What is a Business Name Generator?

A business name generator is a free tool that helps you to come up with a catchy name for your company according to your niche by just entering the keyword you want to include in your business name.

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How Business Name Generator is helping people

Why do you need a Business Name Generator?

Not everyone thinks on the same lines as you do. It is a big foot-in-the-mouth moment when your customers could not even understand your thoughts behind your business name.

Even Jeff Bezos  had issues in creating a business name, and he did make this mistake by naming his business Cadabra.com (now known as Amazon) – It was short for famous magical spell Abracadabra. However, most people failed to understand the quirky wits behind this idea. That’s not it, Bezos even tried to name his business Relentless.com – if you do not believe it then try typing this name in your URL and you will end up on Amazon.

If the world’s richest man can make a mistake in naming a business, so you too can make the similar mistake in naming your business – but you do not have to!

Generate Business Names

Juvenile Name Could Trouble Your Business to Expand

Many businesses do not know the art of how to create a business name and end up in making the mistake of naming a business after just one thing they are selling and on the place from where they are operating.

Like ‘Burlington Coat Factory’ had to rephrase their slogan, “We are not just coats” when they expanded their offerings. They even had to run a disclaimer that says, “Not affiliated with Burlington Industries” it hurts, right?

Well, it could be a tough job for newbie entrepreneurs to think in-depth to forecast the unforeseen trouble with their business name. So be smart, relax, and let the business name generator do its job.

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Business Name Should Define What your Business Does.

There must be a strong connection between your business name with the core idea of your business. So, your customer can quickly understand the primary niche of your business and the story that you want the people to perceive from your business name.

Do you know, the word LEGO (interlocking plastic brick toys) is derived from the Danish words LEG GODT that means “play well,” and ‘put them together.’ And coincidently, in Latin, LEGO mean is ‘I put together.’

You need to make that sort of connection with your business name, and for that, you can use the business name generator to come up with good company names by just entering the core keyword of your business.

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