How to Sell Clothes Online – 21 Best Places to Sell Clothes in 2020

The online apparel industry is turning out to be one of the most profitable niches of the ecommerce industry. Even your used clothes can help you earn up to thousands of dollars.

According to ThredUp, the secondhand clothing industry would reach up to $51 billion by 2023. 64% of women who buy online are now willing to purchase secondhand products in the future.

Second hand clothes stats

It is not just secondhand. The overall ecommerce clothing industry is expected to generate a revenue of $403 billion in 2020. Over 2 billion t-shirts are sold online every year.

Can you make money selling clothes online?

Yes, you can easily make money by selling clothes online. The online clothing industry is huge; 27 % of US shoppers purchase clothes online. Shoes and clothes are the leading items that sell online accounted for 84% of online purchases.

How Do I Start Selling Clothes Online?

That’s the burning question; most people want to jump on the bandwagon of online clothing business and start making money out of it. However, the majority have no clue where to sell clothes online.

To solves all these issues, I have prepared a detailed list of the best sites to sell clothes on. You can find all the online consignment sites and ecommerce places where you can easily make money from home with your apparels.

21 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

1- Poshmark


Poshmark is an excellent platform for online selling of clothes. You can create your profile where people can follow and browse your closet to purchase the items.

You can sell men, women, and children’s clothing as well as shoes and bags.

The product listing is straightforward; just sign up and start listing the items form its app within a few minutes.

To list a product, you need to upload up to 7 images and write a detailed product description.

To boost your sale, you can share your clothing items on Posh Party – It is a shopping event where fashionista comes to the Poshmark app and check out different stores shared in Post Party to purchase clothes and accessories.

2- Mercari

Mercari is an online marketplace app that is famous for its ease of use and its profitability.

You can sign up as a seller and start listing your product within few minutes without any fees. Just add your product, write a description, and set the price.

For each sale, Mercari charges 10% as selling fees.

This platform is not solely dedicated to selling online clothes; you can sell electronics products, toys, and accessories as well.

Mercari gives sellers the option to either ship on their own or chooses Mercari prepaid label. You will receive a printable shipping label whenever Mercari ships your product.

If you use prepaid labels shipment, you will get Mercari shipping protection that includes insurance of up to $200.

3- Thred Up

thred up

Thred Up is the most sought after thrift shop and online consignment store. You can only sell used women and children’s clothes on this site.

The buyers have to get the prepaid bag from this platform, fill the bags with your clothes, and then send them back.

You can sell new as well as slightly used clothes on this platform. Thred Up experts examine the used clothes to finalize what clothes to put on sale and what clothes need to be recycled.

It takes 1 – 3 weeks in the clothes evaluation.

After clothes evaluation, you will receive a quotation that states how much your clothes are worth. From there, Thred Up will take charge, and you just need to sit back and let Thred-Up sell your clothes.

5- Plato’s Closet

platos closet

Plato’s Closet is another excellent platform for selling used clothes online. You have to take your clothes to them in a plastic bin (they don’t appreciate products in hanger). However, clothes for selling must be clean and folded.

They manually check the clothes and shortlist the saleable items. The items must be in good quality and trendy otherwise, the whole bin would be sent back.

They offer cash for the clothes on the spot; you can reject the offer if you do not find it reasonable.

6- Tradesy


Tradesy is an online marketplace where you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and designer dresses.

The ease of selling is the highlight of this platform. You just to upload pictures of the items you want to sell, when someone purchases your item, Tradsey sends a prepaid shipping kit that contains a printable USPS shipping label and beautiful packaging.

Tradesy manages all the returns. The buyer has to return the item to them, not the seller, so you do not have to worry about any refunds and returns.

The items, including clothes, bags, accessories, etc. must be of high quality.

Tradesy charges $7.50 for items listed under $50 and 19.8% on items listed at $50 or more.  You can receive the payment via PayPal or ACH transfer.

