Jungle Scout Review 2019 – Best Tool for Amazon Product Research

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Jungle scout is an Amazon product research tool that helps the online sellers to find out the best products to sell on Amazon.

It finds out the best products by analyzing predictive data that might be hidden in an extensive database.

Jungle scout cost you $39/month to find thousands of Amazon best selling niche specific products along with supplier database.

Is Jungle Scout the Best?

Yes, Jungle Scout is the best product research tool available right now for Amazon FBA sellers. It is a one-stop solution for all the queries of online selling that you can use in the form of a web app and Chrome extension. In Chrome extension, you do not even need signing up to use it.

Why am I writing a Jungle Scout Review?

To answer genuine users queries like:







The Process I Followed to Review Jungle Scout

I first bought a premium membership of Jungle Scout web app and Chrome extension for its review.

Then I conducted an in-depth analysis of Jungle Scout’s features, which might help dropshippers for product validation before spending a single penny. This Jungle Scout review is just from dropshippers perspective.


Is Jungle Scout Worth it ? See what 7,960,000 Google Search Results won’t tell you!


Yes, Jungle Scout is worth it !

I took an entirely different and grueling approach to search and validate the best products for your online business using Jungle Scout’s web app & chrome extension that you might not find in 7,490,000 Google search results 😀

How to Use Jungle Scout Web Application

Under Jungle Scout’s web application, you can use a variety of factors:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Niche Hunter
  • Keyword Scout
  • My Lists
  • Listing Builder

How to Use Jungle Scout’s Product Database

Product database is one of the coolest features of Jungle Scout.

With this feature, you can select any broad niche out of 30 broad niches.

Let’s suppose you have a dropshipping store for clothing – specifically for leggings.

And you wanted to know exactly which item is the best selling item on Amazon.

You can do multiple things with jungle scout product database feature.

Select the closest category associated with leggings.

For instance, you put a check on “Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry”.


Then, insert your keyword “legging” in ‘include keyword field’.

After clicking on the search button, it will show all the items related to “legging”.


But then a question came to my mind …

Do I need to go through all these “107,467” results?


Here you can take the help of Product Database Filters.

So what should you do?

You just need to set filters to see only those products that have a minimum of 500 customer reviews and a minimum 1000 sales.

This will help you to get quality products as well as validate a product idea.

And believe me, if it is selling on Amazon, then you should definitely put that item on your dropshipping store.

The next thing you need to do is open the recommended results.

For instance, you clicked on a very first result because this product had sold 16,916 times.

When you will click on the first product, it will lead you to Amazon’s specific product page.

Here, click on 5287 customer reviews to see what customers are talking about.

Now you can see that Amazon has already categorized customer reviews for its buyers based on keywords.

Let’s suppose you clicked on “high waisted”

It will show all those reviews contain “high waisted” term.

This is the time you might be thinking – “I HAVE FOUND A WINNING PRODUCT”

To some extent YES.

But my personal recommendation is to validate your product with some more techniques.

Go to AliExpress.com.

Insert exact same customer review keyword (high waisted) in the search box.

You just need to add “legging” with “high waisted” to further validate your product.


Then click on any recommended results.

For instance, if you clicked on “high waisted leggings for women”, it will lead you to another page where you can see thousands of results.

Click on “Orders” to see top selling product against the search query “high waisted leggings for women”

legging-for-womenYou might be thinking again – “HAVE I FOUND A WINNING PRODUCT”

Yes, you might have 😀

But you’d better validate more because you will be spending your hard earned money.

Go to ahrefs.com (by the way, if you do not know how to use ahrefs for your online business, read this)

In ahrefs, go to “Keywords Explorer” and type your keyword by selecting a country in which you want to sell.

Now you can see an analysis; this keyword (high waisted legging) has 5500 monthly searches in the USA.

For global selling, you can see the top 5 countries in which customers usually search for this keyword.

Thinking again?


Yes, you can end your research here as well!

My recommendation is to take your winning product validation to the next level so that you can have a clear idea about product demand.

