AliExpress Alternatives For Dropshippers “Updated December 2017”

  • Ameer Rizvi
  • Dec-05-2017

AliExpress is by far the largest directory of suppliers used by dropshipping e-stores today. On 11th November singles day, AliExpress e-stores slammed the online sales record when they amassed a massive $25.3 billion in a one day sale. But like all others, even AliExpress has its disadvantages.

Two of those disadvantages are significant to both online sellers and buyers. These factors, namely delivery times and delivery costs, lead to buyers abandoning carts and sellers losing precious revenue. Dropshippers are always on the lookout for a Aliexpress Alternatives “Updated December 2017 to source product from.

In today’s article we take a look at some of the best websites like AliExpress that e-store owners can use to source amazing products from. We also sort through several site like AliExpress wholesalers based on different products like those for clothing & apparel, jewelry etc.

How to Validate Suppliers on AliExpress
How to Search for Dropshipping Products on AliExpress

Best AliExpress Alternatives Suppliers Websites

Before we start off with the countdown of the best AliExpress alternatives, it is important to remind readers not to trust every website claiming to be a dropshipping directory. Fake supplier directories asking for subscription payments have scammed several early dropshippers, so do be careful. For your more help check this to find country specific dropshipping products

EverBuying – The Best AliExpress Alternative for Electronics

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Founded back in 2007, wholesale-retail Company Ever Buying operates out of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. In my opinion the ideal Ali Express alternative for most products. EverBuying specializes in electronics and contemporary fashion, usually following trends in the European & North American continent. EverBuying is also a leading wholesale solution for retailers from 200 countries.EverBuying – The Best AliExpress Alternatives

Currently, Ever-Buying offers a superb line up of over 250,000 categorized products lines designed for international consumers. Ever-Buying offers an excellent selection of both higher & lower end Android smart phones, tablet PCs, LED products, gadgets, clothing & apparel, outdoor equipment and lots more. While most items are shipped free, the company ensures most attractive shipping rates to buyers from all over the world. Available product categories include:

  • ElectronicsEverBuying best aliexpress's electronics alternatives
  • Watches & Jewelry
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Home & Beauty
  • Outdoor & Sports

Moreover, looking at EverBuying’s massive line of electronics, I was amazed. There is an abundance of niche products you can build your eStore around.

There is everything from cell phones, computing products, Apple accessories, and Car electronics to DIY hardware tools. eStore owners will love the diversity at EverBuying, allowing them to sell everything to products with brilliantly proceed compliments. For instance, Android phones and their accessories.

EverBuying is also a brilliant option for dropshipping eStores that offer free shipping only products or free gifts. There are dedicated sections for Daily Deals, $0.99 items, and Promotions. You can find daily products to feature on your eStore, $1 items, and run special promotions every month. In addition, EverBuying provides a superb Clearance Center giving sellers access to limited items at end of seasons.EverBuying wholesale of inquiry

Another aspect of EverBuying that I loved was its very detailed product pages, authentic user reviews, payment information, and shipping details. Every product page will inform you if the supplier accepts PayPal and ships to your country for free. I did notice that EverBuying does not provide direct contact to any suppliers. It’s a good aspect since you can negotiate per item cost with the website and not every single supplier every time.EverBuying Reviews - A Aliexpress Alternatives

One of the biggest problem with EverBuying is that there are no inventory updates. Some products may go out of stock but will still be listed in their catalog. It is essential to confirm inventories manually with the website before listing any items from EverBuying’s catalog.

You can register a free account on EverBuying or use Facebook login on the website. There is Live Chat to help and a lot of social & onsite channels to reach the website management.