7- Style Tribute

style tribute

Style Tribune is a prototype platform to sell used luxury and designer clothes. Several publishing sites, including Cosmopolitan, Business Times, and Baccarat, have featured Style Tribune as one of the best platforms to find used luxury clothes.

The process of selling Clothes on Style Tribune is straightforward.  Just download the app, sign up as a seller, and upload pictures of the products.

On every sale, they will send a free courier to collect your items and take them to Style Tribune HQ. The experts would check the product (clothes, bags, or accessories) and then ship it to the buyer’s address.

So, all you need to do is to upload the pictures, and they will receive products from your home.

Style Tribute charges a commission of 30% for items below $1000 and 25% for items over $1000.

8- The RealReal

the real real

If you have branded clothes such as Gucci, Louis Vitton, Channel, etc. then you can make great money from this platform.

The RealReal takes all the hassle of selling on its shoulder literally.

They will pick the product from your home for free. You can also ship the products to them or visit their consignment office to deliver your items.

Then, they will evaluate your items, take pictures of them, and put a price retail price on them. The RealReal guarantees to pay the best possible price to its sellers.

You can receive up to 85% of your clothes’ selling price.

9- Yoogi’s Closet

yoogis closet

Yoogi’s closet is a preowned luxury store where you can easily sell your luxury clothes at a reasonable price.

All you need is to answer a few questions about the items that you want to sell and send one high-quality image of the product. After evaluating the answers, they will send a quotation for your product within 1 -2 business.

After that, you need to print a prepaid UPS shipping label, attach it with the product and ship the item via UPS to Yoogi’s closet.

You have two options to receive money from Yoogi’s closet that are

  1. Direct Purchase: Send the items to Yoogi’s closet and instantly receive a payment within two days
  2. Consignment: List your product for sale on its marketplace and receive payment after selling of items.

No matter what you select, you do not have to do any work of listing, taking images of your items or packaging. Yoogi’s closet claimed that almost 80% of their consignment items sell within a month of listing.

They charge a 30% commission on the selling of each item.

10- Bonanza


Bonanza is an ecommerce marketplace that allows you to open up your own store and list your items on this platform.

The people who come on this platform look for products that cannot find anywhere else.

Most of the sellers offer a vast collection of fashion clothes, home décor items, and collectibles.

It works similarly to other ecommerce marketplaces like eBay. You have to set up a booth (online store) and start listing your product so the buyer can browse the products and purchase them.

Bonanza charges a base 3.5% fee rate on the selling of items.

11- LePrix


LePrix (previously known as SnobSwap) provides an easy process to sell designer women’s clothing and fashion accessories.

Several options are available on this platform to make money by selling clothes online.

You can sell used or new clothes by yourself or by consigning your clothes with Leprix.

To sell in consignment, you need to fill up a form to get the consignment kit, which contains a prepaid shipping label to sell items. After that, you have to drop off your clothes to the nearest Leprix Boutique Partner.

12- Material World

material world

Material World is another platform to sell high-quality pre-owned items. This site only accepts dresses from selected designers. The clothes could be used or new.

To ship your clothes, you need to get a mailing kit. After the clothes evaluation, you will receive an offer if your items fulfill their guidelines.

However, Material World does not offer any cash payment. You receive site credit that you can use to shop in the Material world.

13- Refashioner


Refashioner possesses a vast collection of preowned luxury clothes and private vintage collections.

This platform is highly dedicated to unique items and quality designer pieces. So, if you own some unique dresses, then you must check out this platform for selling clothes.

You need to submit your items with some stories and emotions tags that you want to tell the buyer. Then Refashioner lists your items, you get a shipping label when someone buys your clothes, and you need to ship them via USPS.

The payment transfers within three days into your account once the items are shipped.

14- Crossroads


Crossroads offers multiple ways to sell clothes on their platform.

You can either go in-store to provide the items to sell, drop-off the items to the buyer’s address, or mail the clothes if Crossroad is not in your neighborhood. They also offer consignment on high-end dresses and other things.

