How to Find the Most Passionate Buyers on Facebook

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Do you want to reach the most passionate and targeted audience for your Niche? It doesn’t matter which niche you choose. You can still get the most passionate buyers that will actually buy your products.

If you are a newbie and have very little or no experience of using Facebook ads manager then we will teach you an entirely new way of finding your target audience.

As long as you are targeting and narrowing your entire audience to the most passionate ones then you can run ads to this audience, if it’s a success, you can have Facebook create a lookalike for everyone that clicked through it to get a large audience similar to your passionate buyers.

We have the easiest method for you to find the most passionate buyers on Facebook for your niche, it could be any niche. It requires a bit of legwork, but it’s highly rewarding.

Here’s How to Find Your Most Passionate Buyers on Facebook

  1. Let’s start off by creating an Excel sheets. Just a simple spreadsheet where you will jot down all the pages (with decent engagement) that are interesting for your target audience. It should look something like this:Find Your Most Passionate Buyers on Facebook

Using Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience

  1. Head over to Facebook and search for your niche in the Facebook search bar. For this example, we are using Fitness keyword, as it’s an evergreen niche since people always strive for physical fitness.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 1
  2. Search for the keyword and switch to the “Pages” tab. Now, you will find all related pages to your niche. Find the pages that have most likes and high activity/engagement.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 6
  3. Open any page related to your keyword. Check out there recent posts and pinned posts. Avoid pages with large number of posts, but no engagement.
  4. In the above image, you can see this post has a lot of shares. It’s highly probable that the person who shares a particular post is quite passionate about that subject.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 3
  5. Now, click the “shares” and see all the people who’ve shared this post. Open up the profiles of top 5 people who shared this post. These are the most passionate of your audience.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 4
  6. Open a profile, switch to their “Likes”, now start scrolling to reveal all of their liked pages. Hit Ctrl+F and search for your keyword (Fitness in our example).Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 5
  7. You will now see all the pages That have your keyword (e.g. Fitness) in your passionate target’s profile. You can now start opening each page individually.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 6
  8. Every page that has good number of likes (Anything above 50K is good, but the more, the merrier) and high engagement is your desired page.Facebook to Narrow Down Your Target Audience 7
  9. Start noting the page names and their number of likes in the spreadsheet that you created earlier. Keep doing it until you are satisfied with the number of pages you have.
  10. Your next step is to check if all the pages you’ve gathered can be actually targeted. Head over to audience insight in Facebook Ads Manager and add all the pages there. Check to see if the pages are being updated and selling stuff, if yes then it’s definitely worth testing.

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Wrapping it up!

You don’t have to be a master of Facebook Ads Manager to find the most passionate buyers on Facebook. A little profiling like this will go a long way in bringing you the actual target audience.

This targeted audience will be the most passionate about your niche and it’s very easy to turn them into buyers since they are alreay eager and excited about the niche and its products.

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