Dino Direct – Alternative Aliexpress Online Shopping Store

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Based out of China, the self-proclaimed world’s leading ‘cross-border selling’ or dropshipping platform now serving sellers from over 200 countries. DinoDirect’s goal is simple, consider the world flat and offer all retailers manufacturing prices that retailing giants enjoy. DinoDirect believes in using technology & innovation to deliver the best goods to buyers at lowest prices.Dino Direct – Alternative Aliexpress Online Shopping Store

DinoDirect has warehouses at several locations including China, Singapore, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. This makes the platform a massive opportunity for dropshipping eStores to make use of. DinoDirect particularly caters in clothing, technology, and accessories. Their catalog includes over 22 product lines to choose from including clothing, accessories, electronics, smartphones, computing, vehicles, jewelry, leather goods and much more.

Being honest, I have never traded with DinoDirect. I am still oblivious of the actual margins they offer on products. But the long list of categories to choose products from indicates that there are a lot of niche products that are available to discover here, especially in electronics. For example, there are a huge number of smart watch sellers to get quotes from.

You will notice that a variety of shipping services are available for shoppers from around the world. Regional offices & warehouses allows DinoDirect to easily dispatch goods from the nearest distribution hub. You will also notice on most pages that shipping is free for North America and Europe. This is absolutely awesome for US, Canadian, and European drop shipping eStores.

Dino Direct also offers a Clearance Centre for cheap goods, free gifts and pay shipping only products. You can also sign up to the service for free and enjoy lots of Membership Rewards from DinoDirect too. These include Coupons and Gift Cards you can earn by selling items on your eStore.

Worldwide Brands

One of the most popular and mentioned named in dropshipping supplier directories, Worldwide Brands, is renowned especially because it is based in the USA. Courtesy of a massive online buyer segment, fast delivery times, and lower delivery costs Worldwide Brands is an ideal choice for US based dropshipping.Aliexpress alternatives -Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a wholesale directory designed specifically for online sellers. The unique attribute of the platform is its 100% certified directory of top level suppliers. Established with the mission Linking People with Opportunity”, Worldwide Brands believes small scale entrepreneurs are entitled access to the same wholesales employed by professional retailers. The service also promises no middlemen so you deal directly with manufacturers or wholesales.
Promising to be the only wholesale directory you’ll ever need, Worldwide Brands claims 100% certified suppliers, with some superb features including:

  • Over 10 Million Wholesale Products To Source
  • Factory Direct Wholesale Prices & Quotes
  • Ability to Setup Unlimited Wholesale Accounts
  • Exclusive Wholesale Scam Protection – Trademarked & Free of Cost
  • No Monthly Supplier Subscription
  • No Annual Supplier Subscription
  • No Middlemen to Deal With

With Worldwide Brands it doesn’t matter if you sell over Shopify, Amazon, eBay etc. or on your own eCommerce store, there are over 10 million products you can choose to sell. Source thousands of products for general purpose e-stores, or find products for niche audiences, Worldwide Brands has you covered.

Sellers can choose from a categorized directory by product and industry that include:

  • Toys, Games & Hobbies
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Home & Garden
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Baby & Maternity
  • Sporting Goods
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Travel
  • Special Occasions & Party
  • Food & Drinks
  • Health & Beauty
  • Computers & Networking
  • Supplements & Nutrition
  • Art
  • Books, Movies & Media
  • Collectibles
  • Business & Industrial
  • Crafts & Supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Tools & hardware
  • Vehicles, Parts & Accessories
  • Others

Another great benefit of Worldwide Brands are its free educational resources to help entrepreneurs get acquainted with the eCommerce industry and its practices. One resource I found certainly helpful was their scam alert page that educates prospect online sellers about online supplier scams, so do have a look through it. Other brilliant resources include video tutorials, a blog, and free e-books.

worldwide free e-booksVisit Worldwide Brands today to discover its amazing benefits, a huge product catalog, and a 100% verified supplier directory. Currently, life time membership for Worldwide Brands is priced at $299, a brilliant price to pay for the superb features offered.


Wholesale2B is a USA based wholesale supplier directory offering close to 2 million products in its catalog. Primarily, Wholesale2B is a certified supplier & verified products directory. In my opinion the first AliExpress alternative that you should try out if your business is based in the North American continent.