To take your product validation to the final stage, you can go to https://trends.google.com.

Here you will insert the same keyword to see its demand over the last 5 years.

Scroll down a bit and you will get to know exact countries where this product demand is high.

Click on “City” to get the exact location where the demand is higher.

Now you are all set to work on this product without having a fear if you have picked the right one or not.

By the way, if you do not know how to target your audience on Facebook, check this Facebook Audience Insights Guide for 2019.

How to Use Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker

Once you have finalized your product, you can add your preferred Amazon product in product tracker.

It will give you a demand graph of your preferred product in a graphical form.

You can track sales of any product within the range from 7 days – 60 days.

How to Use Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout:

Keyword scout, as the names suggest, is a keyword research tool that contains several features.

The features of this tool quite impressive however, it launched in the second quarter of 2018. So, it is early to talk about its accuracy.

The most useful feature that I found is the reverse ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Code) it means you can check the keyword of your competitors, which comes very handy setting up product listing strategy and improve SEO of your product listing.


Here you can write ASIN of your competitor or the keyword that you want to research.

I write ‘girls legging’ in the search.


Here I get search volume that gave me an idea of the keywords to use in product description.

Keyword scout comes with every Jungle Scout web app plan; you do not need to pay any extra charges for this tool.

How to Add a Product in Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker

You can add a product in product tracker using these 2 methods.

Method#1 – Auto Product Recommendation

You just need to click on “Add icon”.

After clicking on an add icon, you need to select the Amazon market place.

For instance, you selected “United States”

Click on the “Next” button.

Now you need to insert your group name.

For instance, if you are working on your leggings dropshipping store, you should type leggings.

It will recommend the products that are relevant to leggings.

Select products and click on “Create & add products“.

After this, you will have products avg results in front of you.

It will show you:

  • Avg Daily Units Sold
  • Avg Price
  • Avg. Daily Revenue
  • Total number of reviews

As I have discussed above that you can set a data range from 7 days – 60 days.

Let suppose you have selected 14 days of data range.

You will have to click on the scroll down button.


It will show you product performance over the last 14 days on Amazon.

You can use this feature for your dropshipping business after purchasing Jungle scout.

Method#2 – Specific Product Data

Another method you can use to track top product performance on Amazon.

You just need to insert product ASIN or that product Amazon URL.

For instance, you inserted an ASIN number “B071XSRRGB” and click on “Add Product


After clicking on “Add a Product”, it will show you nothing instantly.

However, you can have this specific product data within 48 hours.



How to Use Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Here is my one-line critique of Jungle Scout niche hunter review – it the most powerful attribute of Jungle Scout.

Most dropshippers face this problem of picking up the right niche for their dropshipping business.




When you understand what is Jungle Scout niche hunter, you will be able to set your own filters in just 5 seconds.

For instance, you want to get an idea of legging category under clothing niche.

With Jungle Scout, you can set filters using the following steps.

Select any broad niche among 30 broad niches.

Secondly, you can set number of Avg. units sold from 0 – 1000+.

As per Jungle Scout: these are average units sold for the top 10 products, disregarding outliers. A low number means a few products under this keyword sell well. A high number represents a good opportunity for sellers.

Third, you can set a competition filter from 0-10.

“As per Jungle Scout: Competition is calculated based off an in-house algorithm factoring in the number of reviews for the top 10 products under the respective keyword.  A high score (8-10) represents a competitive keyword, with most listings having a large number of reviews. A low score represents a good opportunity for sellers.”

So you always need to choose a number between 0-5.

Fourth thing which you can do while setting filters is to set Avg. Price item.

As per Jungle Scout: The average sales price for the top 10 listings.

Fifth is an “Opportunity Score” filter.

The best approach is to set the opportunity score from 5-10.

As per Jungle Scout: “This is an aggregate score, factoring in the demand, competition and listing quality scores. A higher score here means it’s a better opportunity for sellers. A lower score represents a keyword that may have low demand, high competition, high-quality listings or a combination of these items.”

