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Consistent Cart Review 2020 – Upto 30% More Sales from Lost Carts.

Losing money on abandoned carts is a heartache for any eCommerce store owner. Imagine a customer with a cart worth $1000 of groceries, and then leaves the cart without checking out, that’s a $1000 worth lost sales. The same happens to eCommerce stores when a customer adds products to their cart and then leaves the

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Loox Review 2020- Best User-Generated Photo Reviews for your Store

User-generated content is the perfect content for any online business. It’s social proof, search engines love it, and it builds the trust factor for your brand. According to Research, user-generated content has a higher engagement and involvement rate compared to standard commercial photos. So, as an ecommerce store owner, it’s highly in your favor to

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Is Dropshipping Legal? – An Elaborate Dropshipping Wiki

Yes, dropshipping is legal. At its simplest definition, it’s just a form of order fulfillment where the supplier handles shipping. Most big box stores do some dropshipping to supplement their online stores with additional low overhead products, which is totally legal. Do remember that you will have to consider taxation, customs, and legal procedures of

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How to Remove Powered By Shopify – 2 Easy Methods

Do you want to remove the "Powered by Shopify" text from your store? We provide you with two very simple and easy-to-follow methods for getting rid of this text. You can now easily brand your store without having to worry about this text.

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Shopify SEO Guide 2020: How to Rank Your Store Higher on Google?

There is a conception that has been built amongst Shopify sellers that dismisses the need to learn about Shopify SEO and believes that only sales can be generated only paid marketing such as Facebook marketing, PPC, etc. However, some of the ecommerce entrepreneurs understand the significance of Shopify SEO and are concern over following the

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