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  • Dilawar Hussain
  • Sep-11-2018
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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and simple ways by which ecommerce websites promote and sell their products. In Affiliate Marketing, other persons share the product links with other people so they can buy those products. The referrer who sends people to that link gets to earn some commision on each sale they make. AliExpress affiliate is no different from any other affiliate program out there.

Today, we are going to take a look at AliExpress affiliate program and see how it works. It’s an added bonus for drop shippers who can earn an   8% on top of their already set profit margins with AliExpress dropshipping. So, check out this article to learn everything you want to know about AliExpress affiliate program and see how you can make money with it.

What is AliExpress Affiliate?

AliExpress affiliate is the same thing as any other affiliate program. You are provided with a special link to AliExpress products and you can start promoting this link to earn commision on each product that’s sold.

The rates are varying depending on the types of products. Some products even pay as high as 50% of commission on each sale. So, you can make a killing with AliExpress affiliate program.


  • AliExpress affiliate offers minimum 8.5% commission on a sale.
  • AliExpress cookies last 30 days.
  • AliExpress ships worldwide.


  • Shipping takes a long time.
  • Affiliate reporting takes 2-3 days to update.
  • AliExpress isn’t as trusted as Amazon, eBay.

How to sign up for AliExpress Affiliate?

Singing up for AliExpress affiliate is pretty easy. It takes just a few minutes to get yourself an affiliate account on AliExpress and start selling products to earn a commission. In order to sign up for AliExpress affiliate, head over to the AliExpress website, scroll down to the bottom and click “Affiliate Program” then click Register and create an account.

Now, you have an affiliate account on AliExpress and you can start promoting products on your website, blog, social media profile, or anywhere you want. AliExpress will provide you with an API that you can use to promote the products. Each sale that is generated from your unique affiliate link will earn you a commission.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin (AliPlugin) is a WordPress plugin developed by AliPartnership website. This plugin makes it easier for all the affiliates to add their links to their blogs and stores.

It lets you import your desired products and put them up for sale on your own store. You can also configure the product in a way that it automatically adds your referral link to all the AliExpress product links on the website.

So, if you want to earn money from the AliExpress affiliate program then using the AliPlugin is going to help make it easier for you. This plugin automates most of the simple tasks for you so you can focus on marketing and promotion of the products. The AliPlugin costs $69 as a one-off payment and it’s definitely worth the money with all its features.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Commission Rates

One thing that discourages many people from joining different affiliate programs is the relatively low rate of commissions. For example, Amazon affiliate commission ranges from 1% to 10%, but 4% is the usual rate you get.  

The commission rates for AliExpress affiliate program starts from a generous 8.5% and go up to 10%. Besides, from time to time AliExpress offers an additional commission for new users which is around 6%.

AliExpress Affiliate Payment Method

One thing that can be considered a downside of AliExpress affiliate program is that they only pay via International Wire Transfer and the minimum withdrawal amount if $16 since $15 is the processing fee.

AliExpress Affiliate Vs. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon also offers an amazing affiliate program that’s been used by thousands of affiliate marketers out there to earn great money. Both affiliates programs have their ups and downs. So, we are going to compare both these programs together on different aspects and see which one does better than the other. In bold the winner.

  • AliExpress cookies last 30 days.
  • Amazon cookies last only 24 hours.
  • AliExpress ships all over the world.
  • Amazon is only available in some countries.
  • AliExpress is less trusted in certain parts of the world.
  • Amazon is much more of a trusted company compared to AliExpress.
  • AliExpress commission is minimum 8.5% on average.
  • Amazon commission is 4% to 5% on average.
  • AliExpress reporting takes 2 days.
  • Amazon reporting takes 1 day.
  • AliExpress’ product selection is a bit limited.
  • Amazon has a large product selection.

So, you can see both these affiliate programs come out equal since each has its own strengths. It depends on the user to choose whichever program they like and use it to make money for themselves.

AliExpress Affiliate Vs. Dropship

This is one of the most asked question by people who are starting out with AliExpress. They want to know if it’s a good idea to go with AliExpress affiliate program over AliExpress dropshipping.

Both of these things are drastically different from each other. AliExpress affiliate lets you promote products on the website and earn a predefined commission on each sale while dropshipping allows you to promote the products on your website (as yours) and earn as much profit as you want (since you get to set the profit margins yourself).

Both of these methods are viable for earning through AliExpress, but if you are just starting out and have no idea where to begin then it’s better to stick with AliExpress affiliate program. It lets you easily promote products on AliExpress without having to invest in your website or online store.

AliExpress Affiliate with Oberlo

Oberlo is an app for Shopify stores that lets you import products from AliExpress and sell them using the dropshipping model. It does much more than that and allows you to set your own profit margins and import descriptions/pictures as well.

However, there’s another bonus feature that you will have to get enabled in your Oberlo dashboard. You can make around 8% on each dropshipping sale that you make through Oberlo via the AliExpress Affiliate program.

Normally, every sale that you make through Oberlo uses Oberlo’s own AliExpress affiliate API so they get to benefit from the 8% of commission on each sale. However, you can contact the Oberlo support team and ask them to enable the AliExpress affiliate API panel. This will let you enter your API credentials in the Oberlo app and now you will be able to make 8% on top of the dropshipping profit margin on each sale. This is a great way to further reduce your costs and make extra income with AliExpress affiliate program.

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So, this is what AliExpress affiliate program is all about. As you can see this is a great program for beginners who don’t want to jump into AliExpress dropshipping right away. This program lets those people earn some steady income through AliExpress while keeping everything quite simple overall. Also, people who are already doing dropshipping can further decrease their Costs of goods by getting an additional 8% discount on each of their sales.

In any case, AliExpress affiliate program is an amazing feature of the ecommerce giant and provides a great way to earn some extra money online without having to put in a lot of work. Just give it a try and see if it works out for you.

Do let us know what you think about this program and if you have already used it before. Comment below to let us know.

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