Viralstyle Review 2020 – Your One-Stop Shop for A POD Business

Viralstyle is a high rated Print on Demand service that provides a free and reliable way to start a customize apparel business.

We personally give Viralstyle a 3.5 out of 5.

Viralstyle is a great service if you are getting into the print on demand industry. It provides a great product variety so you can use it even if you have a specialty store selling single products like mugs or hats, etc.

If you are new to the print on demand industry and looking for ways to get in the business with minimal investment then Viralstyle is definitely a choice to consider.

Our Viralstyle review will focus on all the aspects of this service. We’ll see what features it provides, what kinds of products it offers, the pricing, and everything else. We will put it against other print on demand services to see how it fares against others in the industry.

So, read on our Viralstyle review to see if this is the best platform for your print on demand needs.

What is Viralstyle?

Viralstyle is a print on demand ecommerce platform that helps the online sellers to create customize products such as apparel, drinkware, accessories, décor, footwear, etc. and distribute them globally without handling any inventory, printing or shipping work of products.

Viralstyle Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Viralstyle provides a completely free way of building a print on demand business. They have no fees, no subscriptions, and no hidden charges. You get to use the service entirely free and only pay for the products that you sell which means you make a decent profit on each sale.

Viralstyle Pros and Cons


  • Very good quality products and printing.
  • No monthly subscription fees at all.
  • Large catalog of customizable products to choose from.
  • Great prices, which means better profits for sellers.
  • Easy integration with Shopify via an app.


  • Time-limited campaigns.
  • Customer service is a bit slow.
  • Longer shipping times.

How Does Viralstyle Work?How Viralstyle Works

The entire process of selling customized products on Viralstyle is quite simple. You just sign up for an account, upload your designs, set your price and start generating profits on each sale. That’s how simple the entire process is with Viralstyle.

Here are some tips of using ViralStyle,

Viralstyle is also available as an app for Shopify. So, if you set up a shop on your own Shopify store then the process looks a bit different, but it’s still similar at the backend. When an order is made on Shopify, it’s automatically sent directly to Viralstyle fulfillment, where it is then printed and shipped to your customer.

So this print on demand service provides you with two unique ways to market and sell your products. If you are not comfortable building your own Shopify store then you can start selling the designed products on Viralstyle marketplace to make money.

If you already have a Shopify store set up and running then it’s quite easy to integrate Viralstyle into the store and sell custom designed products directly from your store. Either way, you get to make a great profit on each product.

How to Install Viralstyle on Shopify

It’s quite simple to integrate Viralstyle with Shopify. The app is available for free on Shopify app store and you can install it with just a single click. Here’s how to do it.

  • Head over to the Shopify app store.
  • Search for Viralstyle on the app store.
  • Click on “Get App”.
  • Install the app on your Shopify store.

Now, you have the Viralstyle app installed on your Shopify store and you can start offering and selling the custom products on your online store without much hassle.

Viralstyle Pricing

There are no fees or subscriptions on Viralstyle. So the service is entirely free to use. However, the products available on the site all come with a price tag and you have to set your own margin over the base price to earning a profit.

Here’s a complete list of all the products and their prices on Viralstyle. Every time a customer makes an order, the base price is deducted and received by Viralstyle while everything over the base price is your profit to keep.

Payment Methods

Viralstyle offers payout within 24-hours of a campaign’s closure. They take around 1 business day after a campaign ends to payout the seller.

The payment methods available on Viralstyle are PayPal, Payoneer, ACH (Bank transfer), and Bank checks (Only for the U.S.). With multiple payment methods, you can rest assured that you will easily get your payment without any hassle.

However, they do require you to submit a W9 form (for U.S. residents) or W8 form (for Non-U.S. residents). You can easily submit these forms through their portal.


The shipping process is a bit slow with Viralstyle since it depends on the campaign. The items and orders are shipped after the campaign has ended. So, it takes whatever days remaining the campaign coupled with manufacturing, printing, and shipment times.

So, normally Orders shipped within the U.S. arrive 10-21 days after a campaign ends. Orders that are shipped outside of the U.S. arrive 21-25 days after the campaign ends.