Next thing which you need to perform is to leave “include or exclude keywords” filed empty.


You can see 95,149 results recommended by Jungle Scout if you keep that “include & exclude keywords” field empty.


You can sort columns as per your preferences.


For instance, if you want to check which item is selling near to $30, you can just click on Average price and it will show you all those items that will have or near to $30 product price.


Emmm… wait for a second…

Do you think are you done with niche identification?


Jungle Scout gives you an in-depth analysis of recommended results.

For instance, you clicked on star city black pants.

Sort recommended results in descending order to see results.


You might be thinking the same…

This is “Adidas”…

When did I say that this is not an Adidas product? 😀

Open the very first result.

Click on customer reviews.


Analyze what they are talking about this product…

Click on any keyword to analyze customer reviews associated with that particular keyword.

Go to AliExpress.com

Insert the same keyword in the search field.

Select any preferred recommendation.


You will see a product listing page and on that page, you will need to click on “Orders” to see top selling products against this specific query.


Jungle Scout’s Niche data is another awesome feature.

Please keep this thing very clear that Greg Mercer – Founder of Jungle Scout made this tool from Amazon’s perspective.

But you will be using this in a different way.


Under niche data feature, “Niche Keyword Cloud” & “Niche Opportunity Score

Niche Keyword Cloud will give you top keywords which sellers have used for such listings.

On the other side, Niche Opportunity Score will tell you clearly about the potential of any particular niche 😀



Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Good News for sellers!

Jungle Scout has just launched its brand new feature ‘Supplier Database’ – a source that gives valuable information about the services and products of supplier so you can select the best-in-the-business to manufacture your product.

The primary purpose of this tool is to find supplier and verify its credibility.

Jungle Scout collects supplier information by keeping the check on all shipments in U.S, so you can look how many shipments a particular supplier has done.

With supplier database, you will have a clear idea about authenticity and capability of a supplier.

Here is the example of how you can search for supplier on Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

Login to your Jungle Scout account go to the left sidebar click Find Supplier > Supplier Database.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 1

You will see three search options,

Product    – Search supplier of a product
Company – Search supplier of a company
Supplier   – Search supplier individuallyJungle Scout Supplier Database 2

First, search by the ‘product’.

Let say I want to see the supplier for ‘Legging’

So, I write the keyword ‘legging’ in the search tab and click search.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 3

Once click it, you will have the detail of top suppliers, how many shipments they have made, the customers they have served and the list of top customers.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 4

You can scroll down to see further supplier of this keyword.

You might identify the customers of a supplier, as I scroll down I found a supplier who is supplying to Target Stores’.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 5

By identifying a famous name in the customer list, increase my confidence on this particular supplier.

By clicking ‘view more’, you can see the records of over five years of their shipment.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 6

The shipment history of past 62 months is right in front of you.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 7

Now, go back to supplier database and do a ‘company’ search.

In company search, you can search supplier of a particular company.

I go to Amazon.com and search keyword ‘legging’ to see the bestseller company on Amazon.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 8

Scrolled down and clicked to the bestseller of legging.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 9

Finally, I found out the brand name of the bestseller of legging on Amazon.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 10

Now go back to Supplier Database and write Near time Yoga Pants in the company search.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 11

You can see total imports and its top suppliers.

This will help you search all the top supplier that your competitor uses.

Now, coming to the third search option, that is ‘supplier search’.

Here you can type the name of the supplier that you may have found on some ecommerce marketplace (e.g. Amazon, Aliexpress etc.) or B2B marketplace (e.g. Alibaba).

For Example, I go to Alibaba.com and find out a supplier for legging.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 12

Just copy their name and paste it in the ‘supplier search’.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 13

Complete import history of this supplier in U.S will come in front of you.Jungle Scout Supplier Database 14

As you can see, this company has only completed one shipment and only has one customer so far.

By clicking on view more, you can see its shipment records.graph

It records define that this supplier is juvenile in this business. So, you’d better search for some other supplier.

