7 Top Shopify Stores of 2020 to Take Inspiration

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There are roughly 820,000 active Shopify Stores running right now.

Shopify has become the most sought-after platform for two primary reasons.

Yes, you can enter in the trillion-dollar ecommerce industry with Shopify without getting into any technicalities of coding and programming.

Shopify has acquired the highest market share of ecommerce software platform industry in the USA in 2019.


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On our Facebook Community, the members are showing curiosities to look into some successful and top Shopify stores to take inspiration for their own business.


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So this post is dedicated to enthusiast entrepreneur to take inspiration and ideas from the top Shopify stores in 2020.

I can assure you that by the end of this post you will have a unique and constructive idea for you ecommerce and dropshipping business.

In this post, you will learn different types of marketing strategies and unorthodox actions to lead a successful Shopify store in 2020.

Have a journal and take notes!

Here is the list of top Shopify Stores 2020 to take inspiration for your ecommerce store.

  • GymShark
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Fashion Nova
  • Luxy Hair
  • BestSelf Co.
  • All Birds
  • Bulletproof


GymShark is a UK based fitness brand that manufactures and sells fitness apparel and accessories.

Started in 2012 in the garage of their founder Ban Francis and now it has become of the most famous fitness brand having over 3.3 million followers on Instagram from 131 countries.

A yearly growth +200% in revenues helped the GymShark to hit $128 million in 2018, which is 256% growth compared to 2017’s revenue of $50 million.

What did they do?

GymShark goes with the strategy to make the community and engage with relevant content.


Their central blog becomes the hub of fitness to get inspiration for the bodybuilders. This engagement via blogging helps the brand to target the new and returning customer and merge them into their community.

Key Take away

Do not underestimate the power of blogging – it provides value to your customer.

Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Jenner is now officially the youngest billionaire. It all happened when she started her online make up brand Kylie Cosmetics on Shopify.

Kylie Cosmetics launched a couple of years ago with a “lip kit” since then it has been a $630 million worth of makeup.

Maybe most of the people do not find it a story to take inspiration (as she belongs to a family who is famous for being famous). However, from an entrepreneurial mindset, we have to look into the actions that she has done right because running a successful ecommerce business needs more much more than being famous.

  • She took the consultancy of her mother Kris Jenner (a businessperson) who handles the management of all of her businesses and owns 10% of sharesKris-jenner-forbes
  • Kylie Jenner is famous for her superficial lips that helped her to gain the 135+ million social media followers. The product she introduced “Lip Kit” instantly managed to gather the attention in her community and hit bullseyes in the relevancy area.

Key Take away

Never hesitate to take the consultancy/help in the department you do not have the expertise

First, create an active community then introduce the relevant product.

Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova – the most searched fashion brand in 2018, outranking Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace. (Source: Google Trends)

Fashion Nova first store was opened in 2006 at Panorama City. The ecommerce website launched in 2013 when its Instagram page had 60000 followers. Right now, it is almost 16 million.


However, the online success of Fashion nova based on two key points

  • The right influencer
  • Reasonable price

“I believe that as long as we focus on giving the best product at the best price and getting it to our customer fast, we will continue to grow” – Said Richard Saghian, CEO Fashion Nova to WWD Journal.

Other than playing with the right prices, the major success comes with the leveraging the potential of social media platforms.

Fashion Nova went after for the renowned fashion icon to endorse their products on their social media channels.

Famous American Cardi B received $20000 monthly to endorse Fashion Nova on her Instagram with then 19 million followers.

The Kylie Jenner’s single post in 2016 had added up $50000 in sales for the store.

Key Takeaway

Reaching out the right influencer with the relevant audience for your products and the competitive prices is the ultimate key to success.

Luxy Hair


A married couple Alex Ikonn and Mimi own this Shopify Store.

The idea of becoming a hair-extension ecommerce retailer came to Alex when his wife could not find a hair extension. They just make a solution to their problem.

The surprising factor of their success was that their entire customer came via organic marketing (YouTube).

The couple started a YouTube channel – Luxy Hair – in 2010 to give tutorial about hairdos and built the community. They talked a lot of supplier from China, and finally, they found one supplier from Alibaba who is still their main supplier.

Luxy Hair YouTube has now more than 3 million subscribers, with over 469 million views.


On asking upon the YouTube success, Alex mentioned two success factors of YouTube (organic marketing).

  1. Give people value
  2. Create a connection with the community

To deliver their order, they use Shopify App Shipwire for fulfillment to take the burden off product deliveries.

Luxy Hair has managed to generate a 7-figure revenue annually.

You can read the complete interview with Alex here.

Key Takeaway

  • Try to get the business idea from your daily life problem
  • Offer value to your customer before the product
  • The right content marketing could become your biggest salesperson

Best Self Co.


