ReCart Review 2021 – Get Real Time Buyer Stats in One Console

An online business constitutes of several functional areas that require great attention abandoned carts and keeping the buyer engaged being two of them. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 Shopify apps to manage these aspects of an eCommerce store, costing you well above what you anticipated.ReCart Review

ReCart App Review & Analysis of Features

Welcome to Shopify’s ReCart app Review, a tool designed to address multiple online business needs. ReCart app as its name suggests was primarily designed to reduce the number of abandoned carts on an eCommerce store. However, this brilliantly designed app has several functions that you will definitely love.

ReCart app was designed by merging the functionality of 7 different technologies allowing you to:

  • Display Facebook Messenger Marketing Messages
  • Push Add to Cart Popup Messages
  • Create & Execute Abandoned Cart Campaigns – Messenger, Email & Push Notifications
  • Push Notifications – Welcome Message & Instant Campaigns
  • Automatic Email Capture
  • Form Autofill – Only for Shopify Plus
  • Abandonment Analytics Console

Alright with that basic overview done, let’s jump into the various features and push our ReCart review a bit further.

ReCart Increase Visitors with Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool

We kick off our ReCart app review with one of its most amazing features, the Facebook Messenger marketing tool. Leading news outlets including the Guardian reported the new Facebook business model, as ads were rolled out to the renowned messenger app.

Facebook recently hit the 2 billion subscriber mark opening a new area of interest to marketers. ReCart’s messenger marketing allows you to sell more to existing buyers while making them brand ambassadors. The developers took ideal marketing email strategies and introduced it to the FB messenger tool.

The ReCart messenger marketing tool is optimized to:

  • Recall abandoned carts,
  • Send discount offers,
  • Shipping notifications,
  • Get follow up after sales feedback, and
  • Deliver coupon codes.

Messenger campaigns have been observed to have 85% open rates, which allow you to reach a larger target market. Cherry on top, all messenger marketing campaigns are automated and does not require you to spend time on them every time.

ReCart helps store owners grow their audience through its many tools converting add to carts into subscribing customers. Store owners can build unique messenger marketing lists that have upto 85% open rates and a significant 50% click through rate.  Recart app will soon be powered by even more messenger features that include:

  • Shipping Notifications
  • Purchase Follow-up
  • Unused Coupon Code Reminder
  • Welcome Message
  • Best Customers Message

Recart App – Recall Buyers with Abandoned Cart Toolbox

The Baymard Institute reported an average cart abandonment rate of 69.23% in 2016. This means 69 out of 100 people tend to leave their cart and go elsewhere to buy. ReCart app’s abandoned cart toolbox is designed to ensure fewer abandoned carts through:

  • Abandoned cart email campaigns
  • Abandoned cart push notifications
  • Abandoned cart SMS notifications (Coming Soon!)

ReCart app provides an automated 3 email campaign that triggers as soon as a cart is abandoned, following up with 2 more emails. While emails may not have a good open rate, ReCart also sends displays push notifications to users of abandoned carts. Developers have established a 23% average click rate for their notifications.

Reminder emails and push notifications can be annoying at one point of the buyer life-cycle. ReCart therefore offers a Smart Stop Email feature that double checks if a user has already been reached. Email & Push notification campaign text can be fully customized in addition to being scheduled to deliver at ideal times.

Increasse subscriptions with Add to Cart Popups

ReCart’s Add to Cart Popup is designed to re-engage buyers and capture their emails. The feature tends to display a pop up asking the user to submit their email and add items to their cart. This very effective and powerful tool comes with exclusive templates that can be customized on demand. The ReCart popup editor offers great customization from header to button style.

The development team have established a 74% average conversion rate with the Add to Cart Popups tools. The brilliant aspect is if the buyer has also submitted their email, a new pop will not appear asking for the same. Email lists can be exported to any of your email apps like Mail Chimp, allowing you to maintain a database of your customers.

The ReCart console also gives your real time analytics of all Add to Cart Popups. This gives you more room for testing different popup messages and selecting the best ones.

Recart Sell More with Push Notifications

Push notifications are known to have twice the click through rate compared to email. Knowing this significance ReCart developers have also included this excellent feature in their app.

Ideally used to deliver discount codes, push notifications are also displayed to greet new subscribers and recall abandoned cart buyers. These push notifications are automated and promise a click through rate of up to 23%. Push notification are not only good to increase engagement, they are also a more profitable marketing channel.

ReCart’s push notifications are also invaluable for promotions & seasonal campaigns. Store owners can launch campaigns with a launch notice campaign or finish off sales with an end of promotion campaign. Push notifications have an average click through rate of 19% for promotions and fire-sale campaigns.

The new push notification is not just for marketing but also a superb data gathering tool. An auto subscription box can be configured to open when the push notification is clicked. This gives you a great opportunity to grow your customer database.

Synchronize Data across Recart App with Email Capture

ReCart has you covered when the need is to grow your email list. The app is powered by 4 amazing tools that synchronize and share gathered email information promising 5 times for email captures. The ReCart app then syncs all details and couple them with customer browser cookies. This pairing with cookies allows the app to deliver cart recall reminders and special promotions.

One of the most powerful email capture features available in ReCart is the checkout tracking tool. This cutting edge tech captures email in real time while the buyer is typing it. Since checkout is usually where carts are abandoned, it is essential to have tool in place to capture email at the final checkpoint.

Login tracking is a very good feature to connect emails to their respective customer cookies. As soon as a subscriber logs in to their account, the feature comes into effect. In case of an abandoned cart a reminder is automatically triggered while a thankyou email is sent for a completed sale.

Be In Control with Abandonment Analytics

My favourite part of this ReCart review is the Abandonment Analytics feature. The intelligence tool has been designed to display crucial statistics including lost revenue, captured emails, push notifications, abandoned carts, items added to carts and much more.

ReCart app also offers detailed statistics of abandoned carts showing you all data sorted by individual information. Detailed email analytics inform you if reminders have been sent, while you can configure new ReCart campaigns instantly based on data. The dashboard also provides detailed analytics like how many emails to recover a cart, best days for sales etc.

See You Again Soon

This wraps up our ReCart app review, hope you enjoyed going through the amazing benefits and features. Do remember to share and join our mailing list for amazing tutorials, guides, tips and strategies for managing your business. See you again soon!

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