Shippo Review 2020 A User Friendly Shopify Shipping App

Many apps cater to different shipping needs of SMEs on Shopify. Shippo leads the way by providing a one-stop solution to basically everything in that domain. Consider Shippo as a shipping platform that gives you the liberty to import shipping orders, manage them according to their sizes and print various shipping labels and slips as per the requirements. All this at a pretty nominal cost, considering the automation involved in the whole process that comes down to few clicks only. Let’s have a look on a brief Shippo review to know their further pros and cons.

How to Setup Shippo

Before you start processing your orders, you will need to fill in some general settings for the app as well. This will be like a default setting that is used for ever order. Here, you can also create custom packages for your orders in case you have requirements order than the preset packages of various carriers.

How to Use Shippo

Unlike other shipping apps, Shippo is fairly easy to use. If you know the package details then you just need to fill in a short form and that’s about it. For the beginners, you can find Shippo in the Shopify App Store from where you can directly install the app to your Shopify admin account.

Once done, you will find it in the Apps section of your admin panel, from where you can access Shippo and modify it according to your needs. The main screen for the app can be seen below:shippo reviewshippo shipment review

All your orders will directly be imported to the app and can be modified individually. Once you click on the “Create Label” button, you will then be taken to packaging details where you can select custom or pre-set packages for you orders.Shippo order review

Next you will be led to the page where all the label printing and shipping method can be selected. You can select and directly purchase any label that you like. Do note that this will only show labels for carriers that are already integrated in Shippo.shippo package review

If you wish to add more, then you can do this by going over to the carrier panel as shown belowshippo carriers review

And that’s about all on how you can use Shippo to cater to shipping and label requirements for your business.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps


Some salient features of Shippo include but are not limited to:

Easy to Use – As shown above, Shippo is simple, unlike other apps that are really difficult to set up.

Live Shipping Rates – Label printing charges are updated on the go

Major Shipping Carriers Integration – The best thing about carrying out the shipping process through Shippo is the wide range of shipping carriers that you can choose from to deliver your goods. A few of well-known carriers are as follows:

Automatic Order Sync and Tracking – Your orders are directly imported from your store and you are updated with complete tracking detail for every order.

International Support No matter where you are, if you face any problem related to Shippo, the support will always be there to respond to your tickets.

Shippo Pricing

Now let’s come to the point where some might be holding their hearts in nervousness. Surprisingly enough, Shippo doesn’t charge you a monthly fee. In fact, you won’t be charged anything above your shipping cost other than a basic $0.05.

That’s the only cost you will have to bear each time you do your shipping with Shippo. And for all that this app is doing for you, Shippo can literally be considered FREE.

For any business that processes a maximum of 500 orders every month, the model of Shippo will surely do wonders. For those with orders of 500 or less, Shippo users would be paying a maximum of $25 throughout the month. That is nothing as compared to the level of comfort and ease Shippo is providing you. However, as the number of orders increases, there might be a few other options that you might want to consider.

And this brings me to the point where I will compare Shippo with some of its competitors to see which one comes out as the best bet.

Shippo vs. Shipstation

To come up with the best option among many shipping apps, I have compared Shippo with what Shipstation had to offer. I had set certain points on which both were rated and following results were recorded.

Pricing$0.05/orderMinimum $9/monthShippo only charges a nominal fee of $0.05 per order until 500 orders.
Ease of Use3 Stars3 Stars
Refund OptionsNoneYesShipstation offers a 90-Day full refund
Features4 Stars3 StarsWhile options are similar working out Shipstation might be hectic for many users
Offers TrialNoYes
Reporting ToolsNoYes
Has Major CarriersYesYes
Customer Service4 Stars3 Stars
Multi LoginNoYes

The Decision

Shippo has its pros and cons. While comparing it to one of its competitors, I found Shippo to be lacking in some aspects. However, the pricing, ease of use and customer service are the factors that give Shippo the advantage.

Shippo’s tracker, pricing and shipping methods are few of the aspects that will attract businesses towards it. The highly responsive customer support 300+ 5 Star reviews are enough to highlight the efficiency of Shippo shipping app.

However, Shippo might be a buzzkill for large businesses that have to process more than 500 orders in a month. This is where the cost of using Shippo will be a lot higher; higher enough to actually opt for better alternatives.

For a small e-commerce business, Shippo is highly recommended and might be the best option you have to cater all your shipping needs. If you have been looking for such ease with the lowest expenses, then Shippo is definitely for you.

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