Top 8 Shopify Shipping Apps to Manage your eCommerce shipping

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Managing an eStore can be a tough job, especially when shipping is involved. Beginner entrepreneurs tend to get worried over embedding custom shipping rates, returns management, displaying shipping calculators, printing shipping labels and several other shipping related tasks.

Shopify Apps makes the job simpler for all beginners and those not acquainted with eCommerce management. You can browse through a list of close to 200 apps available in both freemium and premium versions. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at six leading Shopify shipping apps on Shopify.

Top 8 Shopify Shipping Apps

There are several amazing shipping apps you can read about in the shipping apps section on Shopify apps. This by no means is a ranking, it’s rather a ranking listing 6 best Shopify shipping apps that I think beginners & new eCommerce entrepreneurs will love.

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Shippo Shipping App in Shopify

Shippo is a multicarrier shipping API and dashboard from the developer with the same name. The app offers brilliant benefits to sellers including:

  • Printing shipping labels,
  • Automating Paperwork for International Shipping,
  • Splitting Orders,
  • Adding Insurance Options,
  • Tracking Packages, and
  • Facilitating Returns.

Shippo is also known for its discounted shipping rates for popular services. Currently, top rated shipping services available from Shippo app include DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Deutsche Post, Newgistics, and OnTrac.

You can sign up to Shippo app for free without any subscription charges. You can then use Shippo services, pay for the volume of deliveries or pay as you take orders. There are two ways to pay for Shippo services:

  • Pay As You Go
    • 5¢ per Shipment for Shipping labels
    • 1¢ per Shipment for API Powered Tracking
    • 6¢ per Shipment for Address Validation
    • Not monthly or yearly fees
    • No cancellation charges
  • Volume based
    • Costs are negotiable
    • Dedicated implementation support
    • Personalized Account Management
    • Single sign-on access
    • Custom integrations
    • Real time Reports & analytics
    • Ability to bill directly to manufacturers, or sellers

User reviews are promising for Shippo, but not all is well. With over 350 reviews now the app is trending with a perfect five star rating and 310 full star reviews. But, several reviews point out that there are compatibility issues with other plug-ins or certain Shopify themes.

Here are some leading reviews I liked on the official Shopify page:

User complains after using the app are quite dire and need very serious consideration. If you are thinking of using Shippo app, I will recommend testing all its features before committing for the long run.

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Tracking & Delivery Updates by Aftership

Tracking and Delivery Updates is a truly brilliant app on the Shopify App store. Not only does it secure a perfect 5 star rating on Shopify, it achieves the feat with over 2400 reviews and over 35,000 app users. As its name suggests, T&D Updates is designed to facilitate shipping tasks.

Prominent features available in Aftership Tracking & Delivery Updates include:

  • Automatic Shipping Orders importing to dashboard
  • Branded tracking page for your eStore
  • Send automatic email notifications
  • Automatic Mobile SMS notifications

The absolutely amazing aspect of Aftership T&D Updates app is its line-up of almost 440 authorized shipping carriers. You can get rates from UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, China Post and many more you can view here. The automated platform syncs all shipment data to track orders and ensure you are in control of deliveries.

You can use Aftership Tracking & Deliver Updates for free if you have less than 100 monthly orders. Currently, the three packages are as follows:

  • Free
    • Access 441 couriers
    • Automated tracking
    • Analytics
    • Tracking Page (1 theme)
    • Track Button
    • Apps & plugins
    • Restful API
  • Premium
    • All features of Free Plan
    • Email notifications
    • Web hooks
    • SMS notifications (extra fee)
    • Customize notification
    • CSV Export
    • Custom domain
    • Customer support
  • Enterprise
    • All features of Premium Plan
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Customised data import
    • On boarding training
    • Bank transfer option
    • Designed for volumes above 100,000 orders – Contact Team

This is a user’s choice 5 star Shopify shipping app, reviews are brilliant and the app has perfect score. I was really impressed how app users have commended the app for ease of use and its multi-function features.

