Ali Reviews – A Shopify App to Get Aliexpress Reviews

If you are running an ecommerce store selling your own inventory or just doing simple dropshipping from different suppliers, it’s always a  great thing to have social proof.

Social proof helps create a trust aura around your online business so that your potential customers can turn into actual customers without any anxiety.

Just think about it, if you visit an online store that has no product reviews at all, would you still buy from them?

Now, imagine you visit an online store that has hundreds of different reviews for their products and services, this time you will at least feel safe ordering from them since a bunch of people have already bought from them.

So, that’s how social proof works. It reduces the buying anxiety that customers get when shopping online.

Since online shopping is all about trusting the brand, it’s always a great idea to build trust by showing customers reviews.

But, what to do when you are starting a whole new dropshipping business, then how do you gather social proof for your store?

Worry not, there are still different methods to build that trust by using reviews left on your suppliers’ product page.

If you have selected dropshipping products on AliExpress then you can use AliExpress reviews for these products on your store. It’s also ethical since you are selling the same product.ali reviews app

There are numerous apps that help you import reviews from AliExpress, but today, we are going to take a look at Ali Reviews.

Ali Reviews app helps you import AliExpress reviews with just a single-click after you set it up. It makes the entire process very simple and straightforward.

So, check out our Ali Reviews app review to see how this app works and how it helps you create social proof for your new dropshipping business.

How Does Ali Reviews Works?

Ali Reviews app is very simple to use and works with just a couple of clicks. But, before you set it up and start using it, you need to install the Ali Reviews extension on Google Chrome browser.

This extension helps you import reviews from AliExpress with just a single-click.

Afterwards, install the Ali Reviews app from the Shopify app store.

From your Shopify dashboard, access the “Get Reviews” option and search for the product you are selling.

Click ADD REVIEWS and enter product URL for the AliExpress product.

Select filter options to select which reviews you want to import. For example, only 5-star, 4-star, with images only, etc.

This app will import all the reviews and show them on your product pages within a few minutes.

Ali Reviews Features

Ali Reviews app comes with a plethora of different features that make it easy for you to import and manage reviews from AliExpress.

We’ve covered most of the important features in our Ali Reviews app review. These include:

Bulk actions: Perform bulk operations to quickly hide, publish, manage and filter reviews.

Display settings: Country, personal information, picture, avatar, a seal of trust, date/time.

Fully customizable style: Edit colors, fonts, CSS-style, and use attractive themes and layout.

Easy Oberlo Integration: Integrates easily with Oberlo to get reviews from AliExpress products.

Default reviews: For each product with no reviews, automatically show default reviews.

Review page: Showcase all the Top customer reviews on a dedicated page for all the reviews.

Translation support: Translate the review text into your language or any other language that you want.

Photo attachment: Your customers can upload real photos into a particular review. You can also import photo reviews from AliExpress.

Write reviews manually: Both your customers and you can write a review on your store with a custom name, email, photo & a rating.

Ali Reviews Pricing

This app offers a free version that you can use forever; however, the free version has limited features and also limits the number of products for which you can import reviews.Ali Reviews Pricing

The free version is great for beginners who are trying the app out as it gets you familiarized with the app’s working.

Check out all the pricing plans for this app below.Ali Reviews Pricing 2

If you want to get rid of the “Powered by Ali Reviews” logo in your widget then you need to pay for a pro plan to remove the brand logo.

The unlimited plan provides unlimited of everything and quick integration with Oberlo for one-click operations.

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Wrapping Things Up

The presence of reviews on your store is one of the most crucial factors that can affect your customers’ buying decisions, develop buyers’ confidence, increase your store’s conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

Ali Reviews app helps you do exactly that by providing a simple to import feedback and ratings from AliExpress with just a click.

Our Ali Reviews app review concludes that this app is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to get into dropshipping through AliExpress.

If your store is brand-new, then you definitely need this app to build some social proof right off the bat.

Let us know what you think about this simple yet highly effective reviews app. Feel free to mention your favorite Shopify apps in the comments below.

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