How to Make Money on Pinterest – Learn In 5 Easy Steps

You must have heard of Pinterest and most probably used it as well. It is one of the most recognized and eccentric social media platform that is designed to get ideas, share, and discover information by using images, gifs, and small-scale videos.

In 2019, it has crossed the 300 million users mark and gradually increasing its user base year by year. The sites hold a reputation for maintaining a robust engagement with discussion on multiple trendy topics, including home décor, fashion, DIY, and creative advertisement. You can find various influencers to get inspiration and instant information.

Well, anyone who is familiar with Pinterest must know the boring information that I have given above. However, what interesting is that many of its users completely ignore the potential Pinterest to make money. Here I am going to tell you some genuine ways to earn money from the Pinterest platform.

But, before getting into the money-making techniques, here are some tips that you would need to follow as a prerequisite of making money on Pinterest.

  • Follow the Topic you are Passionate About

When you follow something that is your hobby, and you are passionate about, you can get into the core of your audience preferences and needs. By doing this, you can make your loyal customers quickly.

  • Have Patience & Consistency

Patience is the key to the success of every business. It takes time to build trust. The only way to do this is to offer them valuable content that teaches and entertains them consistently.


  • Be Aware of the Trends

Everyone is making money by selling either it is a product, consultancy, courses, or any sort of service, but you need to be aware of the trends in your niche. People are willing always sought after what trending in their niche. Let’sLet’s say if you provide SEO consultancy, you need to aware of every new guideline of Google.

These were some rules that you need to remind by heart before thinking of making money on Pinterest.

Now coming back to the ways of making money on Pinterest, so here I am listing down ways to make money on Pinterest.

5 Genuine Ways to Make Money on Pinterest 

1. Make money on Pinterest by Selling

It is one of the easiest ways to make money on Pinterest, but it is only easy when you have successfully built an engaging community.

But remember the rules I have mentioned earlier that are the key to success.

Let’sLet’s say you make DIY products. You love making them, so start making short video clips of your process and upload them in your Pinterest account. Then consistently publish the content to grow your audience.

To get the ideas about what to make, you can use Pinterest’sPinterest’s search tab and look out the next search query. You will also find some of your competitors from where you can take inspiration for your approach.


Wait to have a few thousand followers then offer the product in your community. It would sell like a hot cake.

2. Promote a Product for Brand

This method is connected with the approach of method one.

Once you create a relevant audience of a particular niche, you will not have trouble finding brands to let you promote their product on your platform.

Marketers are always in search of micro-influencers who can sell their products to the relevant audience. So, all you need is to select a niche and create an engaging community within that particular niche.

You could even ask brands to promote and sell their products on your platform, and you can make a deal with the company to do their product’s branding on your account.

3. Make money from Pinterest Affiliate

One of the most famous and effective ways to make money on Pinterest is via an affiliate.

Those who do not know what is affiliate marketing here is a brief definition for them

It is a commission-based type of marketing in which the company gives a reward or percentage of price whenever a product is sold from the affiliate’s channel.

You only need to find companies that offer affiliate links and then add the affiliate link to your Pinterest image.



Where to find an affiliate link?

Here are some top platforms where you can find an affiliate link within your niche market.

To find the best profitable niche for your affiliate, click here.

4. Promote your courses & product via Infographics

The majority of marketing and financial gurus are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites and courses with attractive infographics.


You can sell any courses such as ‘generate website traffic’ and ‘earn money online.’

So if you are an expert in anything such as content writing, web development, digital marketing, etc. you can easily promote your courses or eBooks on Pinterest to the audience with attractive infographics.

5. Sell your Graphics Designs from Pinterest

If you are a designer, then Pinterest is the ideal platform to create your profile and sell your design to the target audience.

Like here, someone has posted this Top Gun poster and embedded an Etsy link to drive the viewer to the checkout page.


So, it would not be hard if you add potential keywords in the title and image description to get your design display on Pinterest search.


You can find many examples of people successfully selling the design on Pinterest effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest is hands down a fantastic platform to get creative and information from visuals and its popularity gaining with each passing year. If you learn how to make money from Pinterest now, you will have a fantastic edge when Pinterest reaches half a billion users.

It has already generated $1 billion in revenue in 2019, which was not expected until 2020, so this is a sign of Pinterest’sPinterest’s unprecedented popularity amongst internet users.




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