Did you see, how simple it has become to search out for any supplier.

You can evaluate any supplier based on your preference and experience that you want.

Database ASIN Search – How to Find Top Rated Factories

Jungle Scout has just recently added a new tool that was announced in the webinar. With this tool, you can find top-rated factories by using the ASIN of Amazon products.

Here is a quick overview of how it works,

First, go to Amazon.com and find a high rated product. A product with good reviews and rating means that the product is superior to others in terms of quality.

For Example, here I am looking for ‘Phone Cases’ of top quality, so I write Phone cases in Amazon search


My only concern here is to find the ‘Phone Cases’ with the best reviews and ratings.


As I scroll down, I found a product with 4.5 rating and over 10k reviews that define the quality of this product.
To find the manufacturer/factory of this product, I need the ASIN of this product.


ASIN is usually mentioned at the description of the product, on the last fold of the product page. If the ASIN is not available at the description, you can copy it from URL.


Copy the ASIN and come back to Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database.


Jungle Scout has recently added ASIN option.

Click ASIN and Paste the copied ASIN in the search box.


You will see all the suppliers who have shipped this product to this Amazon store.
Click the ‘best matches’ option.


Now, you have the information about the best supplier for this product.


Also, you can find factory/supplier based on region.

Let say; I do not want a supplier from China,

Go to Supplier Data -> Product -> Write Product Keyword


To exclude Chinese supplier, I untick China and get all rest of countries suppliers for a particular keyword.


Similarly, you can tick all those from where you want your supplies. This feature of Jungle Scout deserves a shout out, it really makes the search of supplier a lot easier for the online sellers.

How to Use Jungle Scout Web Application

Jungle scout has just launched its new features to uncover the real profits and hidden cost of selling on Amazon. That is Sales Analytics!

This feature monitors all the sales data of your Amazon store, including cost, revenues, and profits. You can now analyze essential metrics that help to build strategies to make more money from Amazon FBA.

Key Features of Jungle Scout Sale Analytics

Real-Time Sales – Know in real-time about any purchase from your store.

Exact Profits – You can now know the exact margin on each sale by looking at margin widgets.

Calculate ROI – Know your ROI by analyzing the profits, cost, and other expenses.

Know Sales Data of Each Product – Just enter ASIN and track the sales of a specific product. You can look into details of sales, revenues, supplier cost, shipping, PPC campaign performance, and other details of the products.

Know all the Expenses – Analyze all the expenses, including inventory cost, order fees, shipping fees, legal fees, advertising, and more hidden cost.

Compare Sales Chart – You can compare the sales of a product on a weekly or monthly basis. In detailed charts, you can see how promotions, refunds, and other factors influence your sales.

Track your shipments – You can know when your inventory would reach the Amazon fulfillment center and also you can track the inbound FBA shipments.

You just need to connect your Amazon store to sales analytics.


Then, you can see all the reports of your products sales by  just entering the ASIN or SKU number.


Cost of Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout WebApp offers three pricing plans.

If you aim to buy just for a month, it will cost you:


But if you aim to buy for a yearly plan, you can save up to $240.


*Disclaimer: I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through above link.

How to Use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension


Many dropshippers might get a bit confused in distinguishing between Jungle Scout web app and Chrome extension.

Both are super useful and work great in product research.

They are different in approach and addressing different needs.

For installation of Jungle Scout chrome extension, you need to head over to:


Click on Add to Chrome button.


It will take your consent before installation.

You just need to click on Add Extension.


And now Jungle Scout extension icon will be visible on the chrome menu bar.


Click on the icon and insert your login details.


The extension comes in handy to capture the data of the overall market to dig out a winner product for your store.

To use this Jungle Scout chrome extension effectively, you need to go to the Amazon.com.

Search any of your keywords, for instance, “Legging”.

Click on any recommended results. For instance, if you click on leggings with pockets.



You can see that there are 60,000 Amazon results associated with this particular query.


Do you really think that you will analyze 60,000 results?

Now see the magic with Jungle Scout chrome extension.

