How Do We Get 5500+ Facebook Likes in Just Three Days

Starting a Facebook page from scratch and generating relevant likes and followers quickly is a tougher task than it sounds.

We tried to make a Facebook community based on a particular niche and run Facebook ads for three days to generate maximum likes.

A niche community is always better than a general community so we decide to create a writer’s community so that we monetize it later.

So, here is how we generated 5000+ likes with Facebook ads in just 3 days.

Create a Facebook Page and Post

This post is about creating a Facebook page from scratch and generating 5k+ Facebook likes in just three days.

So, for that, we created a brand new Facebook page.

For starter, just create a Facebook and post two to three posts relevant to your niche with a span of 6-8 hours. So, the visitors who come to your page after liking it from advertisement do not find your page empty.

Post any content either its meme or inspirational quote as long as they are related to your niche.

Setup Facebook Ad Campaign and Ad Set

If you are familiar with Facebook advertisement then you must know about the campaign objective and ad sets. In this case, we need to increase the likes of the page.

So we selected the campaign objective “page likes” and set the budget of $20/day.

The real motive was to get a single like for the least amount that is $0.01.

To do get a single like on that amount check out the next step.

Eliminate the USA, UK, and Australia in Targeting

Eliminating the three major locations might sound absurd but you have to do it get a quick 1k – 2k  likes in a single day.

We created an image ad and place it on Facebook feed with “like page” CTA, set the location worldwide, and exclude the USA, UK, and Australia.

1st Day Ads Results:

We got 1,250 likes at the cost of $18.69 with the cost per result of $0.02.

So far so good but we need to minimize the cost per like.

What to do next on the 2nd day?

Well, almost nothing. Just make a duplicate ad of the same ad set without changing anything and publish it on the 2nd day.

Wait for the day to complete.

The reason for making a duplicate of the exact same targeting is to reach more people with the same interest.

3rd Day:

Now let’s rewind the process, your first ad is still running and you made a duplicate ad of that and it has been running for a second a single day.

Next, you need to go to your first original ad set and change the location from worldwide to the USA.

So when you changed the targeting from worldwide to USA the per like cost will shoot up like 10 times.

In my case, it went up from $0.01 to $0.11.

That’s one of the reasons we eliminate these locations to get maximum likes in no time.

3 Days Results:

After Three Days these were the results of our page.

We get 5,584 likes in 3 days after spending $87.82. As you can see, in the copy ad we get more likes for less cost that’s the difference you

But that’s not necessary, the only thing matters do we get relevant who we can sell our product.

The best way to tell that is by analyzing the engagement rate on your page’s post.

It is a very big relief that our target audience is really appreciating our content and getting involved in the community.

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What’s next?

Now, after a week we have almost got almost 6k genuine Facebook likes by sharing content in different relevant groups. And we will show how to monetize this Facebook page and make a steady income from this.

Soon, we will share a case study on the methods of monetizing a Facebook page. To get notified for it then make sure to join our 5000+Facebook community.






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