You can get up to 70% of the selling price in cash if your items sell for $5000 or more.

15- Storenvy


Stonenvy is a great place to sell indie brands to show products to over 5 million monthly visitors.

You can create a custom online store for clothing in a few minutes and start selling clothes right away. More than 60,000 different brands are currently selling on this platform.

If you do not want to open a store, then you can just sell directly on its marketplace.

It’s completely free to list up to 1000 products on Stonenvy. For its services, Stonenvy charges a 10% fee on each sale.

16- Depop


Depop has made clothes selling easy for everyone. If you have some vintage or eccentric items, then you can easily find buyers here.

You just need to download its app, create a profile, and start listing your clothes with images, title, description, price, and shipping options.

PayPal account is a must to sell on Depop.

On each sale, a 10% fee will be charged on the total transaction (shipping cost included). It has fixed as well as auction-based pricing.

17- Etsy


Etsy is another excellent ecommerce marketplace that is dedicated to artisans to sell unique and creative items on this platform.

If you are a designer who can create unique, handcrafted, custom clothes, then Etsy is the platform for you.

It is free to sign up on Etsy and start listing items right away. On each item, Etsy charges a listing fee of $0.2 + 3.5% commission on selling price.

Learn How to Sell on Etsy

18- eBay


eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces to sell used and new items. You can quickly sell clothes on this platform by just signing up on this platform.

You can sell the items on a fixed price as well as on auction-based pricing.

The selling cost depends on either you want to choose to create a store on eBay or not. If you are going to create a store on eBay, then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

An insertion fee will be charged if you want to sell without a store. eBay charges this fee on per item listing, and it varies on the listing price.

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19- Amazon


Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world, having over 2 billion monthly visitors.

You can easily start an online store of clothes on this platform and start making money right away.

To become an Amazon seller, you have two option

  • Individual seller ($0.99 on per item sale) – You can sell up to 40 items in a month.
  • Professional seller ($39.99/month) – You can sell unlimited products.

You can use Amazon FBA service, where you just need to deliver the clothes to Amazon warehouse and list them online. When someone buys your items, Amazon will ship pack the products and deliver them on your behalf. It takes off a lot of burden from the seller.

20- Shopify

shopify store

Shopify is an ecommerce marketplace that allows beginners to start an online store without getting into any technicalities.

If you want to start your online clothing brand or sell clothes from your ecommerce store then you are welcome to Shopify.

Numbers of online clothing brands are powered by Shopify. So, if you have some plans of starting a clothing line and have some unique idea then your business could list amongst one of the top Shopify stores.

To start an online clothing shop, just go to Shopify and start a 7-day free trial to build your ecommerce store. Once, you set up your store then you need to purchase its plan (starting from $29/month) to live your clothing shop.

To learn how to set up a Shopify store, check out this guide.

21- Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a platform that was introduced in October 2016, and now more than 800 million Facebook users access its marketplace each month.

It is one of the best platform and effortless places to sell clothes online. You just need to log in to your Facebook account and start selling on the spot.

To learn how the Facebook marketplace works, check out this guide

Bonus: Sell clothes on Print on Demand Marketplace

Print on demand services allows you to sell the clothes without even having any stock. You just need a design to print on any t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.

The best part is that these services are entirely free. You need to sign up, create your profile, upload your design on different items, set the price, and list them in the marketplace.

How it works:

  • Sign up to any Print on demand service and create a seller profile
  • Create a design
  • Upload the design on different products (i.e, mugs, t-shirts, bags etc.)
  • Write product title and description
  • List the product
  • Earn money when someone buys the product

Here are some of the best Print on Demand marketplace where you can sell clothes

Wrapping Up

If you have come so far, then I can assume that you must have a perspicuous idea about how to sell clothes online. Now, you can sell used, new, preowned, luxury clothes, and even start an online clothing business.

Make sure to read the guidelines of these places to sell and get the clothes aligned with thier requirements. You never know that from your closet, you could even make $500 to $1000 easily.


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