Best Time to Post on Reddit to Get Maximum Upvotes

The best time to post on Reddit is 6-8 am Sunday, 6-8 am Monday, 8-10 on Sunday, and 8-10 on Saturday UCT.

These stats are from the study of Max Candocia.

However, the study is three years old, so I thought why not do a little experiment to learn more about the best posting time on Reddit and some more facts about the significance of this platform.


Best Time to Post on Reddit

To find out the best timings to post on Reddit, I performed some research with the tool “Later for Reddit” it is a Reddit automation tool where you can schedule your post with its help.

However, it also provides an option of top post analysis in which you can enter the name of any subreddit and find out what time is the best to post on the respective subreddits based on the vote threshold.

Here is the process I performed:

  • Find out the top subreddits (at least 20+ million).
  • Choose 5 subreddits from different categories.
  • Set the vote threshold to a minimum of 1000 votes.

These are the subreddits that I analyzed:

  1. Askreddit — 28.3 million
  2. Science — 24.3 million
  3. Funny — 31 million
  4. Gaming — 26.6 million
  5. Movies— 23 million

The reason to pick these diverse subreddits is to find any commonality in the timing of such diverse categories.

Now, let’s find out the best time to post on Reddit by analyzing these subreddits.

1- r/Askreddit

Askreddit is one of the oldest subreddit that is made for people to ask some thought-provoking questions.

This is the best timing to post on this subreddit with a minimum of 1000 votes value.

later for reddit 01

The best timings to post on this subreddit are Friday at 8:00 am, Monday at 7:00 am, and Friday at 1:00 pm.

After seeing these results, I went to this subreddit and checked the “top post” of the week.

The reason for analyzing a week’s result is that every day should cover at least one time.

r/askreddit best post

So, the top post of this week on Askreddit was posted on Monday at 6:30 am.

We can say that the best time to post any question on Reddit is on,

Monday between 6 am – 7 am, Friday at 8:00 am, and Friday at 1:00 pm. 

2- r/Science

As you can guess from the name, this subreddit is dedicated to sharing scientific research topics and discussing the latest advancement in science such as Astrology, Physics, Social Science, Biology, and much more.

Let’s look at the best timing to post on this subreddit.


later for business 02

The best timings to post on this subreddit are Friday at 4 am, Sunday at 8 am, and Monday at 7 am.

Let’s check when was the top post of this subreddit was posted.

r/science subreddit top post

The top post of this week on r/science was posted on Monday at 5:12 pm.

So, the best timings to post about science topic are,

Friday at 4 am, Sunday at 8 am, Monday at 7 am, and Monday at 5 pm.

3- r/Funny

This is the largest subreddit for humor depository. Mostly memes and funny videos are posted here.

Let’s see when you should post on this subreddit.

later for business 03

Apparently, the best timings to post funny content on Reddit are Friday at 12 pm, Friday at 11 am, and Wednesday at 12 pm.

Now, have a look at the week’s top post of r/funny.

r/funny subreddit top post

The top post of the week is posted on Tuesday at 9:03 pm.

So, the best timings to post funny content on Reddit are,

Friday at 12 pm, Friday at 11 am, Tuesday at 9 pm, and Wednesday at 12 pm.

4- r/Gaming

You will find everything related to gaming on this subreddit, including board games, card games, and video games but not sports.

Let’s find out when you should post about gaming on Reddit.


later for business 04

It turns out that Tuesday at 8 am, Wednesday at 2 pm, and 5 pm are the best times to post here.

Let’s have a look at the top post of r/gaming.

r/gaming subreddit top post

The week’s post was posted on Thursday at 7:23 pm.

Here are the best timings to post on this subreddit,

Tuesday at 8 am, Wednesday at 2 pm, Thursday at 7 pm, and Wednesday at 5 pm. 

5- r/Movies

You can find everything related to major motion pictures.

When should you post here to get maximum exposure? Let’s find out.


later for business 05

As per Later for Reddit analysis, Monday at 9 am, Tuesday at 4 pm, and Monday at 11 am are the best time to post on r/movies.

Now, take a look at its top weekly post.

r/movies subreddit top post

The week’s top post was published on Monday at 10 am.

Here is the conclusion, the best timings to post about movies on Reddit are,

Monday at 9– 11 am and Tuesday at 4 pm.


Let’s look into the data of Max Candocia once again to compare the timing with our findings.

Best timings to post on Reddit:

Sunday at 6-8 am, Monday at 6-8 am, Sunday at 8-10 on, and Saturday at 8-10 UCT.

The Result:

After analyzing the previous data and look into the stats of 5 completely different subreddits, we have analyzed that,

Monday morning (6 am – 11 am) is the best to post on Reddit, generally.

However, to get the maximum attraction for your post, you need to analyze your niche’s subreddits and figure out when your community is the most active. The best timings for posting vary from the nature of the group.

How Can You Schedule a Post on Reddit

So far, you understand what the best time to post on time is. Now, if you don’t want to squander that knowledge, you might need some scheduling pattern to leverage those times where you can get a maximum response on your Reddit post.

Like Facebook, Reddit does not give any option to schedule posts. Nonetheless, there are some tools that you can use to schedule a post on Reddit.

One of the tools that I have mentioned above, “Later for Reddit,” is a paid tool.

I prefer to go for a free option, and there is a free option that is “Cronnit.Us.”

Cronnit is an open-source web created by the Redditor Kayrice. You need to use Reddit API to submit the post. Also, you can use it to schedule comments on Reddit.

Here how you can Schedule a post on Reddit:

1- Go to Cronnit.Us and click on Login with Reddit.

schedule post on reddit 01

2- Give access to Cronnit by clicking the “Allow” button.

schedule post on reddit 02

3- After that, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you will see the “Add Post” option.

schedule post on reddit 04

4- Submit information about the post you want to submit, including the subreddit, body, title, date, time, and timezone.

schedule post on reddit 03 That’s it. You can schedule as many posts as you want with this tool for completely free.

Why You Should Use Reddit to Promote Your Busines

Here are some facts that may add some significance to Reddit in your perception.

• Reddit is the 7th most visited website globally and the 6th most in the United States. Over 430 million active monthly users make 40 million daily searches.

• An average US Redditor spends 4.96 minutes on a mobile phone that’s more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

• External links generate maximum engagement on Reddit. People come on this platform to discover new websites, content, and news related to their own preferences.

• In February 2020, Reddit had 1.3 billion unique visits that make it one of the most visited online social platform.

• 49.91% of Reddit’s traffic came from the US alone. If your target market is the US, then you are missing a great opportunity if you are not promoting your business on Reddit.

Wrapping Up:

Reddit is one of the best platforms for content marketing and generates recognition for your brand and business. You only need to find relevant subreddits and make your presence worthy by engaging in the community with quality content and valuable insights.

Spamming does not work on Reddit, so knowing the right time to post will not be enough to get popular on this forum. You need to invest time by interacting with the relevant audience, and then it would not be hard for you to make people click on your call-to-action.










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