AliExpress Appeal – How To Deal With AliExpress Appeal Process?

When you are using AliExpress for dropshipping, then there will come a time when you will run into some problems during the ordering process.

It’s no big deal and mostly common with all big retailers. When you order items in large quantities, then it’s possible the retailer might ask you to verify your identity.

This can be done by providing personal documents like credit card statements, address documents, driver’s license, passport, etc.

If AliExpress keeps closing your orders and wants you to verify your identity, then start the AliExpress appeal process.

Let’s take a look at how AliExpress appeal process works and how you can smoothly go through the process to ensure smooth orders.

How Does AliExpress Appeal Process Work?

Once your order is canceled by AliExpress, and the retailer asks you for more information, you should initiate the appeal process as quickly as possible to avoid any further delays.How Does AliExpress Appeal Process Work

The whole AliExpress Appeal process is quite simple to follow, and you just need to provide all the documents that are required for verification.

These documents include the following:

  • Clear Picture of your Credit Card (Cover all the numbers except for the LAST FOUR digits)
  • Clear picture of your Identity card/passport/driver’s license
  • Scanned copy of your bank statement associated with the Credit card you are using

Once you upload all these documents, your appeal will be put into the pending review state. Normally, the support will look into it and complete the process.

However, it’s always a great idea to contact Live chat and ask them to speed up the process. They will mark your appeal as “Urgent”, which will expedite the whole process, so you can get your ordering ability back as soon as possible.

AliExpress Appeal for Account Reactivation

Sometimes instead of shutting down your buyer privileges, AliExpress closes your account or deactivates it until you verify your identity.

If your account has been deactivated, then you can follow the same appeal process for account reactivation.

Just send all the required documents through the specified medium and have them take a look at all of it.

Once all your documents are verified, your account will be reactivated, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

How Long Does AliExpress Appeal Take?

Officially, the Aliexpress appeal process takes 2-5 days on average. However, it varies for different customers.

Some buyers have their appeals looked at and resolved within 24 hours, while some appeals take more than a week.

So, it depends on how you take the entire appeal process. As already mentioned above, contacting the live chat team and asking them to speed up the process will definitely help you resolve the appeal quickly.

However, if you just leave it for AliExpress to review then, it should take anywhere from 2-5 days for your appeal to be reviewed.

Is AliExpress Appeal Safe?

This is a concern for all the newcomer to the platform. People who are purchasing from AliExpress for the first time often wonder if it’s safe to order.Is AliExpress Appeal Safe

When their orders are closed, and they are asked for verification, it’s often the first thing to pop up in their minds.

Since AliExpress appeal requires you to provide personal information including, but not limited to ID photos, credit card scans, bank documents, etc. then people wonder if the appeal process is safe.

Most customers wonder if it’s safe to provide these documents without having to worry about getting your identity taken, or misused. It’s a fair question.

However, AliExpress is a legitimate business that focuses on providing the best buyer protection. They clearly state in their privacy policy and terms that all the customer information is safe.

They never resale or reuse any information provided by the customers. So, it’s safe to assume that all your personal documents are kept safe with utmost privacy.

What Documents Are Required for AliExpress Appeal?

It often depends on where you live and what documents do you have available, but here are some of the documents that work for AliExpress appeal process. These include but not limited to:

  • National ID Card/Driver’s License/Passport/Photo ID
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Statement/Credit Statement/Utility Bill/Any other official document with your addressWhat Documents Are Required for AliExpress Appeal

If you have all these documents at hand then the process should be pretty straightforward for you. Make sure that your bank statements are no more than 3 months older.

How To Avoid Getting Your Account/Orders Closed?

There is no simple answer to this question, but there are still some simple things you should keep in mind to avoid any orders being closed.

First of all, make sure that you don’t sign into AliExpress using any VPNs or Proxies.

Use a single IP most of the time otherwise they might get suspicious and block your account or close your orders.

Also, make sure that your credit card doesn’t get declined. Sometimes, banks decline a credit card charge when you are making bulk purchases, and such declines may lead to closed orders.

Also, changing your account details very frequently leads to account review as well, which might result in closed orders.

Try to avoid these activities, as there’s a high chance all your transactions will go through smoothly. In case of any issues, you can always initiate an appeal.

However, sometimes it’s inevitable. Especially, when you are making orders equal to or above $10,000, then AliExpress puts the account under review.

There’s nothing to worry about as it happens to almost all the buyers on AliExpress.

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AliExpress Appeal “System is Busy” Error

Most people wonder why they get the dreaded “System is busy” error when they go to submit their AliExpress dispute. It’s nothing to worry about because most people get the AliExpress Appeal system is busy error when there is a connection error.

Some users have reported that uploading a video evidence in the report can also cause the same error. So, it’s better that you just upload a picture evidence in the dispute when creating it and afterwards, you can go to the created dispute and upload the video in there to avoid any “system is busy” errors.


