15 Best Print on Demand Companies of 2020

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Print on demand industry is a treasure for anyone who has a flair of creativity and a thirst to earn money online. I have come across many examples of people making over hundred of thousands of dollars yearly from print on demand products.

You only need a design to print on a product to start making money from print on demand business. For that, I am listing down some of the best print on demand companies for you.

List of top 15 Print on Demand Companies

1- Printify

2- Printful

3- Gooten

4- Custom Cat

5- TeeSpring

6- Print Aura

7- ViralStyle

8- Pillow Profits

9- TeeLaunch

10- Redbubble

11- Zazzle

12- Sunfrog

13- TeeChip

14- Cafe Press

15- Spreadshirt

But, before getting into any details first address some basic concern of newbies about print on demand services.

What is Print on Demand and How Does it Work?

Print on demand is a service that allows you print your customized design in any products that you can sell online such as t-shirts, mugs, shoes, wall shelf etc.


The products are blanks and available in different colors so you can put a customized design and make it your own product.

Once, you make a customized product, and then you can display this product on your online store to sell. POD is another form of dropshipping business in this you do not need to keep the inventory, you only need to showcase the product, when the customer buys the product the Print on demand company will pack it and ship it to them on your behalf.

POD companies charge fees for the product and shipment services so you need to charge more from your customer and the different would be your profit.

That’s how print on demand works!

Why use Print on Demand?

POD is something that can help you make easy profits with less investment and with least fatigue.

The print on demand is a billion dollar industry, and it is expected to generate a revenue of $19 billion by 2021.

Pros and Cons of Print on Demand


  • No hassle of fulfillment and inventory – POD is a form of dropshipping business, so keeping the inventory and fulfillment service is not your job. The product will only be created when an order arrives, so you get free from any trouble regarding inventory.
  • Can focus on marketing and branding – You do not need to worry about product quality, shipment, and stocking. Therefore, you can easily focus on the market the product to the right target audience.
  • Easy and cheap to start – Setting up an online business gets much easier with POD services. You just need to sign up (most of the POD companies offer free signup) and start your business by uploading your design on products. You will be charged when the customer places an order so it won’t need significant investment to get going.


  • The profit margin may be low – Because print on demand services take care of everything, including keeping inventory, printing, and shipment. For their services, they charge fees that lower the profit margin of the seller.
  • Hard to gather customer’s information – Customer’s data is crucial to retarget and boost sales, but if you are selling with print on demand services, you might not get to the customers who loved your product.
  • Limited product option – Most of the products in POD are generic – they are profitable – yet standard product with high competition such as Mugs and t-shirts. So, if you are willing to sell any niche product from these platforms, then you may not find your preferred product.

Best Print on Demand Products to Sell

  1. Mugs
  2. Apparels (T-Shirt, Hoodies & Sweatshirts)
  3. Legging
  4. Wine Glasses
  5. Phone Cases
  6. Pillows
  7. Cushion Covers
  8. Wall Decors
  9. Stickers
  10. Backpacks
  11. Towels
  12. Stationery (Notebooks, Journals, Greeting Cards, etc.)
  13. Posters
  14. Tote bags

POD Fulfillment vs POD Marketplace

It is crucial to understand the difference between POD marketplace and POD fulfillment.

POD Fullfilment service enables you to connect the print on demand sites with your current online store, when you receive an order on your online store it will be directed to the POD service, the order will automatically go for printing and fulfillment.

POD Marketplace is somewhat similar to sell on an online marketplace (like Amazon). In this service, you do not sync your online store with POD service but you rather sell the product on the website of your POD service provider. You select a product, upload the design and post the image on POD service marketplace.

In my list and I am categorizing the POD service in these two categories.

  • Print on demand fulfillment (that allows integration with an online store)
  • Print on demand marketplaces (that allows to sell on POD platform)

It is a profitable business; you will need to have a profitable niche. For that, I would recommend building a niche community or fanning base then offer POD products.

15 Print on Demand Companies

Print on Demand Service


1. Printify


Printify is one of the top-rated print on demand site that enables the user to start a dropshipping business without any fatigue. This POD service allows you to create and sell custom products with high-quality prints and designs. 

You can free yourself from all the fulfillment tasks, manufacturing works, printing, billing, and shipping. Printify takes care of these functions so that you can focus on the marketing and branding of your store. 


Printify allows integration with majors ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and eBay. It also offers multiple plugins to boost your sales by selling on different channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of Using Printify

Get a catalog of 200+ products with 10 superlative print provider from over 90 locations 

 Store syncing and automation for printing, ordering, and shipping

 Free Mockup generator to create a perfect product preview 

Printify Pricing 

Printify offers three pricing plans 

Free Plan | No Fees – 5 stores per account with unlimited designs

Premium Plan | $29/month – 10 stores per account with unlimited designs 

 Enterprise Plan | Custom price – Unlimited stores with unlimited designs

To Learn more about Printify Check out the Detail Review Here

2. Printful



Printful is one of the most popular print on demand sites in the world. It is a one-stop solution to get all top products to sell online. Printful deals with all the hassle of printing, keeping the inventory, ordering as well as shipping. 

