5 Best Free Shopify Themes 2020 to Bedazzle Buyers

Someone once said “appearances are often misleading”, but in the world of eCommerce appearance is the defining factor of success. Buyers are influenced by the look of Shopify stores, even if the store has no real value for them. Here are collections of appealing & impressive best free shopify themes that will make your e-store a buyer magnet.

Currently, there are ten free Shopify themes available for new e-store owners to start off their business. The significant aspect of Shopify is that it categorizes themes by the number of products, layout style, product page design, home page design, navigation, marketing & social media, and industry.

Today we look at 5 of the best free themes that will appeal to your buyers at first sight. For free Shopify themes download you can visit the official website to checkout all the templates.

5 Best Free Shopify Themes that Amaze Buyers

The theme you choose to plays on your Shopify store carries immense importance. The layout of your e-store theme not only highlights your brand and products but also represents your business. Depending on which industry you operate in, a store them can significantly impact sales (conversions). Free Shopify responsive themes also provide instant mobile & tablet compatibility to fit smaller screens.

According to Shopify, 94% buyers consider e-stores with bad designs as unreliable. Malfunctioning menus, bad images, unresponsive plugins, text selection and absence of routine elements can all lead to a fall in visitors.

Let’s take a look at 5 brilliant free Shopify themes that attract buyers.

Supply – Our rating 4/5Best Free Shopify Themes | Supply – Our rating 4/5

Supply is possibly the most popular and selected free Shopify theme available on the platform. Since the theme is designed for more extensive product catalogs, it usually becomes the first choice for most e-store owners. Available in two attractive colors, Blue and Light, Supply offers excellent product display on the home screen.

Supply allows store owners to display multiple products on the home page with an innovative slider to browse through showcased images. Also, this free Shopify theme also offers the ability to publish entire collections on the home page. These again are powered by a slider for quick browsing.

See Supply Theme at work on ModernFort

Supply theme’s excellent navigation makes it a popular choice among eCommerce stores with vast catalogs. A superb sidebar filtering feature makes Supply probably the best free Shopify theme available. Supply theme is also mobile friendly and hence provides all features on a mobile device. This excellent free Shopify  responsive theme quickly scales to fit mobile and tablet screens with fluid navigation.

Supply offers the vintage header and footer menus with the ability to place logos in the header. Additionally, you can also include a custom message or quote in the header above the search bar for appeal, up to 55 characters. Similarly, the footer menu provides the option to include sign-up forms for newsletters, etc. Also, the footer menu offers traditional quick links for support, search, contact and FAQ access.

In addition to its features, Supply offers full customization of colors, fonts, images and navigation menus. Supply also boasts good user reviews, with a 73% positive sentiment from e-store owners who have used it on their websites. Do check out this fantastic e-store with Supply theme.

Brooklyn – Our Rating 4/5

Designed primarily for apparel e-stores, Brooklyn another free Shopify theme focuses on brand & product images. As you would have noticed, the edge to edge design is optimized to display product images and videos. Brooklyn has been built as a mobile-first responsive design, to ensure it is responsive on all device screens instantly. Best Free Shopify Themes | Brooklyn – Our Rating 4/5

Currently available in two layouts classic (above left) and playful (above right). Both designs offer a unique typography to ensure your images speak louder to than words. Fullscreen slideshows on the homepage wow your customers, allowing them to see the complete story of your brand.

Brooklyn is meant for e-stores with a moderate product line or smaller collections. Common sections the header, the footer and sidebar menus. All menus are available with vast customization of text and logos. Logos that you place in the header must, however, be 450 x 200 pixels in size.

The footer offers all routine functionality like quick links, payment processors, etc. The sidebar menu pops out when you click the menu or cart button. You can either show buyers their cart items or additional options to browse through.

Another excellent feature of Brooklyn is its ability to publish up to 9 collections on a dedicated collections page. Collections are available to display in grid or collage style for better accessibility. Brooklyn also offers a specialized newsletter feature to place on your homepage. Customization allows completely removing the newsletter option or placing it anywhere on the home page.

Brooklyn has a 77% favorable rating on Shopify but in my personal opinion, it is only for new e-stores with a moderate line of products (more than 5 but less than 50). View demo

Venture – Our Rating 3/5

Ideal for e-stores with a massive product lineup, Venture theme is available in 3 brilliant styles. You can choose from Snowboards, Outdoors and Boarding. Product images & details are displayed in large boxes with drop-down menus, providing a splendid view to buyers.Best Free Shopify Themes | Venture – Our Rating 3/5

As you would have guessed, Venture is designed for select niches and not all products. Not one of the best free Shopify themes available because of its poor user rating of 42%, but still popular amongst new e-stores.

