9 Amazing Ideas to Draw Product Inspiration for Your Store

eCommerce store owners often overlook the importance of product research and focus on profits from the get go. Online store competition is much fiercer than offline.

Everyone is looking for the top products to sell which makes the product research an integral part of the process. It’s not easy to find winning products for your store without proper product research.

Some store owners use Facebook to gauge the interest for their potential products while others use Google Trends to check if their chosen products will sell or not.

However, if you have been looking for different efficient ways of finding the winning products for your store then you’ve come to the right place. We provide you with no fuss and no fluff methods for getting your product inspirations.
We bring you the 9 killer ways of finding the winning products for your store. Keep on reading!

8 Killer Hacks to Find Best Selling Products

1.  Weekly Best-sellers on AliExpress/Amazon

It does not matter if you are actually using AliExpress for dropshipping or not, but the “Best Seller” feature on AliExpress is still a valuable source of data on all the products that are selling like hot cakes right now.

When you filter the products through “Bestselling” on AliExpress, you see all the hottest and most selling products on the site which gives you an idea about which products will be potentially profitable for your store.

However, AliExpress is not the only site where you can look for your winning products. Amazon also offers a “Best seller” option that’s updated hourly and lets you see the fastest selling products on the site.

Finally, you can also use WatchCount to see which products are being watched on eBay and find similar products to sell on your store.

Just enter your preferred keyword and you will see which products are being watched most for these keywords. You can see “Fidget spinner” being watched by 350+ people right now.

2. List of Popular Shopify Stores

List of Popular Shopify Stores
There’s no shame in learning from your competitors or even other stores that may not be from your niche. You can research some winning product ideas by looking at the most popular Shopify stores and what they are selling.

Go to this page of Myip.ms and there you will see a list of all the popular Shopify stores sorted by their worldwide popularity.List of Popular Shopify Stores 1

You will notice that the first couple of pages are actually dominated by big brands that are selling their own products, but starting from the 6th page you will see most stores that are using the dropshipping model.

You can check these stores to see which products are selling like hot cakes in your preferred industry.

These stores give you a great starting point to draw inspiration from. Check out the “best sellers” at these stores and you might end up finding your winning product(s) within minutes.

3. Use Google Trends to look for Hot Products

Use Google Trends to look for Hot Products
Google Trends is one of the most important tools when you are evaluating and validating potential winning product online. Google is the biggest search engine out there and it possesses a ton of data on every topic.

For example, Beach Mats might be trending during summers (Which is beach season”, but fall out of trends during winter. So, you need to check for seasonal trends as well.

It’s great to use Google Trends after you narrow down your list of products to a few potential products and see how these products are trending on the World Wide Web.

4. Finding Trending Products on Wish.comFinding Trending Products on Wish

It’s always important to look for trending products on other dropshipping sites like Wish.com. This shows you which products are already selling well in the marketplace and what’s trending among the consumers.

Wish.com caters to more than 125 million visitors each month which means that whatever’s trending on this site is generally a great indicator of what’s trending in the marketplace.

You can easily search for your potential products and see which ones have been selling in large quantities to pin-down the winning product for your store.
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5. Use Comparison Shopping Engines

Shopping engines a.k.a shopping cart comparison engines are very often overlooked when store owners are doing their product research.

These shopping engines can definitely prove to be an invaluable source of data for finding the right winning product by comparing multiple avenues. When used properly, these sites actually carry a great wealth of data that can come in handy.

Millions of people use these shopping engines every day for their shopping and you can use this data to narrow down your niche or products. Some of the most popular shopping engines include, but not limited to Shopzilla, Google Shopping, Nextag, and many more.Use Comparison Shopping Engines

For example, you can use the “Trending Now” tab on Shopzilla and see all the products that are trending right now.Use Comparison Shopping Engines a

You can also look for products that are being searched actively on Shopzilla by clicking the “Shopzilla Top Searches” link in the footer.

6. Research Social Media

Research Social Media
Empathy is the biggest tool you can use to gauge your customers’ interest. Just imagine yourself walking in the shoes of your potential customers and you will quickly realize which products are actually wanted by your customers.

For this reason, you must actively join and participate in social media communities, be it Facebook pages/groups or just a hashtag discussion on Twitter, every part of social media is important or finding out which products are the most interesting for your customers.

Pinterest is definitely a great source for businesses since its content is curated by your potential customers and gives you a glimpse of what’s trending in the marketplace.

Browse Reddit and other specific forums to gauge the interest level of your customers and figure out which products will win them over.

7. Look for Opportunities in Keywords

Look for Opportunities in Keywords
Organic search is a massive marketing channel for every online business out there.

So, when you use keyword tools like “Google Adwords Keyword Research tool”, you are able to see the search queries people are using, the volume, and the competition for all those queries.

This gives you a great idea of which products and niche is currently being searched for on Google. This is a fairly easy method of finding the winning products.

Google Keyword Planner also gives you the option to filter the results by location, language, etc. So, you can focus only on your target audience to see what they are searching for.

Looking for opportunities in keywords means that you will be able to capture consistent organic traffic through Google without having to spend money on paid advertising.

8. Improve Upon Your Competition

Improve Upon Your Competition
It’s always a great idea to improve upon the products that your competition is offering, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must build a new product from scratch.

Just take a look at the top 10 of your closest competitors or stores in your niche and see which products can be improved upon.

If you can find products that are lacking or have some deficiency in some way then you can probably try to sell alternative products to cover up those deficiencies and entice your visitors to buy these over your competitors’ products.

You can also search for the top selling products on other Shopify stores and see if you can improve upon those products in any way. You can either offer a high quality product or better pricing to gain an upper-hand over your competition.

9. Look at Product Review Blogs

Look at Product Review Blogs
There’s no better place to find the most popular products than product review blogs.

These blogs review the hottest and newest products in their specific industries which means you can look at which new products are given high ratings in reviews and gauge their popularity.

These blogs and magazines are entirely dedicated to showcasing the upcoming cool products in the market.

Review scores can be a great source to identify which products might be hyped and heading towards a trend so you can capitalize on the trends early before they blow up.

Below are a few product review blogs that you must make part of your daily reading:

Wrapping it all up

Creating an online store is easy especially when there are tools like Shopify to assist you in making a store with just a few clicks.

However, the biggest challenge that new store owners face is the process of finding the winning products for their store. Without a winning product, your store is just another good-for-nothing online site destined for doom.

Proper product research coupled with identification and validation of trending products is the most crucial part of any store. We hope all the above-mentioned methods come in handy when you are trying to identify winning products for your store.

Also, let us know if you have any other go-to methods for finding winning products and mention them in the comments below. Have a nice day!


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