What to Sell on Etsy –12 Best Selling Items on Etsy in 2020

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As an ecommerce entrepreneur, have you ever been curious to know the best things to sell on Etsy?

Well, you are not alone, many people are curious about selling on Etsy.



Etsy – for an ecommerce platform, would not be a that big-name, but unbelievably it ranked as the third on seller choice marketplace rating in 2018.


This ecommerce platform focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

Is Etsy the Best Place to Sell?

There are multiple ecommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. and Etsy surely does not belong to that category. Still, it has a different vibe, and that vibe is its USP.

Etsy ranked 2nd as the most profitable website for the seller in 2018, outranked Amazon in the ranking.


Source: Ecommerce Bytes

Etsy is a platform solely made to sell creative items that have their own separate niche.

As per the stats of 2018, Etsy has over 35.8 million active buyers and 1.98 million active sellers. Over 50 million products have been listed on Etsy, with 3.25 billion average gross merchandise sales in 2017.

If you are a crafter or artist who likes to create or add a creative element in the product, then Etsy is the best place to sell for you.

Best Selling Items on Etsy 2020

It is a difficult task to understand what things to sell on Etsy. There are many parameters to find out what to sell on Etsy.

To make your Etsy store profitable, I come up with the list of some bestselling items that would surely give the idea of what sells best on Etsy.

Let’s see the list 12 the best selling items on Etsy, so you get clear about what to sell on Etsy.

1 # Stickers

2 # Notebook & Journal

3 # Candles

4 # Jewelry 

5 # Home Decor

6 # Personalized Items

7 # Digital Designs/ Graphics Designs

9 # Posters

10 # Party Bags

11 # Organic Cosmetics

12 # Airpod Case

Let’s check the best items to sell on Etsy!

1- Stickers

These seem small items, but it managed to get a lot of buzz in 2018 on Etsy to become one of the bestselling items. It also remains in the trending products. The best part is that it is bought in huge quantities.


The customized sticker has a huge market. With the help of printful – print on demand service, you can quickly sell creative stickers without getting into the hassle of printing and shipping.


2- Notebook & Journal

People love to write down things on something that delineates creativity. There is a massive market of buyers on Etsy who are insane about having a printable notebook or journal.


This item is hot among the ones who love to write and travel. They prefer to have some creative notepad where they can write their experience in some artistic travel journal.




Besides, there is a massive craze of a customized leather journal.

leather-notebook-etsy leather-notebook-etsy-2











If you are planning to get in this niche, you will have a vast market to serve.

3- Candles

Etsy is the chamber of handmade products and candles are one of the most accessible homemade product. Candles are cheap and very easy to modify in different categories.


There are many ideas on DIY crayon candle on Pinterest where you can melt crayon, candle wax, and put them in different customized glasses.

You can use a candle to sell in multiple categories such as; candle jar, candle lantern etc.candles-etsy-2

4- Jewelry

Jewelry is the uncrowned king of Etsy. It is the hottest category on this Etsy. Multiple branches connect with the roots of jewelry including, rings, earrings, bracelets, lockets, and necklaces.


Jewelry is the biggest category to sell on Etsy. Nine out of ten most popular store on Etsy belongs to jewelry. The Etsy top seller BohemianFindings is also a jewelry store that sells beads, charms, and buttons.

In the section of jewelry, I find the most attractive product that gets the maximum number of bestselling tags are Beads.

This item is currently the hottest item in the jewelry section that has the potential to get your store in the list of popular stores.

5- Home Decor

There is no shortage of people looking for creative items on Etsy. Because of the theme of Etsy, there is a vast consumer base that demands home décor products that makes it of the bestselling item.

For home décor, do check out the BetonDeko – who sell concrete home décor item.


You can sell multiple décor item including furniture, art, carpet, wall art, mantels and much more. You can quickly sell these items on a good profit margin.