Venture theme’s slideshow is one of its most attractive features, and although it can’t be moved around, it is highly responsive. No matter which devices your buyers use, images will scale to fit the screen. Slideshow images are of 1800 x 1000 pixel quality. You can, therefore, tell a story or place favorite products in the slideshow.

One smart feature available with Venture is the promotional banner. You can place discounts, offers, promotions, latest sales, shipping & delivery details, etc. below the home page navigation. This simple trick provides more opportunities to sell with social proof to go with it. Store owners can also publish routine discounts and shipping details in this section, giving audiences’ incentive to buy more. The promo bar also saves you the cost of purchasing an app to do that when starting a new e-store.

Collection pages available are also highly customization and offer filtering collections with eight different filters. While there is a dedicated section for collections, you can also display up to 6 on the home page below the slideshow. On mobile devices, the collections page will be the default homepage. This has been configured to allow buyers to see all your products as soon as they sign in.

Another decent feature available in this free starter theme is its single featured product option. You can place product(s) in the center of the home screen allowing top selling products to be viewed first. I consider Venture a superb free Shopify theme for clothing. It is also great theme for new stores with more massive catalogs, but eventually you will have to move to a better option. View demo

Minimal – Our rating 4.5/5

Designed for beginners, Minimal is probably the best free Shopify theme for any startup e-store. The Minimal theme provides extensive flexibility for newbies who have no idea about essential elements including layout selection, product viewing option, collection layouts, different navigation styles, and typography.Best Free Shopify Themes | Minimal – Our rating 4.5/5

The Minimal theme is offered in three amazing styles namely vintage, fashion & music. One of the best free Shopify themes for clothing, the theme can also be customized for selling almost anything. What I loved about minimal is its straightforward design, not too fancy with elements jumping out of everywhere.

Created for large & medium catalogs, Minimal offers the regular header & footer menus with social buttons included.  In addition to these, the theme offers intelligent features like a homepage slideshow, featured collection and multiple layouts for product pages.

One of the features I liked about Minimal was the Talk about Your Brand feature (image above). This is simply a message that appears under or above the large image appearing on your home page. Oh did I forget you can place your famous products in the middle of your home page, silly me? The talk about your brand feature lets you set a custom message, a promo, an announcement or welcome message through the dashboard.

You can also display a featured collection on the home page too. These can be easily configured and changed for special sales and holidays. It can promote new items, or bring back older items for sales saving you the trouble to install expensive apps to promote collections. The home page also offers embedding video from YouTube or Vimeo to tell the story of your brand.

Another beneficial feature is the way you can manage the display of product and collection pages with minimal. You can choose to include quantity buttons, vendor names, customize zoom ratio and include a hover zoom option. For collection pages, there is the option to display sold out and sale buttons also. All product pages can be powered with proper filters so buyers can sort items quickly.

An excellent choice for new e-stores and provides a lot of customization, in my opinion, the best free Shopify theme for new stores. Currently, Minimal is rated an excellent 84% positive by users. View demo

Simple – Our rating 4.5/5

An instrumental free Shopify theme for clothing, Simple has been designed to showcase products especially apparel and jewelry. A highly responsive theme for PCs, tablets, and mobile Simple is an excellent choice for beginners.Best Free Shopify Themes | Simple – Our rating 4.5/5

Like its name, Simple is a minimal theme with a lot of white in the background. This allows displaying colorful clothing with large images. There are two layouts you can use named light and beauty.

The Simple theme is known for its mobile-first responsive design and is built for devices up from mobile.

The theme offers a very appealing sidebar navigation, in addition to a very basic header and a traditional footer menu.

You can also include a Talk about Your Brand custom message on the homepage. Welcome customers, tell a story, publish sales, and promos with this very active feature.

Products pages are again “simple” and provide lots of room to include product, shipping & delivery, vendor, size, color and quantity details. Product pages have the hover zoom option for buyers to take a closer look. Additionally, you can also include sale and sold out buttons on products without having to install additional apps.

With a wealth of customization option for text, images, and video, Simple is by far one of the best free Shopify themes for clothing. It is a great option to try out especially for those who have no idea about design and display features. The theme makes customizing promos and sales easier, with the addition of publishing videos.

For its simplicity and vast customization, Simple is rated a superb 78% positive by users. A must for any apparel e-store with larger inventories and a definite have for new e-store owners. Check more detail of Shopify’s Free Simple themes

See You Again Soon!

That’s all for this edition of free Shopify themes. I hope you will enjoy trying out these simple yet very effective themes to start off you first e-store. Do remember when either your store traffic increases or product line widens, consider changing the theme to a premium one.

Come back again for more exclusive ideas and articles for your eCommerce store. If you liked the blog remember to share with friends and connect with us through our monthly newsletter. Until next time, see you again soon.

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