The shipping rates for Viralstyle are as following:

U.S. Shipping Rates: All Products cost $4.95 (+$0.50 per each additional product)

International Shipping Rates: All Products $7.99 (+$3.00 per each additional product)

The shipping rates are not included in your profits, so you don’t have to worry about these. The customer has to pay the shipping individually on top of the order’s price.

Viralstyle Products

Viralstyle has a wide range of product categories that you can choose to customize. You will find different styles and variations for multiple product categories. You can find anything from tees to phone cases available on the platform.Viralstyle Products

Here are all the types of product categories that are available on Viralstyle.

  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Hoodies
  • Ladies Tees
  • Tank Tops
  • V-Necks
  • Athletic
  • Drinkware
  • Kids
  • Phone Cases
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Decor
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Accessories

Each product has a set base price, so you can set your own amrgin and earn as much as you want on each sale without any problems.

User Experience

Viralstyle offers a very simple and straightforward user interface that’s easier for even a newbie to understand and navigate. Even if you don’t have any prior experience using print on demand services/apps, you will feel comfortable using Viralstyle since it makes it easier for you to findd the features you are looking for.

Installing the Viralstyle app on Shopify is easy and takes just a single-click to have it up on your Shopify store. All you have to do is upload your designs on the site, select your products, set your prices, and be done with it.

Every step is clearly labeled which makes it easier for users to navigate their way through the platform and launch their first campaign.

Comparison (Viralstyle Vs. Printful)

POD ServiceViralstylePrintful
$$$$9.60 (Starting price)$8.95 (Starting price)
Avg. Rating
4.5 Stars5 Stars
Ease of UseNewbie FriendlyNewbie Friendly
Lead Time10-21 days2-3 days
Tech SupportNegative ReviewsPositive reviews
VarietyMore varietyMore variety
Print QualityPrint Quality is great according to user reviews.Print quality is great according to user reviews.

ViralStyle Alternatives

Here is the some top alternatives for Viral style,








ViralStyle Customer Reviews

To have better understanding, we went onto read the reviews of ViralStyle on TrustPilot 


ViralStyle has recieved an overall 3 star rating out of 5 star which falls under ‘average’ category. Let’s check out some of its customer reviews

Viralstyle-customer-review-1 Viralstyle-customer-review-2 Viralstyle-customer-review-3 Viralstyle-customer-review-4

So overall, customer have mixed reviews about Viralstyle. You can check it out yourself here.

Customer Support

The customer support experience at Viralstyle is a bit lackluster for the moment. Even though they try their best to reach out to their customers to solve their issues, however, many customers have complained of slow support procesr.ViralStyle Customer Support

Viralstyle provides multiple different ways for customers to reach out to the support team. You can use Live chat, email, phone, or message the directly through the contact form available on the website.


Viralstyle provides an amazing knowledge base for all the users. It provides thorough answers to all the general queries. The FAQs answer most of the questions for sellers and buyers both. If there are any questions not answered in the FAQ then you can reach out to the support team with your issues and they will try their best to solve them.

Sellers Academy

Viralstyle provides an amazing academy where all the newcomers can learn all about selling on the platform. Viralstyle provides detailed tutorials, case studies, and more. If you are starting out then you will find the academy highly resourceful as it will get you up to speed with all the features and tools in no time.

Viralstyle F.A.Qs

Is Viralstyle a scam?

Definitely not. Viralstyle is a legit company and provides great services to both its sellers and buyers. It’s a reputable company that follows strict policies to ensure the safety of all its users.

How to sign up for Viralstyle?

Viralstyle is very easy to use and the entire sign up process is quite simple. Just hit the sign up button at the top-right corner of the page and you will be able to create an account on the website within a few minutes.


Viralstyle provides a simple to use app for Shopify and a platform that’s easy to navigate and use. If you want a great experience with a print on demand service then Viralstyle is definitely worth a try. However, there’s no downside to giving it a try since it’s basically free. So, try it our risk-free and see if this is the service for you.

Let us know what you think about our Viralstyle review and if you have any prior experiences, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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