You need to click on Jungle Scout chrome extension icon in menu bar and you will see all products performance in front of you.


Sort them as per your need (by price, by monthly sales, by daily sales, by customer reviews or by revenue)

I sorted it by the number of monthly sales.

Not only this, but you can also set filters by clicking on the menu button on the top left.


Set filters as per your own preferences as you set on jungle scout web app.



Why You Should Buy Jungle Scout

  1. 165,851 Chrome Extension Users – It simply means that 165,851 users have already paid for this product for their product research or product validation. So you will not be the first one. (Source)
  2. 83% Jungle Scout users rated Jungle Scout as an Excellent product while 11% rated as a Great product. In total, 94% of Jungle Scout users are pretty much satisfied. (Source)
  3. Jungle Scout has won brand searches race with huge margins in comparison to its competitors.
  4. Jungle Scout beats its closest competition – Helium 10 and AMZScout – with great margin in term of people’s demand.


8 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free & Paid):

More than 30 different free and paid alternatives of Jungle Scout are available. So I decided to list down some of the best Jungle Scout alternatives (free and paid).

List of Free Jungle Scout Alternatives

Unicorn Smasher


Unicorn Smasher is similar to Jungle Scout chrome extension; however, estimated sales and revenue are often times empty.


Well, it is free so you cannot have higher expectation from it.

Although Jungle Scout is far more accurate than this but it still gives some good reviews and rating of Amazon’s product.



Scope Seller Labs is another 100% free Amazon keyword research tool.

It comes very handy in product research, contains everything required for the research of niche.

For the beginners it is extremely easy to use that comes with reverse ASIN features – that allows you to look out the keyword that competitors are using.

AMZ Base


AMZ base is free Amazon product research tool that is available as a downloadable app as well as chrome extension.

It is not only restricted to Amazon. AMZbase also gives access to multiple well-known stores including Alibaba & EBay.

It also provides tools that help to calculate FBA fees to predict the profits of the store.



CamelCamelCamel is another Jungle Scout alternative that is absolutely free to use. It is usable as downloadable app and chrome extension.

It provides a complete list of trending products that enables the user to have a complete check and balance on the in-demand products.

It has feature price alert that notifies the user whenever the price changes and it also has a complete price history chart that gives graphical representation of prices history.

List of Paid Jungle Scout Alternatives:


AMZ Scout


AMZ Scout also offers web app and chrome extension both that mostly helps to the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) businesses.

AMZ scout is known for its easy-to-use interface, accuracy and credible information.

The product database, data analysis and keyword tracker all these features come in every plan.

It is paid service; however, it offers a 15-day free trial.


Web APP:

       Basic Plan       –––  $29.99/month

       Starter Plan    –––  $39.99/month

       Business Plan –––  $59.99/month

Chrome Extension:

        Per Month     –––  $44.99

        Per Year        –––  $135

        Life Time        –––  $287

Viral Launch


Viral Launch is another Amazon seller tool that helps the sellers to do product research on Amazon with their web app and chrome extension service.

It provides multiple tools that Amazon sellers needed to scale up their business.

The features include; sale estimation, export data sheet, competitors tracking, product tracking and keyword research tool.

It also offers a free trail before you buy a plan.


Web App + Chrome Extension:

         Beginner Seller –––  $49

         Pro Seller           ––– $82

Helium 10


Helium 10 is another web-based Amazon seller tools that helps to do product research and better optimization of product listing on Amazon.

It comes with a free plan where you can use it for up to 30 days.


           Platinum Plan    –––  $97

           Diamond Plan    –––  $197



ASINspector is product-listing tracker that allows the product research access on multiple platforms including Alibaba, EBay, Aliexpress and Walmart.

It provides a complete keyword list of product ranking and its search position in just one click.

With its features, the users can access a profit calculator as well as wholesale can estimate the profits of their bulk purchases.

It offers a 7-day free trial before you buy a plan.


