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Social media is the best place to promote your products and services. There are billions of people available on different social media platforms. You must put your products and services in front of them through social media outreach. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s almost impossible to do it manually.

Don’t fret though, all hope is not lost just yet. There are different Social media apps available for Shopify that will help you out. You can easily promote your new products, discounts, and sales on social media using Outfy – Social Media Promotion app for Shopify.

This app is all about simplicity and automation. It lets you push your content to social media with as few clicks as possible. It also allows you to schedule your social media posts for months to come and push them automatically on the fixed date. Today, we are going to learn more about this app in our Outfy review. Keep reading to know if it’s the perfect app for your Shopify store or not.


What is Outfy?

Outfy is a social media promotion app available for all Shopify stores out there. It lets Shopify stores promote their products through social media.

If you want to post your new products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and bunch of other social media platforms then Outfy is the perfect app to do so.

It posts your products posts, photos, latest deals, discounts, etc on multiple social media channels with just a few clicks.

Outfy was developed to take the effort out of managing dozen of different social media websites, making social media management effortless for ecommerce store owners.

It does not only promote your products to more than 15 leading social networks from a single platform at once, but also allows you to plan your social sharing for the entire day, week, or even months.

Also your products (including new products) get synced automatically to your Outfy dashboard. Instead of wasting a huge chunk of time and money, shop owners can now smartly maximize their benefits from social media marketing thanks to Outfy.

How Outfy Works?

Just head over to the Outfy page on Shopify app store. Click Get and install the app on your Shopify store.Outfy Review

Once, installed it will provide you with all the social media channels available on the platform. You can connect each social network with the app.Review on how outfy works?

After connecting your required social networks, all of the social media channels will be available in your Outfy dashboard.

From there you can schedule posts, push new updates, etc with just a single click. It’s a very simple app to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Outfy Features

This amazing social media app turns your Shopify store into a powerhouse. No longer do you have to manually post your products, promotions, and deals on social media.

This app automates everything for you so you can focus on other aspect of ecommerce like increasing your sales.

Here are some of the best features of Outfy that make it one of the best social media apps available for Shopify.

Schedule – It lets you schedule your posts for the coming months. You can set multiple date in the future and your posts will be published automatically on the set dates and time.

Time Saving – With a bunch of social media channels available in a single spot. It saves you a of time and also money because you post on all these social media channels with just one click and from a single dashboard.

Autopilot feature – You can let the Outfy app take control of your social media postings. The autopilot features will automatically choose products from your selected categories and post them to social channels.

Popular Social Media Channels – Outfy supports more than 14 social media channels which include, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pay per use – The pricing model is very dynamic. There are no subscription fees or monthly charges, you just pay as much as you use the app.

Multiple Store support – This app integrates your multiple stores so you can just switch accounts in an instant and post from your different stores.

Mobile apps – It lets you manage your social sharing on the go. You can download the app on mobile platforms like iOS and Android to manage your social sharing.

Multiplatform support – This social media app supports multiple ecommerce platforms. So, you can use it on different stores even if they are hosted on other platforms.

Best Customer Support – They provide 24/7 support to their users. If you run into any problems regarding the app, you can contact the customer support and they will quickly help with your issues.

Outfy Pricing

Outfy offers dynamic pricing and doesn’t charge you monthly subscription fees or anything like that. It charges you per share.

Each share costs you some money and you pay for as many share credits as you want. This way you only pay depending on your usage.

If you don’t use the app that much, you will not have to pay the full fees like other apps. Here are the pricing plans.

Explorer – $15 for 300 shares

Economic – $20 fo 500 shares

Super Saver – $30 for 1,200 shares

It also offers a 15-day free trial so you can take the app for a spin and best of all, it doesn’t require your credit card details for it either.

Final Thoughts

Outfy is a one stop shop for all your social media sharing needs. It integrates with your store to provide you full control over what you share and when you share on your social media channels.

It has been trending at the top of the Shopify app store. With the most (over 600) positive reviews on the platform. That makes it the top reviewed Social media app on shopify.

If you are just starting out then this is the perfect app for you. As it takes over all the social media postings for you so you can focus on other aspects of your eCommerce business.

Even established business owners should utilize this great app if you aren’t already. It takes the hassle out of social media promotion.

We hope you enjoyed our Outfy review and we look forward to your comments. All your feedback, critiques, and suggestions are welcome.

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