You can start put your design in more 160+ products and start selling in your niche market. 


Printful integrates with 20 ecommerce platforms and marketplaces such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Big Commerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay, and many others.

Why Printful?

Here are some benefits that you will get in Printful

  • Order Fulfillment Automation – It easily integrates with your ecommerce store and automates all orders for fulfillment. When customer orders in your store, it will be automatically submitted in the Printify system.
  • No SignUp or Monthly Fees – Printful offers to check the products catalog for free, it only charges with when the order is made. 
  • Access to Design Team & Photographers– You can easily get in touch with the design team to get the perfect designs for your products. Also, you have the access of photographers to get professional images of your product to upload to your stores.
  • Private label service option – Printful does not do its branding on the products so that you can ship the products under your brand name and logo.
  • Warehousing & Low Shipping Rates – Printful has its own warehouse stores to keep your inventory and has a partnership with topnotch shipping services such as Fed Ex, DHL, and USPS that makes the delivery fast and cheap. 
  • Mockup Generators – Anyone can use a Printful mockup generator to get the real preview of their printed products. 

Check out the Detail Review of Printful Here.


3. Gooten


Gooten is another print on demand service that offers every essential service in one position, along with first-rated dropshipping services to niche-based online stores. 

 To sell the product, Gooten allows you to sign up, upload the design, and make the customized product. 

On this platform, you have the option to sell your design as well as sell someone else design. 

Gooten offers all the print on demand services, including printing, keeping inventory, and shipment. It also provides an automated delivery system as well as a dashboard for order tracking.


Gooten enables the merchants to market their products on major ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify


There is no sign-up fee for Gooten. You only need to fill up to contact the support to enables the fulfillment service partnership. 

You can sign directly from the seller account, and you can see the base price of every product. You will only be charged when the order is made in your store.

Check out the Detail Review of Gooten Here.

4. Custom Cat


Custom Cat may not be a popular print on demand site, but the variety of products they offer to make a custom product is worth mentioning. More than 500 products are on this platform to put your print on them. Also, you will find one of the lowest prices on this platform compared to any other print on demand companies. 


Custom cat currently allows integration with Shopify and WooCommerce, and soon Bigcommerce will come on board. 


Custom cat charges a fee of $30 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Check out the detail review of Custom Cat Here.

5. TeeSpring



Teespring is another topnotch on demand printing service that allows the make and sells customized product from 20 different categories with minimal risk and zero upfront cost. The product line includes phone cases, mugs, posters, tees, pillows, socks, and much more.

Get tension-free from all the hassle of online selling, including fulfillment, customer support, and shipment. All you need is to create a unique design that goads the customer to purchase the product. 


Teespring is one of the few platforms that integrate with the YouTube merch shelf; it means you can sell products from YouTube by offering products below your YouTube videos. Learn more about Merch Shelf here

Other than YouTube, you can integrate Teespring with Facebook, Etsy, eBay, and Google Shopping.


Teespring does not charge any fee. It only earns money when you earn money. It only charges the cost of the product and its fulfillment services when the sale is made. 

Your Selling Price ($30) – Teespring Cost ($15) = Your Profits ($15)

To learn more about Teespring check out this review

6. Print Aura


Print Aura is a great print on demand and white label company that will take your design into high-quality products to sell right away. Print Aura has a massive range of products to sell with customized design. 


Print Aura allows integration with Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Open Cart, and STORENVY.

You can find almost every product on this POD service, from toddler clothes to phone cases. Check the product line here.

It takes only 3-5 days to deliver the product to your customers. You also have the option to deliver in 2-3 by paying an additional $2. 


You can check out the cost of print aura products on their pricing wizard.

Check the detailed review of Print Aura here.

7. Viralstyle


Viralstyle is a great platform to jump on the bandwagon of print on demand. This POD service offers every service needed to establish an online business without any hidden charges or subscription fees. 

The process of using Viralstyle is very straightforward, account sign-up, choose a product, upload a design on the product, start selling the product, and generate profits.


You have the option to sell your product directly on the Viralstyle market place, or you can integrate Viralstyle with your Shopify store. 


Viralstyle is free to use. You only need to pay the cost of product and fulfillment when sales are generated. Check out the list of products with prices. 

Check out the detail review of Viralstyle to get more information.

8. Pillow Profits


Pillow Profits is yet another excellent POD service among dropshippers. You can sell multiple customized products; however, the most significant product is ‘Shoe.’ 