Here are some really positive reviews for you to preview:

Aftership Returns Centre Shipping App in Shopify

Another 5 star app from developers Aftership, Returns Centre is the complete solution for those looking to automate their product returns process. Since the process is a massive pain for both sellers and buyers, Aftership simplifies the process with Returns Centre offering the following benefits:

  • Create an official returns center on your eStore
  • Make returns a one click process for your buyers
  • Manage and track returns in one dashboard
  • Automatically send out notifications to users about status of their returns

Setting up the app is a 4 step process so it’s pretty easy to install and start using it. Currently, Returns Centre Lite is free to use with no hidden cost. You can process as many returns as possible, and the app is ideal for those with small scale eCommerce stores with fewer personnel to handle processes.

After Ship Returns Centre Lite is a rated 5 star app with over 695 real time reviews and over 600 have given the app a perfect score. The app has been reviewed as very easy to use, with good support, a brilliant interface, and very intuitive.

Here are some great real time perspectives from app users. You can always contact Aftership for any compatibility and integration queries with a 4 hour response time from support.

ShipStation Shipping App in Shopify

ShipStation is an amazing app from developer Ship Station, designed to automate your shipping management process. The best aspect of ShipStation app is its full integration with 90+ eCommerce platforms, apart from Shopify. Ship Station brings order processing, printing shipping labels, and customer communication in one dashboard.

ShipStation offers great advantages to eStore owners, which include:

  • Free USPS account
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • Single powerful shipping rules engine to automate order processing
  • Sync orders from all your selling channels
  • Integrate with Shopify and 90+ eCommerce apps & delivery services
  • Choose from fast shipping services including DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Canada Post and many more

Ship Station is a one click install app, and can be used FREE for a 30 days trial. After the trial you can choose from six very decently priced subscriptions. While excellent features are available with all plans, there is only one setback, packages are limited by the number of orders you can process. Subscription plans include:

  • Starter – $9 per month limit of 50 Shipments per month
  • Bronze – $29 per month limit of 500 Shipments per month
  • Silver – $49 per month limit of 1,500 Shipments per month
  • Gold – $69 per month limit of 3,000 Shipments per month
  • Platinum – $99 per month limit of 6,000 Shipments per month
  • Enterprise – $59 per month limit of Unlimited Shipments per month

Ship Station secures a perfect 5 star rating on Shopify, 4.9/5 rating on Magento apps, and a massive 4.9/5 rating on BigCommerce apps. App users have specifically commended ease of use, time savings, and cost savings. With 402 real time reviews, there are a massive 364 five star recommendations. Here are some excellent reviews for you to go through:

ShippingEasy Shipping App in Shopify

A decent app designed by the developer of the same name, ShippingEasy is an excellent choice for small scale eStores. Apart from being a complete shipping management system, ShippingEasy makes some bold claims on its website. Two of these are “guaranteed lowest shipping rates” and “Flat Green Rates” (cubic shipping rates).

The app does offer some great benefits to eCommerce stores, which include:

  • Fastest shipping services
  • Complete order management and shipping system
  • Cloud based platform
  • 46% discounted rated with Commercial Plus Pricing (for over 50,000 orders per month)
  • Guaranteed lowest pricing & Flat Green Rates
  • Added value Marketing tools to grow your business

You can start using ShippingEasy with a 30 days free trial. The free service can be used as long as you have 50 or less orders per month. However, if you have more orders per month you will have to upgrade to one of the following:

  • Basic – $29 per month with 500 orders limit per month
  • Plus – $49 per month with 1,500 orders limit per month
  • Select – $69 per month with 3,000 orders limit per month
  • Premium – $99 per month with 6,000 orders limit per month

Looking at their overall service offering, I can assume that ShippingEasy is more of an all-round app than a shipping automation service. Something that really put me off was that they only offer 3 shipping carriers DHL, FedEx, and USPS. Also the ShippingEasy indicate that all orders must originate within the United States. Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world, but the app is for US eCommerce stores only.

Reviews indicate a bad overview, and although the rating for ShippingEasy is still a perfect 5 star there can be a decline expected soon. Mostly attributed to the bugs in their app, dashboard, and support. While support is responsive they never really take the blame when the app messes up.

Many reviews also indicate massive irresponsibility on behalf of the company. They fail to fix errors and overcharge without informing app users. Kindly review these issues before using Shipping Easy.

