5 Reasons Why You Need an Advertising Slogan Generator

Let the truth be spoken – creating an advertising slogan is one the most underrated job. Period!

It takes a lot of time, effort, and brainstorming to come up with some word that defines the whole business in just two lines. Many copywriters spend days creating catchy advertising slogans and stills fail to gain audience appreciations. No one knows the formula for coming up with the perfect advertising slogan.

Well, advertisers can easily overcome this dilemma with the free advertising slogan generator.

Advertising Slogan Generator

Create a unique and catchy slogan in just 3 seconds

I know most of them may not prefer to use a free slogan maker and like to do brainstorming on blank paper.

This post might change your perspective on it.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should use an advertising slogan generator for your business.

1- Get Tons of Ideas in Seconds

Being a marketer and copywriter, I can understand how much it troubles when you are getting short of ideas and could find any inspiration from anywhere. It happens to me a lot and let me share my personal story.

A few months ago, I was helping a friend to set up an online business with affordable fitness supplements. The creation of social media profiles and websites did not take as much as it takes to comes up with a tagline for his business.

My friend and I discussed that we want to delineate a message to get a shredded body at affordable rates.

So, I jumped on my slogan generator and go with the word “shredded.”


Within three seconds, I get the perfect tagline.

“Shredded, that fits the bills.”


I did not even have to go to the second page and even scroll down to see more suggestions. I loved it, my friend loved it and it worked smoothly.

2- Save You from Humiliation

Roasting is harsh in the field of advertisement. It is a field of creativity and you cannot forecast the reaction until it is displayed to the public.

I love watching creative advertisements and easily hooked to any article about the advertisement and marketing. Once I was on Quora and watched a beer ad in the list of bad advertising slogans. Here is the ad:


They tried a little too hard to be creative and instead comes up with an obnoxious tagline. However, I worked with empathy and imagined what if I have to come up with a tagline for a beer brand.

I use the slogan generator and look for some catchy advertising slogan ideas for beer and the results were more amazing than I expected. Here are some of the ideas:

“Go to heaven with Beer”

“Beer, the coolest thing on Ice”

“I loved the beer so much I bought the company”

A little modification is needed but the point is that I get plenty of amazing ideas from free advertising slogan generator without even thinking too hard.

Hence, it is better to use a tagline maker first to save yourself from humiliation.

3- Create a Tagline by Blending Different Ideas

Most of the innovation happened by improving the already existed work or blending different elements to make something unorthodox. Inspiration can come from anywhere and when you have more ideas you get more chances to make something unique.

Advertising slogan generator may not give a tagline up to your preference and standard but if you see it from a different perspective you can use it as a device for brainstorming.

For example: If you have a small business serving chili hot snacks that’s how you can come up with a great tempting tagline.

Go to advertising slogan generator -> write ‘snack’ in the search bar -> shortlist few good taglines.


Here are some of the slogans I selected.

“It’s not a dream. Snack is real!”
“Only Snack Can Prevent Forest Fire.”
“Snack inside you.”

The product is hot chili snacks and that should be the catchy advertising slogan.

“It’s not fire; it’s our snack inside you”

I took words from all three shortlisted taglines and create a new innovative tagline in just 5 minutes.

Try this activity and you can come up with a catchy advertising slogan for any business within minutes.

4- Helps You in Smart Working

The advertising slogan is a hit or miss case, you really cannot predict how it is going to perceive by your target audience. Most of the times advertisers and campaign designer burns hours in research and brainstorming to come up with the most perfect advertising slogan but it blows off completely.

The advertisers sometimes get stressed out under the pressure of deadlines with no great tagline ideas.

Using an advertising slogan generator helps you to escape this anxiety and come up with a catchy advertising slogan by spending some minutes on it.

5- Create Tagline that Easily Connects with Your Audience

Understanding the soul of your audience and connect with them is the ultimate marketing masterstroke. The majority of the businesses struggle to understand the true emotion of thier core audience; however, you can do it by using an advertising slogan generator smartly.

I use the slogan generator by using a core keyword of the niche, find the perfect slogan, and replace the keyword with the brand name.

Let’s say, I have a store where I sell newborn baby items. But, who are my potential audience, newborn babies, or new moms/parents?

Here I need to connect with the new mothers and connect with their emotions. Therefore, I would design the brand’s theme around new moms.

In the search for a perfect slogan, I use the core keyword here “mom.”


I scroll down a bit and find a perfect fit tagline for new moms who are always looking after their babies.

“Mom, when no one else is around.”

It would perfectly connect with new moms and I would simply replace “mom” with my brand name.

Wrapping Up:

I am a huge fan and user of our free advertising slogan generator, it helped me a lot to come up with some catchy, funny, badass, and emotional taglines for various businesses. I tried my level best try to describe why I feel that every advertiser and copywriter should use a slogan generator.

If you find advertising slogan maker helpful too then do share it with the one who needs it.

Bilal Uddin

Bilal is a passionate content creator and digital marketing enthusiast who loves to find hacks and creative ways to produce prolific outcomes in strategizing content. Bilal is also an avid reader who loves to read mysteries in his free time.

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