You can search through hundreds of wholesale suppliers offering over 2 million products in their catalogs. After latest additions, Wholesale2B is now a leading provider of product data & descriptions, dropshipping tools & management systems, and eCommerce support services. Real time supplier ratings, product additions, and user reviews make the experience very trustworthy.

Wholesale2B acts as a one stop shop for online sellers to setup their eStore, find products, source suppliers, and manage an ordering system. Powered by a product catalog with 120+ categories, Wholesale2b provides a directory of verified suppliers who add new products daily. Products are available in categories, which include:

  1. Apparel & Clothing
  2. Electronics
  3. Pet Supplies
  4. Baby Products
  5. Computers
  6. Bath & Bedding
  7. Cellular Phones
  8. Collectibles
  9. Costumes & props
  10. Exercise & Fitness
  11. Fragrance & Perfumes
  12. Sports Merchandise
  13. Gifts
  14. Groceries
  15. Health & beauty

The unique aspect of Wholesale2B is that it’s a complete dropship solution for sellers. Managed by a team of experienced business professionals, Wholesale2B manage their own data center, design their own applications, handle ordering systems and returns management. The platform provides vast integration with top eCommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce plus many others.

Wholesale2B offers a superb all round solution equipped with automatic inventory management, and order management making the dropshipping process even easier. These are excellent features for Shopify sellers who spend on expensive inventory & order management apps. Ordering & inventory control is very simple through the Wholesale2B dashboard, allowing automatic processing. There is one drawback of letting Wholesale2B handle your orders though, they charge 3% + $2.5 per order for transactions.

Wholesale2b has a highly skilled professional team involved in maintenance of data centre, building & designing applications, plus handling orders returns & exchanges. With a team of highly experienced professional you are in safe hands. The superb knowledgebase available on the Wholesale2B website also a great place to find answers to both basic and advanced queries.Wholesale2B advanced queries

Wholesale2B offers pricey but very convenient subscription plans with all features included. There is a dedicated subscription no matter which platform power’s your eCommerce business. Just in case you have your own website and hosting service, no need to fret. There is also a subscription plan only for using Wholesale2B tools and listing products.
Wholesale2B tools

Currently, Wholesale2B offers the following subscription plans:

  • Dropship on eBay – $24.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Dropship on Amazon – $37.99/month or $287.99/year
  • BigCommerce Dropshipping App – $29.99/month or $149.99/year
  • Dropshipping Data Feeds – $24.99/month or $149.99/year
  • Create a Dropshipping Website – $39.99/month or $299.99/year
  • Shopify Dropship App – $29.99/month
  • Do it Yourself Plan – $67/year

Compared to other AliExpress, Wholesale2B offers fewer products & hence categories. But, over 10,000 products per category is still massive for dropshipping e-stores operating in niche markets. The platform offers products in diversified niches, allowing sellers to pick out the best products with amazing margins.


Yet another US based dropshipping supplier, DOBA was founded back in 2002. Today the B2B platform connects thousands of online entrepreneurs with online retailers, manufacturers, brands, artisans, and wholesale distributors. Boasting a product catalog of over 2 million products, DOBA claims its mission to help suppliers and retailers sell more of the right products to the right people.Aliexpress alternatives - DOBA dropshipping suppliers

The great feature of DOBA is that it is also a multi-functional eCommerce support platform, apart from being an AliExpress alternative. The most attractive aspect of DOBA is its very simple to use dashboard allowing direct accessed to verified suppliers. In addition, DOBA offers a brilliant bundle of services that include:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Research
  • Data Management
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Entrepreneur & Dropshipping Education

One of DOBA’s leading features is the Supplier Scorecard, exclusive to the platform. DOBA ensures that suppliers have been evaluated for reliability and are trustworthy. Sellers can evaluate significant factors including order processing times, shipping times, recent updates, fulfilment ratios, shipping and many other factors when choosing a supplier.