6- Personalized Items

Personalized items are pure gold if you sell them on Etsy. They have a significant profit margin and do not need a big investment to start. Personalized things are always in trend and considered as the best gift to present.

Check out this idea of a personalized knife that gets the bestseller tag.



There are multiple products, which you can use in the personalized item, such as mugs, T-shirts, glasses, bracelet etc.




If you do your own screen-printing, you can start quickly by drop shipping, or you can use POD services for printing and shipping your product to the customer.

7- Digital Design / Graphic Design

If you have talent and skills in creating a mesmerizing design on Photoshop, then it would not be tough to earn some good money by selling into the category of digital product on Etsy.


For the better understanding of this niche potential, I have found out a digital design store “Prettygrafikdesign” that so far has completed more than 420k sales in just six years by selling graphic design items.





The best part of this product is that you do not have to worry about shipment and to keep the stock.

8- Theme Based Products

Either you watch games of Thrones or not but – All man must know about it. The last season of GOT is here so does its hype.


Theme based items always have an impact on some particular niche rights now GOT craze is all over the world. You can quickly cash in the on (literally) any product you like such as a mug, gift cards, backpack, journals and so on.



You can go for any theme you are fond of, such as Harry Potter or Star War. In what creative medium you take this theme is up to you, and if you get things right, it can easily become your bestselling item.

9- Poster

A poster is one of the best items to display the creative. You can easily entice a buyer with an exquisite poster.


Pinterest is one of the best platforms for visual display, and that is why most Etsy sellers drive traffics from Pinterest to their Etsy store.

The best part about this item is the variety such as movie posters, art posters, quotation posters, etc.




You can quickly sell this product on Etsy by following some marketing practices.

10- Party Bags

Etsy is famous for eccentric and creative party products. Party bag is one of those kinds, and it sells effortlessly on the Etsy platform.


You can easily target a great audience for this item by adding some customization and target a specific, such as Pokemon.

11- Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are one of the items that are not easily accessible, and the majority of users of these products prefer homemade.


Fashion bloggers and influencers who prepare their personalize masks can leverage Etsy platforms to sell organic cosmetics or you can sell them under your private label by finding a suitable supplier.


Cosmetics is a vast and profitable niche, you have a great area to target the audience searching for organic cosmetics.

12 -Airpod Case

Airpod is a susceptible product that subsequently increases the demand for the airpod case to keep them safe.


As you can see, top Etsy sellers are using creative and personalized to make thier product a bestseller.


You only need to find airpod case with catchy design and start generating by money with a huge profit margin.

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5 Tips to Sell Successfully on Etsy

I also come across many questions where people ask about how to sell successfully on Etsy

To answer this question, I have prepared a list of tips that you should follow to make money on Etsy.

1. Always sell the item you are expert

You must have a good flair about things to sell on Etsy.

To be an expert does not mean that you must manufacture the product yourself it means to must have a whole idea about item technicalities how long would it take to ship, how much time it will take to make and most importantly do you have enough time in selling this product.

For instant, if you are selling customized jewelry, you need to have complete information about everything related to making and selling it such as; what material you need to make it, where will you store it, and how long will it take to come to you. Therefore, when you know all these things, then you plan your orders to deliver it to the customer.

2. Come with the simple and broader shop name

When you are selling on Etsy, shop name matters because when you are selling DIY and handmade, you made a USP for your product that means if people like your product they are more likely to come again and recommend others to your shop.

Keeping a simple name for your shop is easy to remember for everyone to come again to your shop. You can use the business name generator and slogan generator to come up with unique Etsy shop ideas.

Make the name broader. People make this mistake of making the name that is specific to there that kills their chances of listing down other items in their listing.

There are higher chances that you come up with other ideas when you start selling on Etsy. So make a name broader that helps you to integrate more items in your shop. Otherwise, you have to separate the store that is another hassle of handling two or more stores.

