How to Setup Shipping on Shopify eStores

Learning how to setup shipping on Shopify eStores, it is one of the most common question among new entrepreneurs setting up their very first online businesses. Although the process is not complex at all, it may be a bit extensive and will take time.


How to Setup Shipping on Shopify

To begin setting up shipping for your products here is a simple stepwise guide:

  1. From your Shopify Dashboard Home go to Settings, located at the bottom of the left hand menu
  2. A screen with all your store settings will appear, locate shipping in the bottom of the Settings Menu and click itHow to Setup Shipping on Shopify
  3. You will now be in the Shipping Settings Menu, you will see 4 sub-menus here:Shipping Settings Menu
    • Shipping Origin
    • Zones & Rates
    • Packages
    • Additional Shipping Methods

    We will work within the “Zones & Rates” menu.

  4. Click the ‘Add Shipping Zones’ option in Zones & Shipping menu
    1. You should now be in the Add Shipping Zones Menu. You will notice that Shopify offers:
      1. Price Based Rates
      2. Weight Based Rates
      3. Calculated Rates
  5. There are no unit based rates option, so we will have to improvise.
  6. You will be required to create a Microsoft Excel sheet of shipping rates based on number of units, you can use my template (do remember that all mentioned shipping rates are fictional). Your Excel Sheet should look something like this:Microsoft Excel sheet of shipping ratesThe reason we are using “0.1” instead of “1” to indicate the number of units is because we will be using the Weight Based Rates. There is no section to charge shipping by units in Shopify!
  7. Once your shipping rates list is ready, it’s time to add them to Shopify. Return to Add Shipping Zones Menu > go to Weight Based Rates > click Add Rates
  8. In sequence add the Shipping Rates we calculated in the Excel sheet, remember you can add upto an infinite number of rates.add the Shipping Rates
  9. Your Shipping Rates will begin appearing under the Weight Based headingweight base Shipping Rates
  10. Once you are done adding all the calculated Shipping rates from the excel sheet, it’s time to test the Shipping Rates work. You can test by adding different number of units and go to checkout to see if the shipping rates are actually applying.

See You Again Soon

I hope you will find the guide useful to setup shipping on your Shopify products. If you do incur any issues and problems on the way do not forget to get in touch. You can simply contact me using the comments section below, remember to add a shout out with my name.

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