Furthermore, DOBA’s integration ability with major shopping cart platforms makes it a brilliant alternative to AliExpress. DOBA can easily integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Volusion, WooCommerce and hundreds more. DOBA provides sellers APIs and data export integration for over 100 eCommerce cart platforms.

Looking at the product catalog I realized it’s really well laid and easy to navigate almost two and a half million products. Sellers can browse through 9 niche categories or click the ALL option to see all trending products in the catalog. In addition, in house experts at DOBA pre-evaluate high–margin, trending products to cut down research times for sellers.doba sellers catalog

Not only does DOBA provide product recommendations, it offers complete inventory management tools to operate your business with peace. Not only can you organize product selections to order but also get real time inventory updates, while bale to create low inventory alerts through the dashboard.

DOBA product categories include:

  1. Apparel
  2. Automotive
  3. Books
  4. Electronics
  5. Entertainment
  6. Health
  7. Home
  8. Kids , and
  9. Sports

DOBA is in no way a “sell a subscription service”, hence puts great emphasis on educating entrepreneurs and its members. Subscribers get in-depth training & consultancy from DOBA’s in house experts. DOBA resources section offers latest whitepapers, brilliant infographics, and business guides for its members.

In addition, they also offer a daily updated blog for latest trends, news, and changes in dropshipping & eCommerce. All the above features complimented by an elite support team makes DOBA truly unique amongst other AliExpress alternatives.

Brand Distribution – A European Alternative for AliExpress Clothing

AliExpress does offer a massive range of clothing products, but as good and decently priced items are buyers have certain issues. European buyers are usually put off by longer delivery times and extra delivery costs. European eCommerce businesses hence look for suppliers that are close to their buyers.Aliexpress Alternatives for Brand Distribution

If your business specializes in the clothing niche, then a great alternative for AliExpress clothing can be found at BrandDistribution. Brand Distribution is dropshipping suppliers directory aimed primarily at fashion, clothing & apparel. So why did we chose is as the ideal AliExpress alternative for clothing?

Listing everything from branded clothing & apparel to shoes, bags, accessories and seasonal gear, Brand Distribution is probably the best option for dropshipping e-stores based in Europe. Do remember that currently Brand Distribution only ship to European destinations, with a proper pricing schedule for sellers.Brand Distribution features

There are excellent benefits that accompany BrandDistribution’s very expensive subscription. The first of these, Brand Distribution lists over 500,000 clothing products with new one updated daily by subscribers.

The website also provides superb professionally edited photos for all product listings. This is complemented by product descriptions available in 5 languages namely Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. This ensures that you never have to order samples to carry out expensive photo sessions, while selling to a global audience with multi-lingual product descriptions.

Brand Distribution also offers excellent delivery & shipping services, with Europe being its largest market. Many of the suppliers will also be willing to ship to international markets, obviously for more delivery fees. Another great benefit of Brand Distribution is its real time inventory updates, quickly informing you of short in stock and out of stock items.

The Wholesaler – A UK Based Dropshipping Directory

Browsing through hundreds of available options I discovered United Kingdom based wholesale supplier, TheWholesaler. The website is primarily a business directory designed for retailers to connect with wholesalers from several industries. The best aspect, the website is free to use and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to pay.

The Wholesaler offers a vast listing of clothing & apparel wholesalers based across the UK. Based in the UK, The Wholesaler, in my opinion, is a great dropshipping alternative for AliExpress clothing. Not only is there a massive directory of suppliers listed on the website, there are proper descriptions and ratings for each supplier.TheWholesaler product discription

The Wholesaler directory also provides a dedicated section for dropshipping eCommerce businesses. There aren’t too many suppliers available in this section, so it’s best to use the wholesalers’ directory instead.

See You Again Soon

I hope you enjoyed our list of the best dropshipping alternatives for AliExpress. In coming months we will be updating this list based on new platforms that come out. In the meantime browse through these amazing dropshipping suppliers & wholesale directories. Find the best products, manage inventory & orders, and connect to your eCommerce platforms in a click with our top rated AliExpress alternatives.


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