Product Upsell Review 2020 – Create unlimited Product Upsell Offers

In eCommerce, upselling is a very effective way online stores get the most sales from buyers. Since the attention span is very low, the offer must be presented at the right & precise time. It can get much hectic if you decide to do it manually, therefore Shopify offers some great apps to assist store owners deliver upsell messages. We will analyze one of these apps in this Product Upsell review. But first let’s look at an example of what an upsell is.

If you have ever been to a McDonalds or KFC restaurant, you will have definitely have heard this while ordering “Would you like to fries with your meal?”

If yes then my friends you have experienced an upsell offer. Product upselling is a great way to maximize sales from existing buyers. The technique is to offer the buyer a complimentary product with their purchase. Complimentary products can include an extra battery for a camera or home theater system for a TV.Product Upsell review


Product Upsell App Review

Product Upsell is a premium app designed by BOLD, one of its most trusted & constructive app developers. The app is built to perform 3 primary tasks:

  1. Increase the cart value of every buyer
  2. Offer complimentary products or “add-ons” using intelligence of buyer cart items, total $ value of cart or a combination of the two
  3. Promote special discounts and offers based on buyer cart value. The app works in combination with BOLD’s Product Discount app, allowing you to run ‘Buy One Get One Free Offers’.

As a result of these rich benefits the app has featured in Shopify’s Top 5 Most Popular Apps of 2017. In addition Upsell has also been featured as the #1 app to download on Shopify.

Product Upsell App Benefits

The app is currently in use by over 10,000 Shopify stores, offering a brilliant conversion rate of 22%. The primary benefit of  Product Upsell app is simple, increase your sales value from existing buyers. In addition, Product Upsell offers excellent benefits to eCommerce store owners.

Unlimited Offers

The core benefit of the app is that there are no limits on offers you can create and  display.

Upsell messages can be displayed when the buyer is checking out with a particular product, and even when the buyer is browsing. For example, a customer checking out with a mobile phone is shown an upsell offer for a screen protector. The amazing aspect is that you can display upsell offers of one or multiple products based on the buyer’s cart items and order value.Product Upsell Benefits


In addition, store owners can also include warranties as upsell offers, giving buyers the option to secure their products. In many cases, buyers are looking for a special deal to cover the protection of their items. For instance, a laptop buyer will either be concerned about damage, ease of carrying or parts replacement.
Benefits for Warranty

BOGO Promotions

BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) and similar offers are a great way to encourage additional sales and deliver offers for accessories, protection, insurance, plus other add ons to buyers. Developers BOLD mention in their description of Product Upsell app that 30% online buyers tend to add additional items on checkout.

Bogo promotion

BOGO offers are an excellent opportunity for online stores to deliver bundles and complimentary products. Product Upsell when used together with Product Discounts apps encourages buyers to reach a certain cart $ amount.  Buyers can then enjoy either a discount or a free gift. Offers can include:

  • Offer for a free product e.g. Buy One Get One Free
  • The option to get 50% off on 2nd item e.g. Buy One Get 1/2 Price
  • A free gift when purchasing multiple units e.g. Buy 4 of Something Get a Free Gift
  • The choice to get a discount when buying multiple units e.g. Buy 3 Get one 75% Off
  • Cash back e.g. Spend $50 Get a Free Gift

The Bold Brain

Bold Brain is a state of the art algorithm from app developers BOLD. The tool uses real time customer data from your website to create upsell offers based on buyer behavior.

Bold Brain app also powers your product upsells by automatically creating offers. As a result, this increases cart value while saving store owners hours of work. In addition, another one of The Bold Brain’s amazing features is tracking your ROI in real time. This allows you to track which upsell offers make the most profit.

Shopify Product Upsell Trial & Pricing

Product Upsell is available for a 30 days free trial and store owners can install it from the Shopify app store. After the trial you can sign up to the service depending on your needs. The official pricing from BOLD is as follows:

  • $9.99 – Up to 200 views/month
  • $19.99 – Up to 700 views/month
  • $39.99 – Up to 1500 views/month
  • $59.99 – UNLIMITED views

See You Again Soon!

Hope you enjoyed going through our brief Product Upsell review, if you liked it do share it with friends & other online business enthusiasts. Be sure to leave me feedback on what to improve and include in future app reviews. Come back again soon for more eCommerce guides & tutorials, app reviews, news and tricks for your online business.

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