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Ordoro Shipping App in Shopify

Ordoro is a complete multi-channel inventory management system with fully integrated shipping features. The app offers massive benefits through its console including dropshipping add-ons, analytics and a fully customizable Open API. The benefits are massive too, which include:

  • Managing orders, inventory and shipping with a single console
  • Securing best USPS shipping rates
  • Advanced business analytics for your eStore

Currently, Ordoro provides shipping services from USPS, FedEx (US), UPS (US), Canada Post and Seller Fulfilled Prime by Amazon. Ordoro can also integrate with most popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, eBay, Amazon, and a whole list of others.

Now here is an interesting app with two subscription categories (distinguished by features) with 7 subscription plans altogether. The Ordoro packages are tailored to fit several eCommerce business sizes.  Subscription plans include:

  • Basic FeaturesSee Full Basic pricing features
    • Plan 1 – $25 per month with 700 orders limit per month
    • Plan 2 – $49 per month with 3,000 orders limit per month
    • Plan 3 – $129 per month with unlimited orders per month
  • Pro FeaturesSee full Pro pricing features
    • Plan 1 – $199 per month with 700 orders limit per month
    • Plan 2 – $299 per month with 1,500 orders limit per month
    • Plan 3 – $499 per month with 4,000 orders limit per month
    • Plan 4 – Negotiable cost with unlimited orders per month

A large number of positive reviews indicate that Ordoro is beginning to do really well as a new app. App users have complimented the versatility of the app managing orders, ease of use, multi user capability, flawless integration, cost savings, and responsive support.

Do remember that certain integration and compatibility issues have been reported, but the development team has been quite successful with sorting out complaints.

Out of a total of 85 real time reviews, the app secures a perfect score with 78 five star reviews. Here are some brilliant reviews to clear things up for you.


Easyship is a multi-carrier shipping solution for Shopify store owners that offers more than 100 different shipping carriers from around the world. This app provides a number of features that are beneficial to the sellers, these include:

  • 100+ shipping services.
  • Lowest rates available on the market.
  • Special discounts offered by USPS.
  • One-Click label printing.
  • Automatic order syncing with Shopify stores.
  • Automatic order updates.
  • Automatic tax and duty calculation.
  • International shipping made easy.

Easyship is a completely free app. There are no signup fees or subscription fees at all. You only have to pay for the shipping costs and nothing else. Everything else is offered for free.

Provide your customers with a plethora of shipping options and rates to choose from and create a great shipping policy for your store.

Get instant notifications regarding your shipped orders and provide real-time updates to your customers for a great experience.

If you are looking for a free shipping app that only charges you for the services that you use then Easyship is definitely the best option for you. Get it for your Shopify store and automate your entire shipping operation.

Tracktor by ShopPad

Tracktor is a professional tracking app that tracks all the orders for your Shopify store in a beautiful manner. All the tracking information is updated in real-time and presented in a seamless integrated panel.

Your customers can easily track their orders directly on your Shopify store without even creating or logging into an account. Tracktor provides a simple yet innovative tracking experience that provides your customers with the satisfaction they need in terms of their order tracking.

  • Integration with over 500 carrier from around the globe so your customers can track their orders no matter where they are in the world.
  • Customers can track their orders directly from your store by entering their order number and email.
  • Blends right into your store’s aesthetics for seamless integration.
  • Highly responsive mobile design for smaller screens.
  • Add the tracking URLs directly into automated emails.
  • Help your customers find their orders instead of asking “Where’s my order?”
  • Partnered with OrderlyEmails

Best of all, Tracktor’s customer service team is available 24/7. They are also able to install it for you on your online store for free, if you want.

See You Again Soon

I hope my article gives you an idea about the top Shopify shipping apps available. Save time & money, manage all inventory & orders from one console, get detailed analytics, print labels, send emails, and stay connected to buyers 24/7 with our selection of the best shipping apps on Shopify.

If you think we missed an app, or it should be here, simply drop us the name and we will get it there for our readers too. Do remember to join our exclusive monthly newsletter, and our social groups on Facebook. Get access to our growing community of entrepreneurs and eCommerce enthusiasts to help you on your way.

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