7 Strategies to Market Shopify Products

It’s always a great idea to know how you can market your products and bring in more traffic to your store. That’s how you actually sell your products.

However, it’s quite easier said than done. In most cases, people give up after waiting for their first couple of sales for some time.

You can not just create an online store and think it’s all done. The real work begins after your store is live. Now, you have to understand and apply strategies to market your products.

It’s not complex. You just need to get your word out and spread it all over the World Wide Web. Here are 7 different strategies you can use to market your Shopify products.

1. Create a Rewarding Affiliate Program

Trying to sell your products all on your own can be quite a daunting task. So, why not go ahead and share the load with others?

You can actually have other people sell your products for you while paying them a small commission for each sale.

This is called Affiliate marketing. Where you let other people promote and sell your products while earning pre-defined commissions for each successful sale.

You provide your affiliates with unique links with their ID that they can use to promote your products. This also helps in tracking their stats with their unique IDs and links.

There are numerous Shopify apps available that will help you start an affiliate program within minutes. Apps like Affiliatly, Refersion, Omnistar, etc have the highest ratings on Shopify app store.

Each customer that purchases from you using their unique link will provide them with an affiliate sale entitling them to a percentage of the sale amount.

You can use the above-mentioned apps to create your own affiliate program and offer it to your customers and visitors.

Another option is to use, Affiliate Networks like ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, etc. These networks provide their own tracking, stats, and URLs, for your affiliates which makes it easier for newbies to set-up an affiliate program.best 7 strategies to market shopify products

The actual success of affiliate marketing varies greatly depending on the type of products you sell and the percentage of commissions you offer to your affiliate partners.

2. Create a Strong Email List

Email is one of the most effective ways of acquiring new customers. Email marketing can start generating sales right away with an effective copy. Building a strong email list for marketing is absolutely essential.

Email list building starts by providing your visitors with a clear and straightforward subscription form. A pop-up form works really well. Here’s what you should do,

  • Pick a convincing incentive
  • Work hard on your pop up design
  • Try out exit popups
  • Sync your emails with your Email Service Provider

Check 5 Conversion Optimization Techniques Used By E-Commerce Experts where you can learn how email marketing is the best way of generating sales.

However, make sure that you are providing some value when your visitors subscribe to your email list. You can offer your visitors,

  • Free shipping on their first order
  • $X coupon on their first purchase
  • Giveaway for subscribers

Once you have a decent email list. You don’t have to spend all your time trying to write and send emails to your subscribers.

You need to test your pop-ups, the incentives you are offering, the design of the pop-up, exit pop-ups, etc to see what works for your niche and products.Create a Strong Email List

You can set-up automated email campaigns that are targeted towards your subscribers and market your store. Create multiple campaigns like,

  • Email new subscribers and offer them any incentive to buy from you.
  • Email new customers an after-sale email for feedback and upsell.
  • Email users who abandoned their shopping carts and remind them to finish their order.

3. Use Social Media To Market Your Store

Social media is not the only place to find influencers. You can also use it to market your products all by yourself.

When it comes to Facebook, you can join groups and pages related to your niche and start actively participating in discussions. Here are some of the helpful things you can do for the community members.

  • Provide help in choosing the right product
  • Suggestions for alternatives
  • Offer technical support
  • Provide useful information regarding products
  • Provide unbiased comparisons

Create a “Shop”section on your personal Facebook page where you can sell your products directly on Facebook without having your customers leave Facebook. This encourages more people to buy from you.

Apart from Facebook, you can use Instagram and create your Store’s account. You can share products images with relevant hashtags to increase exposure.

Take part in any discussions surrounding your products and help out potential customers with their queries.

If you want to create a fool-proof social media plan then check our Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan in 7 Steps that teaches you how to create the perfect social media marketing plan.

4. Send Samples to Social Media Influencers

The internet is loaded with influencers. Bloggers, journalists, YouTube star, Instagram celebrities, Twitteratis, and many more.

These influencers are a great way to market your shopify store and products. Their followers actively seek their product reviews, feedback, etc before making any purchase.Social Media Influencers

So, you can create a list of influencers that are closely related to your niche and send them free samples of your products for review.

Each published review, be it a video, image, or a blog post, will bring you a burst of traffic while putting your brand name out there for the masses to see.

Positive reviews will bring you traffic,social media followers, and an approval from some of the most influential personalities on the web.

A very useful resource is (Our very own resident Growth-hacker) @HarrisSid’s Guide To Finding Instagram Influencers for Promotions and Collabs, which teaches you a quick and simple way to finding Instagram influencers.

5. Create Interesting Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming site. It’s not only an entertainment platform, but businesses utilize the platform’s popularity to drive loads of traffic to their stores.

YouTube videos rank in Google, so it also brings an opportunity to drive a huge amount of organics traffic to your store.

Here’s a catchy marketing video about Squishy Cat stress relievers that brought them a lot of attention. It’s simple and it’s cute – apparently it also helps relieve stress.Create Interesting Videos on YouTube

You don’t have to create only viral videos to benefit from YouTube, it’s great if you can, but you can also attract visitors by creating interesting videos surrounding your products.

Here are a few video ideas you can explore for your YouTube channel,

  • Product reviews (You encourage your customers to provide video reviews of your products by offering them incentives in return for honest video reviews or hold a contest where the best video review wins a gift hamper or store credit)
  • Gift guides
  • Product usage videos (How to use X product)
  • Comparison videos (Your product vs competition)
  • Budget buys (5 products under $xx you can buy, etc)

Once, your channel starts getting some traction, you can easily market your products on the channel and convert curious visitors into buyers.

6. Market Your Products via Pop-up store

Even if your store is exclusively online, it doesn’t mean that the marketing has to stay online-only either. You can still market your store and products offline where possible.

Unlike the traditional brick n’ mortar stores, a simple pop-up store is not a huge financial burden because of its temporary nature.

However, similar to any other offline store, location is still an important aspect when setting up a pop-up shop.Market Your Products via Pop-up store

You can open a pop-up store where you know most of your target audience will be available. This can be,

  • Expos and events
  • Fairs, shows
  • Farmer’s market
  • Art Galleries
  • Trade Shows
  • Super markets
  • College campus

A pop-up shop can also act as a great tool for offline marketing. You can use this opportunity to hand out free discount coupons that can be used on your online store, and you can also collect emails for your mailing list and social media subscribers/followers.

Pop-up shops are a great way to interact with your target audience and provide them with information, free samples, discounts, coupons, etc, basically, you want to encourage them to visit and purchase from your online store while building trust.

7. Network with Potential Customers on Forums

Online forums and communities like Reddit, etc are a great place to market your store and products. These are the places where people actively seek advice and suggestions when trying to make a purchase.

Sign-up at forums and communities online that are related to your niche. Start helping out people with their problems and promote your products while making sure you are not breaking any forum rules.

You can also use the forum username, avatar, and signature space to market and promote your store.

Your first instinct might be to aggressively promote your products and store on these forums, but keep it under control. It’s always better to become an authority within your niche so people start listening to you more.

Once, you have some authority, you can start plugging your own products and store where required to bring people over and make sales.

When you start explaining how they can benefit from your products, and how your products will help them then it’s much easier to convert them.

Wrapping it up

We want to make your Shopify store journey as smooth as possible while giving you the opportunity to maximise your returns.

These strategies will help you market your products on Shopify, so you can start generating traffic and convert them into paying customers.

Check out our marketing guides where you can learn more about marketing your Shopify products and generating more sales.

We are also very keen on hearing any strategies that you might be using to market your Shopify products. Do mention them in the comments below. Have a nice day!

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