Shopify Venture theme – A Rugged Theme for Your Shopify Store

Shopify offers hundreds of different themes. All these themes are aesthetically attractive and provide your online store with the best look that attracts a lot of attention.

Shopify has numerous themes, both free and paid. Paid themes offer even more features and style than the free ones, but even the free ones sport enough features to warrant a use.

If you are running an online store then it’s absolutely necessary for products in a great, vibrant style that just pops out and grabs the attention of all the visitors you to use the most attractive theme on your online store that resonates with your audience and goes along with the overall vibe of your store.

All the themes available on Shopify are designed in such a way that compliments ecommerce stores. So, choose a theme that goes along with your brand image and your products.

Venture theme for Shopify

Venture is a great looking theme for Shopify. It offers a great mix of colors and features that add to the overall look and feel of your online store.

It offers a great dynamic menu that stays on even when you scroll to the bottom of the site. This way you can always access the menu, no matter where you have scrolled on the website.

It showcases the products in a great, vibrant style that just pops out and grabs the attention of all the visitors.Venture theme for Shopify

Venture theme for Shopify comes with three different layouts with each catering to a different type of ecommerce store.

Snowboarding layout sport a blue-colored theme that’s very suitable for selling snowboarding and other snow toys. It’s also great for selling water-activity products.

Then there is Outdoors, this layout is all about exciting adventures and gives off a more rugged look that’s suitable for online stores selling camping and trekking products.

Finally, the Boxing layout is pretty self-explanatory. It’s mostly suitable for selling t-shirts and other accessories that are related to boxing, martial arts, MMA, etc.

If you are looking to sell any of these products then Venture theme is definitely a great starting point as it provides cool features and great aesthetics for your online store.

Venture Shopify Theme Features

Venture theme does offer a number of features that make it stand out and also make it perfect for most of the online stores out there.

It offers features that are pretty much the same as some of the paid ones, keep in mind that Venture is a free Shopify theme.

Venture Theme Slideshow

You can use the dynamic slideshow on the homepage to showcase your entire collection. It looks great and gives you a great way to show off your top products to your visitors.Venture Theme Slideshow

The homepage slideshow gives off a very elegant and stylish look that adds to the overall feel and design of your online store.

Venture Theme Product Filtering

This theme offers an intuitive product filtering features that lets your customers filter through your entire collection to find only the products they are interested in.Venture Theme Product Filtering

The filtering options are quite extensive and let you filter all the products by type, category, price, and best sellers on the collection page of your online store.

This makes it easier for people to find the type of products they are looking for without having to search for each product individually.

Venture Theme Promotional Banner

This theme sports a stylish promotional banner at the top of the homepage that gives you the opportunity to showcase your best products, deals, discounts, offers, etc.

You can use the promotional banner to create time-sensitive promotions and entice your customers into buying those products. It’s a great way to have your important products or promotions pop-out and grab attention.

Venture Theme Mobile

This theme is completely mobile-optimized and you don’t need to code anything at all. The theme comes mobile-optimized right out of the box.Venture Theme Mobile

Most of the eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s great to have a mobile-optimized store. This theme lets you cater to your mobile audience as well and showcases your collection in a great manner on smaller devices.

Venture Theme Customization

This theme does not offer many customization options for the users. If you want to customize the theme then there are a few options that you can tweak, but the theme doesn’t allow any extensive customization.

You will have to pretty much rely on the default version of the theme for your store. Since it’s a completely free theme, it’s something we can overlook.

Venture Theme Footer

Footer is one of the most important parts of any website. If your store has a strong footer with all the important information and links to other parts of your store then it’s a solid footer.Venture Theme Footer

Venture theme offers a clean and solid footer. It shows different information sections for you to show your information. You can also add your email subscription box in the footer as well as your social media profiles and also links to other important pages of your online store.

Venture Theme Reviews

Any users are quite happy with this theme, but the overall reviews are not the great. The theme has total of 47% positive reviews on the Shopify theme store.

Most of the complains include lack of customization, problems with the theme code, and some other minor issues.

Still, for a completely free theme, Venture is a great theme out there with some of the best features.

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My verdict for Venture theme is an above-average 3 out of 5.

If you are building a store that’s focused on outdoor activities and or some other type of sporting activities then this theme is definitely perfect for you.

Selling sporting goods, trekking gear, swimming accessories, surfing products, etc should be the perfect domain for this theme.

If you are into any one of these niches or something similar then you can easily use this theme. It’s free so you don’t have anything to lose. Just give it a try and see how it works for you.

Do let us know which free Shopify theme is your favorite and why. Write in the comments below.

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