The other items are also available to sell online such as bed sheets, pillows covers, canvas, bags, etc. However, the wide variety of footwear is worth mentioning, including sneakers, kids sneakers, faux fur boots, leather boots, and casual shoes.


Pillow Profits only allows integration with the Shopify platform. To sell on other platforms, you need to add the products manually.


Pillow Profit charges $29.99 per month with a 30-day free trial to integrate on Shopify. The shipping prices are included in the product, so you do not have to pay the shipping fee separately. 

To learn more about Pillow Profits, check out this review

9. Teelaunch


TeeLaunch is one of the best POD eservice that offers a wide variety of products from 65 different types of items. 

The prices are said to be slowest amongst other POD companies. It is user-friendly, You do not need any technical expertise to use this service. 


Teelaunch allows integration on Shopify and Etsy.


There is no monthly or subscription fee to use Teelaunch. It only charges for the product and fulfillment services.

Check out the detail review of Teelaunch here.

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Print on Demand Marketplaces


10. Redbubble


Redbubble is one of the most sought-after POD marketplaces that offer the merchant to sell high-quality products with customized design. 

It offers a marketplace where you can sell the custom-designed product. You can choose to print your design on a wide variety of products from the following category.

  • Clothing
  • Kids & Babies’ Clothes
  • Phone Cases
  • Stickers
  • Wall Art
  • Home Décor
  • Stationery
  • Accessories 

More than 300,000 members display their customized product to over 2 million monthly visitors. It works the same as other POD services. 


Redbubble pricing is very straightforward, you can check the base price of the product you want to sell and set up the retail price as per your preference.

Example: The base price of a t-shirt is $10; you put the design and list it to sell for $20. You need to pay the base price, as fees and the $10 will be your profit.

Check out the detailed review of Redbubble to learn more about this Print on demand marketplace.

11. Zazzle


Zazzle is a POD Company and marketplace that offers a wide variety of products to sell on its marketplace and earn money.

The best part of Zazzle is its partnership with some renown brands such as Disney and Hallmark that define the worthiness and legitimacy of this platform. 

Selling on Zazzle is very easy; you only need to sign up on this platform and start creating a product with your design. 


The pricing is a free sign up. You only need to pay for the base price of product and fulfillment whenever a sale is generated. You are allowed to set the retail price as higher as you want. 

Prices are varied on the type of product that you can see on the checkout page. 

Check this review to learn more about Zazzle.

12. Sunfrog


Sunfrog is another POD service best for selling customized apparel. Apart from apparel, it also offers other products to sell with customized designs such as mugs, canvas printing, and phone cases. 

To start selling on this platform, you need to sign up as a seller/artist, upload the design on the products display it on the Sunfrog marketplace.

Sunfrog also offers fulfillment services that allow you to sell the products on your own website by using Sunfrog API. To get the fulfillment service, you need to contact the support team for a partnership. 


Sunfrog does not charge any sign-up cost or subscription fee. You pay when you sell. 

Check out Sunfrog Review Here



TeeChip is a unique POD service that not only allows you to create your own brand by offering a custom domain shop. You can create a brand store with on TeeChip by taking a domain name for your store. 

Just come up with a great design, then sign up on this platform, upload the design, set the profit margin (based on base price), and start selling. Whenever you make a sale, you will receive the amount after the base price deduction. 


TeeChip does not charge any fees before selling; you will only be charged the base price of the product. Check out the product pricing here.

To learn more about TeeChip check out this review.

14. Cafe Press


Café press in another POD service that allows you to set up Café press shop and sell customized products. The process is very simple to work on Café press, create an account/sign up, upload the custom design on products, start selling, and make money. 

The product line is very vast, which includes men & women’s clothing, stationery items, accessories, home décor, stickers, cases, etc. 


It does not cost to set up a store on Café Press, but it charges monthly and offers two ways to pay. Either pay 10% of your earning max $10 or pay $6.95 per month. 

Click here to learn more about Cafe Press.

15. Spread Shirt


Spreadshirt is another excellent and easy to use POD service. You do not need any online selling experience to start selling products on this platform. 

You have the option to upload the design on the product and start selling directly on its marketplace, or you can open an online store as Spreadshop


There is no monthly subscription or sign-up fee to join Spreadshirt. You need to pay for the product and fulfillment process. 

Check out the detail review of Spreadshirt here

Wrapping Up

Print on Demand has been flourishing in full pace. It is an easy access to ecommerce industry and start earning money at quick pace without much trouble.

Although the market is very competitive but with right targeting and using marketing in right way you can easily earn great revenue from these print on demand companies. I would highly recommend to check these Facebook audience insights guide to laser target your audience and generate sales in your first campaign. To learn about a POD t-shirt business check out this guide.

If you have any suggestion or want to discuss topics related print on demand, dropshipping or social media marketing feel free to join our 5000+ community.





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