How to find Country Specific Products for Dropshipping

Hi everyone, I welcome you back with yet another amazing dropshipping guide. In our previous article we learnt how to start a dropshipping business now in this guide will attempt to answer an amazing question that many niche eCommerce store owners ask, ‘how to find country specific products for dropshipping?

While most stores are created with a global market in mind, several stores are dedicated to products that cater to a particular niche. To begin, let’s start by visiting, a website designed to show most popular products from eBay. You can discover trending products by category, by sales, by shipping fees, by country and much more.

Now, let’s find some cool trending products for the USA.

  1. Begin by locating ‘Search’ on the left hand-side, and click ‘Standard Search’ from the listed options. Notice the list of countries below the search bar and choose the country you wish to search products for. You can also search by free shipping products, fixed price, auctions, highest bids etc. too.How to find Country Specific Products for Dropshipping
  2. Your search results will show a massive range of products based on region. The indicator to look at here is the number of “watchers” on that item. The number of watchers indicates that the product is popular among buyers. For instance, I discovered two popular items for the UK and USA respectively, pictured below. Country Specific Products for Dropshipping Women fashion Country specific Dropshipping products

 Searching for Product Keywords on AliExpress

One common mistake that I notice entrepreneurs & store owners make is that they don’t know about keyword searching. Let’s quickly go over how to find keywords to search for products

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar type in your keywords
  3. You will notice the autocomplete feature will list all the relevant keywords in the search option as shown belowSearching for Product Keywords on AliExpress
  4. Another interesting trick you can use for even more keywords is adding a prefix or a suffix to the original keyword e.g. ‘best necklace’ or ‘necklace pearl’.how to use keywords for searching country specific products necklace pearl for countyr specific dropshipping products
  5. You can now use these keywords in the WatchCount search. This will give you country wise products for which you can check the number of watchers, determining the demand for such products.

Searching for Product Keywords on Amazon

Using the same technique as on AliExpress, we go to the Amazon store and in the search bar type in the required product keyword. You will notice whole new categories to browse through and search for on WatchCount.Searching for Product Keywords on Amazon

Searching for Product Keywords on Google

Possibly the easiest trick to use is searching for your product keywords on Google. This will not only get you a wide variety to search from but also list relevant search results you can visit for new ideas.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar enter your keyword e.g. ‘necklace women gold’ and search
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the results
  4. You will see a full list of associated keywordsSearching for Product Keywords on Google

You can now use these very reliable keywords and search for them by country in the WatchCount search.

Discovering sub-niches

The trick here is to add different prefixes & suffixes to the keyword. This gives you different areas of interest to research. For instance, in the case of necklaces we will enter the keyword on Ali Express, Amazon and Google once again to see what sub-niches we can find.Discovering sub-niches what sub-niches we can find searches related to necklace

The cool trick here is to use all the related keywords on different websites. Use the keywords picked up from Amazon on AliExpress, similarly, search with AliExpress keywords on Google. This will generate new ideas, open up new markets and provide you with new niches to sell into.

See You Again Soon!

I hope you liked my guide and now you know how to find products for country specific ecommerce stores. If the guide was useful remember to like and share it, and do remember to leave your feedback for improvement. Hope to see you guys soon with a brand new guide to get your business flowing.

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