3. Create a bunch of listing of product

Before setting up a store on Etsy, make sure you have a lot at least ten listings of items on your store. It will increase the chances to make your appearance prominent when a customer searches for the product that you are offering.

If you have small item listing, there are higher chances that your items might not appear on customer’s search.

Start your store with at least ten listings and gradually increases the listing for better attracting your customer.

4. Make quick initial sales

When you set up the store on Etsy, try to sell your first stock ASAP. Etsy always optimizes the store in its search result when there is constant engagement.

There are multiple ways of making a quick first sell, and the most productive one is giving the maximum discount initially. Try not to earn any profits and focus on making sales. You can convince your friends to purchase from your store by giving them a discount.

Consider it as an investment to get your store to appear in a top Etsy search result. Once you get on the top ranking of Etsy search results, then you can easily make your sales much faster.

5. Reach out influencer for marketing

Marketing is necessary to make your appearance prominent in the ecommerce market. The best platform for marketing your product is none other Facebook where you can easily find your target audience and lookalike audience to sell your item.

However, in the case of Etsy, where the handmade or DIY product sells out more quickly, the best way to do your marketing is to find micro and macro influencers on Instagram and Facebook – depending on your budget.

Influencers would share your item on their Facebook and Instagram stories or do an overview of your item that would effectively help in your business’ branding and conversions. While reaching out the influencers, make sure he/she is associated with the particular niche that you are selling.

Is it worth Selling on Etsy?

Etsy is a perfect online marketplace for handmade, custom, unique, and vintage products. If you want to sell some creative, eccentric, and handcrafted products, then you can earn some decent profits from this platform.

Here are some reasons to explain why it is worth selling on Etsy.

  • Easy to Start and Low Fees

It is very easy to set up a store on Etsy that does not require any technical knowledge. All you need to do is to register yourself and fill out a few forms to open a store on Etsy.

However, Etsy charges some fees on listing each item and every sale you make. The fee of listing item is $0.20 (per item) and a 3.5% that would charge on each sale.

  • It Helps You to Be Discovered

If you are selling a handmade product on your website and you list them on Etsy too, then there is a bright chance that your potential customer discovers you. It means you do not need to put effort into marketing and traffic building for your business.

  • It Has Good Supportive Community

Etsy has managed to create a supportive community. The sellers often support other sellers and try to resolve their queries by interacting with them on the website forum.

Other than that, members also share videos that contain vital information about the business. This supportive community also make the customer come repeatedly to this platform, as 40% of the buyer come again for the purchase.


Q: How do I increase sales on Etsy?

5 ways to increase sales on Etsy

  1. Add More items in your product listing for diversity.
  2. Take high-quality pictures of your products to have a professional look.
  3. Start blogging of your brand.
  4. Make your store a brand and add novelty.
  5. Contact other influencers and get your product promoted on their social media channels.

Q: How successful are Etsy shops?

As the report says, Etsy stands in the second position as the most profitable market place for sellers. Just behind eBay and surpassing Amazon. Those stats pretty much describe the success rate of Etsy shops.

Q: What percentage does Etsy take?

Following are the percentages that Etsy takes from the seller.

  • Seller Transaction fees: 5 per cent on each sale
  • Listing fees: $0.20 listing fees for 4 months or until they sell
  • PayPal fees: 3% + $0.25 payment process fees on each sale

Q: Do you need a tax ID to sell on Etsy?

It depends on the state and country you are selling. If your state wants to collect sales tax then you might need a tax ID to sell on Etsy.

To avoid any uncertainties in your business, you may need a license to sell on Etsy. You can check the legal requirement of selling on Etsy here.

Final Thoughts

Etsy is a great ecommerce platform for creative people to sell handmade art and craft. There is a bunch of categories in which you can flourish your talent and earn a great amount of profit.

Its supportive community will definitely help you to make the maximum benefit of this platform.

Although there is fierce competition in this marketplace, but if you came with an unconventional approach and offer customization; your items can easily rank in the best selling items on Etsy.




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