Best Self Co. sells productive products and motivates people to make the most out of the day with big thinking and effective planning. The most famous product of this store is the Self Journal Planner to write down the day-to-day activity and plans.

Although selling the journal planners is not a novel idea, but their winning ingredient is their presentation and the content they used in the marketing.


First, they build a relevant community on Facebook and Instagram than pitch the product with inspiring content and presentation that makes the viewer believe that having a planner would make them productive.

The website presentation is top-notch that could easily entice a viewer who comes with the intent of having a productive tool.

Key Take Away

The business presentation/website design should delineate the intent of the customer need.

All Birds


Former New Zealand soccer player Tim Brown and his partner Joey Zwillinger started this shoe brand back in 2016. The use of merino wool in footwear makes them the world’s most comfortable shoes (as said by the Time Magazine) which help All Birds to gain instant popularity.

The million-dollar came to the ex-footballer when he saw the gap of comfortable footwear manufacturing and material. He merged that need with his expertise of using merino wool.


The combination of good design, comfort, and eco-friendly material help them to become a $1.4 billion sneaker company.

Key Takeaway

Always have a keen observation in the market you are associated with and try to fill out the market gap with your expertise.



Famous nutrition author and entrepreneur Dave Asprey founded bluttelproof.com – energy food and supplement for better performance. The website is highly engaging, and the blog post tutorial on nutritious food is a perfect example of social engagement within the community.

The idea came to Dave Asprey when was trekking in Tibet at – 10 °F getting down on energy he went to a local house where he had the yak butter tea that triggered the energy level in him.

The ingredients used in bulletproof products are the mixture of the latest research with ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medication that is the USP of this brand.


The regular blog on nutrition and health has successfully managed to create a great community on its social media platforms that perform a significant role in the marketing and sales of bulletproof.

Key Takeaway

You must have a firm knowledge of your niche to keep your community engaged with multiple sorts of content.

How to find best Shopify Stores 2020

When I try to find the best Shopify stores, I usually go to the Shopify success stories page. On this page, you can find some interesting stories that might give some ideas about your online business, the important Shopify to use and how to run a Shopify successfully.

You can filter the stories in your niche by using the filter.


However, to find the best Shopify stores you can search via Shopify IP. There are multiple free tools available online where you submit an IP and get information of all the sites on that IP.

For my work, I am using the most tool IP database tool MYIP.MS.

Here is how you can find best Shopify Stores of 2020

1. Look Out for Shopify IP

Write the search query “Shopify IP” on Google and you will get the IP


2. Go to MYIP.MS, enter Shopify IP and click Whois Lookup


Shopify’s complete information will come right in front of you.

3. Click ‘other sites on IP’


4. Check out the list by website rating


Here are the best Shopify stores 2020 listed down based on the worldwide rating.

FAQs for Top Shopify Stores

Q:1 What big companies use Shopify?

This list may give you a shock when you find out what kind of companies use Shopify

  • Tesla Motors
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Red Bull
  • Herschel Supply Co.
  • Lakers Store
  • Oreo

Q: 2 What can I sell on Shopify?

There are millions of products that you can sell from thousands of niches, to understand what to sell online here are two guides for you understand to get the profitable niche and trending product to sell.

  1. 725+ Profitable Niche
  2. Trending products to sell in 2020

What are the most successful Shopify stores?

Q:3 Should I use Shopify?

Yes, you should if you want to get into ecommerce industry comprehensively without any technical knowledge. Here is the step-by-step guide to set up a Shopify Store.

Q: 4 Can you make money with Shopify?

There are numbers of entrepreneurs who are running successful Shopify store and generating great revenues. On our channel, we run a series of episodes – Shopify Diaries – in which we scale a Shopify store and teach share our techniques on how to scale up a Shopify business.

Q: 5 Can you have two Shopify Stores?

You can only have one shop on one admin login. To sell different products from another domain you need to have another shop. However, you can use the same email address for different shops.

Q:6 Are Shopify stores successful/profitable?

Shopify is one of the most profitable ecommerce platforms. The merchants on Shopify are selling in billions of dollars. More than 800,000 merchants are on this platform and Shopify reported a total of $55 billion in sales for its all merchant in May 2018.

Wrapping Up

What I realize after going through the amazing journey of top Shopify stores that every business went to a different path that leads them to success. They even use different channels to make sales. However, the one thing is common in every case that is also the primary factor of ecommerce success.

That is – The right community.

All you need is to build a strong community first and build your brand around it.

I know to make the primary audience is tough, but with some social media tools such as Facebook Audience Insights makes it much easier to find a relevant audience.

Bilal Uddin

Bilal is a passionate content creator and digital marketing enthusiast who loves to find hacks and creative ways to produce prolific outcomes in strategizing content. Bilal is also an avid reader who loves to read mysteries in his free time.

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