Shopify Debut Theme – Make Your Shopify Debut With this Theme

Having a good looking online store is a good way to attract visitors and turn them into customers. A good looking store exudes an aura of authority and trust that buyers love.

Buyers want to only buy from online stores they deem trustworthy and having a good looking store is also an important factor when it comes to buyers trust.

If you have a bad looking store, cluttered user-interface, etc then buyers are automatically discouraged from buying anything from you since your online store looks shady.

So, make sure that you use an attractive them on your Shopify store to make it look beautiful while at the same time creating a trusting bond between you and your customers.

If you want a great theme for your Shopify store then we have reviewed some off the best Shopify theme for your ease.

Today, we check out Shopify Debut theme that you can use for free on your online store. It’s a great theme that looks and works well. Let’s dive deep into this theme and see how well it works.

Debut theme for Shopify

Debut is a sleek and slim theme for Shopify. It looks great and offers a very simple design that’s quite easy on the eye.

Just as the title suggest, Debut theme is a great choice for stores and entrepreneurs that are making their debuts in the ecommerce world.

If you are overwhelmed by the number of themes available on the Shopify theme store then Debut is definitely a great choice.

It’s simple, sleek, and very professional looking when it comes to the overall design. It provides your online store with a clean and professional look and that too for free.

Debut theme for Shopify offers two different clean layouts that you can use on your Shopify store. Both these layouts provide quite a sophisticated look for your online store.

The Default layout is quite sharp and pops out more which makes it easier to attract the visitor’s attention.

The Light layout provides a more cool and light look that blends well with any type of store and helps put the focus on all the products.

If you are looking for a clean and sophisticated way to showcase your products then Debut is definitely a great choice for you.

Debut Shopify Theme Features

Debut is a free theme for Shopify, but that doesn’t mean it offers no features. There are numerous features of this theme and we are going to highlight the most prominent ones below.

Debut Shopify Theme Slideshow

Debut theme has a classic slideshow available on the homepage that lets you showcase all your products or just the trending products on your home.Debut Shopify Theme Slideshow

The slideshow also offers a great video section where you can showcase a video of your favorite products or just a video on your brand’s story.

Debut Shopify Theme Product Filtering

The product filtering feature provides your customers with a simple and intuitive way of filtering through your entire product catalog.

If your customers want to filter the products via type, category, or price then this filtering feature will help them filter out all the related products.

Debut Shopify Theme Featured Product

The featured product option lets you select one of your best products and then show it at the front and center of the homepage.Debut Shopify Theme Featured Product

This way all the eyes will be on your featured product whenever a visitor visits your online store. You can bring a lot of attention to your best products by showing them in the featured product area.

Debut Shopify Theme Customer Testimonials

People love social proof. They love it when other people write reviews and feedback on any particular product. This creates a trust for the product since everyone is talking about it.Debut Shopify Theme Customer Testimonials

Your visitors want to see all the reviews by your customers, this way they know you are a trusted brand and people are already buying from you. This helps them make a decision and purchase from you.

This theme lets you share your customers’ feedback and testimonials with your visitors so they can see all the social proof you have gathered on your online store.

Debut Shopify Theme Mobile

As is the case with all Shopify theme, Debut is also completely mobile-optimized. This means you don’t have to worry about converting your store to mobile-friendly format manually since this theme takes care of that.Debut Shopify Theme Mobile

Debut works smoothly on all smaller screens and also looks great with all the elements fit to the smaller displays. It’s works flawlessly on touch-based devices so your mobile traffic can also make a purchase easily without any hassle at all.

Debut Shopify Theme Customization

Most of the Shopify themes are completely customizable which is great because you can tweak them according to your taste and your store’s style.

Debut theme also offers customization, but not on a larger level. You can customize minor things like color palettes and buttons, but you can tweak it completely. This is a downside of the theme, but it’s free so that’s expected.

Debut Shopify Theme Footer

Debut theme offers a very simple and light footer that offers all the basic things you would need in a footer.Debut Shopify Theme Footer

It’s very clean and all the links are presented in an immaculate style. Your email subscription box also shows up in the footer along with the social media icons. You can also add accepted payment gateways in the footer section as well.

Debut Shopify Theme Reviews

Reviews are very important when it comes to choosing a theme or anything at all. If other people are loving it then they will leave a positive comment.

Debut theme has around 44% positive reviews on the Shopify theme store which is quite low, but it’s also understandable since it’s a free theme and people expect it to provide premium features. So, these people often leave negative reviews.

However, since it’s a free theme, you can try it out for yourself and see how it works for your online store. If you don’t like it then you can change it in minutes and you won’t lose any money at all.

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My verdict for Debut theme is an average 2.5 out of 5.

I have given the theme an average score since it only provides average features. Even for a free theme, this one is still lacking features that should be quite basic.

We have reviewed other free themes for Shopify and most of them provide great features and more layouts with the FREE price tag.

If you are starting out and feel completely lost on which theme to choose the you can go with Debut, but honestly, there are numerous other free Shopify themes available that offer more than Debut with the same price tag. So, you are better off choosing some other theme for your Shopify store.

Don’t forget to let us know about your favorite theme and why it’s your favorite. Comment in the section below.

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