6 AliExpress Dropshipping Mistakes New Sellers Make

Today, we are going to discuss six big mistakes new sellers make when they start dropshipping on their AliExpress stores. If you want to make more money by increasing your engagement and sales, it is vital for you to avoid these mistakes. Otherwise, chances are your AliExpress store may not be able to bring a good enough ROI: So lets have a look on top 6 Aliexpress Dropshipping mistakes new sellers make.

1: Not Buying from Reputable Sellers

When setting up an AliExpress store, how can you trust that an item is of good quality, when you haven’t purchased it for yourself? At the same time, how can you rely that the supplier will ship it out on time? The truth is, if you purchase from rookie sellers, you can never be sure.

There could be faults with the product or delays in the shipping, resulting in YOU losing customers. Therefore, it is imperative that you always choose suppliers that have a proven track record, along with excellent reviews for the item you want to buy.

This can be done by searching for the item that you want to source and then clicking on the “Seller Rating” tab to see suppliers that have four-plus star ratings. Click on “Orders” to view the number of orders a supplier has fulfilled.

Use this information to find a supplier with the highest number of orders, while also maintaining a good rating. This will ensure that you receive your orders on time, while feeling content that the customers will be happy with the product.

2: Not Talking to the Suppliers

AliExpress Dropshipping Mistakes - Talking to the Suppliers don't lose them

Now, when it comes to suppliers, they’re the ones that determine how much you make, and well, how much you either spend, lose, etc. So when it comes down to it, make sure you’re talking to your supplier. Go out there and see if you can work out better rates.

If you have to pay for shipping, see if you can get free shipping, better pricing, and faster delivery, whatever it is. Negotiate. Talk to them. Get to know your suppliers. Not all of them are created equally. Some may have only 500 units of one particular item.

Others may have an unlimited supply, because they are manufa

cturing it right then and there at their own plant. You could work out better rates with such suppliers. So make sure you do not miss out on such opportunities by not talking to them.

3: Creating a General Store and Selling Anything/Everything

Never make the mistake of selling anything and everything, when creating an AliExpress dropshipping store. Bear in mind that you must stick to your niche at all times. Any irrelevancy will result in YOU chasing away customers to find their suited item someplace else.

For instance, if you create a coffee store and then you share items in it that you would put in Walmart to sell anything and everything, chances are your target audience may start moving away. Why? If they stumble into the store and see varieties on different things, rather than coffee. You will lose them!

On the other hand, if someone was interested in coffee and came into your store that is focused specifically to the niche. They’ll see exactly what they want to buy and they’ll be compelled to purchase it, rather than being distracted by a whole host of other items.

4: Going After the Best Sellers

When you go to AliExpress, you will notice the Best Sellers tab and likely take a look at what’s selling. Then, you might decide to add the same item into your store in order to get more people to buy from your store. However, this is a huge mistake.

Bear in mind that what might work for other sellers, may not work for you. At the same time, where they have an established reputation for selling a particular product, you will be treated as a newbie. This means, all your efforts towards the selling of the item will go in vain.

Therefore, it is vital that you stick to your own niche and dominate your own segment in the marketplace. Do not try to copy others and establish your own customer base from your own store. Of course, you can always check other stores for other tips on marketing/advertising.

5: Losing Money by Trying to Acquire New CustomersTrying to Acquire New Customers

Most rookie AliExpress store owners make the mistake of diving into acquiring new customers by spending lots of money. However, what they miss out on is upselling their own product. While yes, you need to work on marketing. But nothing can be more important than implementing upsells.

It is an advanced way of doubling your revenue overnight. For instance, let’s assume that there is a xyz company upselling McDonald. When you go to the restaurant and order a Big Mac regular combo, you get asked whether you want to upsize your drink or fries.

This increases the chances of the restaurant to earn six dollars instead of five. Even this one dollar extra revenue can turn around to bring huge sums in total. Now think about it, if McDonald successfully up-sales five customers by simply asking them, if they want to have a large combo, instead of a regular one, they’ve increased revenue by five dollars.

6:  Not Letting the Market Dictate

You have a bunch of tools at your disposal, which includes the Google Keyword tool that tells you the amount of searches coming in for that particular key, or that particular search phrase every single month. Then you have the audience insight tool from Facebook themselves, which tells you about purchasing behavior and other demographics of people that you can target.

So when it comes down to it, don’t ever waste your time on what you think will work instead of utilizing the proven data for actually purchasing a product. Don’t go in blindly for marketing your AliExpress store. Use the data provided from these store to make sure you do not lose sales and start gaining profits instantly.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helped you understand the six mistakes you should avoid when dropshipping on AliExpress. If you find yourself making any of these mistakes, try your best to follow the tips in accordance for increasing the reputation and profits of your store.

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