selected “traffic” for my campaign objective, so I need to fix a maximum bid on cost-per-click. It represents the maximum amount I am willing to pay on one click on my website URL.

Here I selected $1 CPC. Pinterest will always recommend some higher bidding, but you have to go along with your need and budget.

Step # 6- Select Pin for Ad

Select the Pin on which you want to use for your advertisement. Here you have the option to select the saved Pin or created a new one.


To create a new pin, just click on the “+” option and upload the image or video.

For my dog food recipe promotion, I created this Pin,

Write the title, description, and URL of your landing page.

Then, hit “publish” to select this Pin for your advertisement.

Step # 7 – Select Ad Format and Launch Ad

After creating or selecting a pin, you need to select the ad format in which you want to run your ad. You can select the ad format from the filters option.

Pinterest offers 5 different kinds of ad formats.

1- Standard/Static: Show the product and service in a simple vertical or square image. Learn more about this format here.

2- Video/Max Video: Grab the attention of pinner with stunning motion visuals on a vertical scale or horizontal. Learn more about this format here.

3- Carousal: Allow people to swipe through multiple images of your products. Learn more about this format here.

4- Collection: Show your products with a combination of the featured products and their representation. Learn more about this format here.

5- Shopping: Convert your pins into your product links. Display the product and drive visitors directly to the checkout page. Learn more about this format here.

After selecting the ad format, scroll and select the “launch” button to publish your ad.

Then, just fill up your billing information, and your Pinterest ad will go live.

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5 Tips to Generate Effective Results from Pinterest Advertisement

1- Install Pinterest Tag in Your Store/Website

Pinterest tag role in the Pinterest advertisement is the exact same as Facebook Pixel’s role in Facebook advertisement.

It helps in tracking every activity of your website’s visitor who comes via a Pinterest ad. You can determine KPIs (key performance indicators) and analyze the weaknesses in your landing pages, so you improve them to increase your CTR.

The Pinterest tag collects all the information of your audience who interacted with your advertisement so you can more effectively refine your audience with the help of that data.

Click here to learn how to add a Pinterest tag to the Shopify store.

2- Use Pinterest Analytics and Audience Insights Tools

Pinterest offers multiple great tools to help you understand your core target audience. You need to have the business profile to access these tools to see how your pins are performing.

The Pinterest Analytics will tell about the audience engagement on each of your paid pins as well as organic pins.

Audience insights tell you about the audience’s demographic, location, and devices they use to access Pinterest.

To grow your business with Pinterest ads, make sure to consistently check analytics and audience insights to get valuable insights, and use them in your marketing approach.

3- Increase Your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Boost in traffic of the website feels good but worthless if your conversion rate is not good. Pinterest customers tend to incline toward lavish graphics and creative infographics. If they did not find anything related to the advertised Pin on your website, then you will face a tough time converting them into your customers.

The best way to convert the visitor into a customer is by making the navigation easy for them so they can easily find the call-to-action without any hassle.

4- Squeeze the Pinterest Keyword Planner

Keyword suggestion is one of the best tools to advertise as well as organically promote your Pin on Pinterest. It suggests the best keyword suggestions with over 5 million monthly research.

You can add all the keyword suggestions at once in your targeted keyword list then optimize your Pin’ sPin’s description and title by using these suggested keywords.

5- Create Female Oriented Ads

69% of Pinterest users are females, and 80% of US-based audiences between the ages of 18-64 are women, and the majority of them are making $75+ per year.

Image Source: Pinterest Audience Insights

Women make up to 80% of all consumer purchases.

It means you can find higher average earner women on this platform, so if your product is related to women or new moms, you can make a hefty revenue from this platform.

Wrapping Up:

If you came this far, then I can assume that you must have understood Pinterest advertising. Currently, it is one of the most effective social media platform to promote your products and drive potential customers to your store.

Make the best use of this platform and do tell us in the comments if you get any success in the Pinterest advertisement.






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