          Standard License  ––– $97 (one-time fee)

          Pro License            ––– $147 (one- time fee)

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout


  • Quick and simple product research.
  • Comprehensive and clear interface that saves time to understand products.
  • Allows evaluating the competitor’s product to make a competitive strategy.


  • The estimation of products is based on sales ranks that change so quickly.
  • A little bit manual work is still required to interpret the data.

Jungle Scout User Reviews

Before using any product, I am habitual of reading the reviews of that particular product.

Similarly, in this case, I decided to go through some of the reviews of Jungle Scout users in order to make this a wholesome Jungle Scout review.

So, I am sharing some of the reviews right down below:

User Review 1

  • Rating 5 Stars
  • Like – Easy to use and effective results
  • Dislike – High prices

Benefits – Helps in scaling up business and keyword optimization


User Review 2

  • Rating 4.5  Stars
  • Like – Comprehensive chrome extension feature & in-depth reports  
  • Dislike – Slightly difficult to manage the data

Benefits – Helps to understand the market and competition


User Review 3

  • Rating 4.5
  • Like – Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
  • Dislike – Standard license is not attached with search volume

Benefits – Helps in quick and accurate understanding of Amazon market.



User FAQs About Jungle Scout

Q: 1) Is Jungle Scout onetime fee? I heard they charged monthly but on their website, it says one-time cost.

Answer: Jungle Scout charges a onetime annual fee for both Chrome extension and Web App.  In Chrome Extension, you only have the option to pay annually. In the Web App plan, it gives the options to pay either monthly or annually.

Q:2) Can you use jungle scout in UK?

Yes, you can use Jungle Scout in UK. The Jungle Scout UK extension has been live since 2015. The user of UK can use the same feature as the user USA.

Here is the list of countries where you can use Jungle Scout

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada
  • France
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Spain

Q: 3) Are product finding software necessary –Like Jungle Scout – to sell online?

Answer: No, there is no obligation or necessity to take the assistance of product finding software. If you have any particular niche in your mind, you can do the research manually with Google trends and Amazon bestseller page. I recommend using product-finding software for more relevant and fast information about the product. However, it is not necessary to use them in starting a dropshipping store.

Q: 4) Is there any better alternative than Jungle Scout to use for product finding?

Answer: Right now, Jungle Scout is the leader and the most sought after product finding tool. Viral launch and AMZscout are also very good product finding tools. However, it is hard to rank any of them higher than Jungle Scout.

Q: 5) How to cancel jungle scout?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel your subscription.

Log into your account at https://members.junglescout.com

Go to the Settings tab at the bottom left of the menu and select Subscriptions.

In subscription setting, select the option “I want to cancel my account

A set three questions will come-up for reasoning of account cancellation.

You will have to answer all three-question come to the end of page and select “Cancel Account”.

You will have the access of your account until the end of the current billing period. It will automatically deactivate at the end of period.

Q: 6) How accurate is jungle scout?

Answer: There is not any particular precise answer, however, according the Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimation Accuracy Case Study, it the closest to zero errors than compare to its competitors.

Q: 7) What is LQS in jungle scout?

Answer:  LQS means ‘Listing Quality Score’. It is the in-house algorithm of Jungle Scout, measures the quality of product listings.

The LQS takes into account the length and keyword richness of a listing’s title, its bullet points and description, as well as the number of pictures on the listing and the resolution of the photos.

Final Wording

I have reviewed this article from the perspective of dropshipping, and I highly recommend Jungle Scout to those associated with online selling and dropshipping.

Although, it is solely dedicated to Amazon product research, but right now, Amazon is the biggest marketplace so, if you get research stats of this platform that will give quite relevant results for your online business.

However, if you are tight on budget or at the initial stage of your online business, then you had better choose free Jungle Scout alternative or do a manual analysis of product research by using Google Trends and Amazon Best Seller.


Please remember! Your feedback matters a lot to me. Therefore, provide your valuable feedback about the experience in the comments section below.

Feel free to connect with me directly on Linkedin or join my Facebook Closed Group of 3699+ E-commerce Entrepreneurs.

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