6 Facebook Ad Tips for AliExpress Dropshipping Stores

Today, we are going to give you six facebook ad tips for advertising, while promoting your AliExpress dropshipping store. These tips will help increase sales, engagement, conversion rates, all while, helping you make more money.aliexpress facebook ad tips for dropshipping store

1: Spy on Your Competitors Ads for Free Using the Search Bar

When it comes to online marketing, one of the easiest ways to see what works, is spying on your competitors. After all, if they have found a product that is bringing in profits, then obviously, they must be promoting it right.

Now, there are paid tools to help you spy on your competitors, but if you are just starting out and your budget is low, you can do it FREE too. Go to Facebook and type something like: Posts about “free shipping Coffee Cups”. Make sure that you use the quotation marks similar to the example.

You can even replace free shipping with some other pitch like “50% off” and replace “coffee cups” with whatever your niche is. Then, click “Search”. You will receive a list of posts according to your search. Click on any that seems attractive or has a ton of likes, comments and shares, as it would mean good money was spent to advertise the post.

However, bear in mind spending money doesn’t necessarily translate to a good ROI. Some may not be very good at running ads or they may have just spent frivolously thinking that they’re eventually going to make it up. Regardless, the truth is, you never quite know. All you can do is try looking for tips that you can use for your marketing campaign!

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2: Facebook Ad Tips for Choosing the Right Objective

On Facebook, there’s a total of 11 different objectives for you to choose from. There are a lot of rumors that you got to use pulse engagement, website click, and SEO. However, in reality, there is only one objective you need to focus on.

When you’re advertising an AliExpress product on Facebook, pay attention to simple website conversion. Not just a typical website conversion, you need to specifically choose a product conversion. So, let’s say that you are selling a bracelet, okay.

Make sure that you go ahead and create a specific product conversion, based on that bracelet. This way, you will actually be targeting people that will most likely buy that bracelet. You want to create that conversion inside your Facebook account. So simply ignore all the objectives.

Install your pixel and when you set up your ad, choose website conversion and choose purchase, alright?

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3: The Higher Your Ad Budget, the Better the Buyers That You Targetrefine your audience for better ad targetting

Something that Facebook doesn’t really advertise or tell you is that the more money you spend on your ad campaign, the better buyers that you target. Now, Facebook isn’t doing this to squeeze more money out of you. They’re actually doing this to help you.

You see, not all Facebook users are equal. There are some people, who are more active. They go on daily, they engage more, and they buy things. Then you have others users who tend to go on less, have a smaller amount of friends, and they’re less likely to buy things.

Since some users are likely to engage and respond to ads more, it costs significant money to have your ad put against them. There is a sliding scale, right? So, when you start out with your $2/$3/$5 a day ad budget, you’re probably going to be targeting people that are in the lower third of that sliding scale.

However, if you want to target better buyers, you will have to pay Facebook more. We are not telling you to pay hefty amounts for each ad, but the point here is to scale your advertising budget. That’s a good way to target more active buyers, while increasing your CPM.

4: Don’t Get Penalized with Audience Overlapexpert facebook ad spy

When you’re advertising a product like a cat necklace and you’re going after the cat market, if you have another asset in the same niche, you are going to have two ads competing against yourself. This is called “overlap”. You are basically advertising on Facebook with two of your same audiences overlapping.

When this happens, Facebook will penalize you and your CPM will go right up the roof. Basically, it will be very hard to actually make profit from selling AliExpress products. So you need to start using exclusions when setting up an ad.

There are buttons that allow you to exclude any interests that already have active ads running in your account. By doing so, you are eliminating and reducing your risk of getting audience overlap.

5: Be Aware of “Forced Likes”

Let’s say that you start an AliExpress dropshipping store about coffee. Now you want to run ads for your products. So you head over to Facebook, create your ad, go to the targeting section, and type in the keyword “Coffee”. But, you know this phrase is very broad and includes millions of people – many of which may not like coffee.

For instance, we often end up interacting with content that we don’t really care about. That’s because our friends are posting about it. So let’s say a good friend of yours posts a picture of them in a café, holding a cup of coffee, and they talk about having a great day. Now, you may hate coffee, but you like your friends picture.

This sends the signal to Facebook that connects you to the word coffee, and that fear is called a force like or a light by association.

6: Let Data Tell You the Story

By default, inside your Facebook reporting, there are a lot of metrics that you can actually look at. However, the problem is the ones FB shares with you are actually incorrect. You need to customize your column and have four data points: cost per purchase, cost per click link, CTR link, and CPM.

These four data metrics help in calculating whether or not your product is actually giving you a profit. Make sure that you add them in your analytics, so that you can decide how to move forward with products that are working well in the market and those that are not.

Facebook Ad Tips Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helped you understand simple tips you can use for advertising on Facebook, while promoting your AliExpress dropshipping store. Let us know how it goes!

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  1. Sam says:

    I use DSM Tool to source products from AliExpress and it helps in optimizing my listings. I haven’t tried running FB ads yet to advertise and hopefully increase conversion rates and sales. Thanks for tips. Will be trying these out.

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