If your account has been flagged or you just want to make sure that you know what to do in such circumstances, then we hope you will learn from this article.

Make sure that you treat all the vendors with respect and don’t open any unnecessary disputes, because it also raises red-flags on your account.

Switch vendors if you are unhappy with your current ones’ quality and service. This way you will have a smooth ride all along the way.

If you are talking to the customer support, then be as respectful as possible, which will make them more likely to expedite your case.

All in all, follow the mentioned steps to avoid any red-flags altogether and in case of closed orders, provide the required documents to resolve the issue.

Feel free to let us know about your experience with AliExpress and its appeal process. Share in the comments below.

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24 Responses to AliExpress Appeal – How To Deal With AliExpress Appeal Process?

  1. Yusuf Mohammed says:

    I’m having all my orders closed and rejected for a very long time now. I’ve made an appeal but to no avail I’ve contacted their customer care, to no avail also I Wonder what aliexpress want me to do and I don’t know what to do either

  2. Clara Williams says:

    Hello, all my 24 paid orders on Aliexpress disappeard from my account. I have contacted the customer care but they’re robots n I didn’t get any help. I ordered 28 products n received only 4 and I can’t find the remaining 24 in my account..the whole account was wiped like a new account, no history. what do you advice please?

    • Adil Malick says:

      Maybe Aliexpress closed your order due to some activity that Aliexpress find fraudulent or as a violation of their policies. File an appeal and provide all the required document as I have mentioned in this guide. And make sure to read the guidelines of Aliexpress perhaps you might have unintentionally gone against their policies.

  3. Steve says:

    Great article. Im in this situation now. I was just wondering one thing, I have all documents ready to show proof, but in my bank statement it doesnt have the card number associated with it, only the essential checking number. Is this ok? and should I cross those numbers too for privacy concerns and will this be ok?

    • Adil Malick says:

      You should have an associated card number to avoid any further repercussion. It would be ok but precaution is always better.

  4. sasha says:

    Hi, I have a query, if I open a dispute on Aliexpress, and then cancel it, can I retrieve my order or will it cancel anyways?

  5. Emma says:

    Hi! I wanted to ask how that should I disable my credit card for a few days until the appeal process goes through? Aliexpress asked for a photo of my credit card and driving license. I am just worried, what should I do?

    • Adil Malick says:

      Hello, there shouldn’t be any problem since AliExpress is a legitimate business and safeguards such documents. If it makes you feel safe then you could disable your credit card for few days until the appeal is approved.

  6. Oluwaseun Adefeye says:

    Hi my name is bisi amosu I order from aliexpress but the seller told me that the order is no more she told me to cancel the order immediately which I did and my money has not been yet refunded back to me today is 8days.pls jowvcan I get my money back

    • Dave says:

      Hi Bisi. I didn’t write this article but might be able to help.
      If you paid on your credit card, you can speak to your card issuer directly and ask them to reverse the transaction.
      This should be done sparingly though, because reversing a transaction may get your Ali account shut down – Not 100% definite, but if the money doesn’t come back to you, and you haven’t received any goods, it is your legal entitlement to ask your credit card company to give it back. I would personally start by talking to AliExpress directly, let them know that if you don’t get a refund, you will reverse the charges.

      Note, this only works for Credit Cards, not Debit Cards and it’s part of the contract you sign with CC Companies that guarantees your purchases.

  7. Tochi Queendalene says:

    How can register for d Appeal to continue making my payment

  8. marakhan says:

    hope you well
    please check it i can not sign in my Alibaba account.
    so even i can not fill inquiries
    marakhan nawabi

  9. israel avraham says:

    I am an old customer off yours, and I got a new card, and wanted to change it, I change it, and immediately wanted to make an order , and I could not ,
    I don’t know what is the reason, with the old card was not any problem, and way I cannot make order even with the new card.
    I will ask you to help me solve the problem
    Thank you
    Israel avraham

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      If you contact AliExpress’ official support team, I’m sure they will be able to help you better with your issue.

  10. Malik says:

    How to cancel a closed order on Ali express

  11. Adiele says:

    Can I use a friend’s card ? to buy and also appeal?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Yep, you can use your friend’s card on AliExpress. However, that’s AliExpress’ decision to accept it or not, but if it’s accepted for payment, you can also appeal without any problems.

  12. Dee says:

    Hey, it was a good read. I went with the same process of appealing. however, my concern is, I uploaded my debit card image without covering any of the card numbers. Now I am worried. What are the worst things that I can anticipate?

    • Juan says:

      Same here. I guess someone with bad intentions culd use our info though they dont have the security cose in the back. Dos you get clerance after the appeal?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Well, if you want the worst then somebody goes on a Shopping spree using your Debit card, but I seriously doubt it. Since AliExpress/Alibaba are very reputable companies, there are systems in place to deal with such situations. Your card is most probably in safe hands.

  13. Raymond Stevens says:

    Good article. Thanks.

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