Parallax Shopify Theme – Beautiful Effects for Your Store

Shopify allows the use of different themes. These are created by designers from all around the world and each theme provides a different look, unique features, and styles. Each theme caters to a different type of store. So, if you want to change the look of your Shopify store now, all you have to do is go to the Shopify theme store and get your preferred theme like the Parallax Shopify theme.

Back in the days when the Internet wasn’t that advanced, online store owners had to pay large sums of money to developers/designers to create beautiful stores for them. They didn’t have access to ready-made tools.

If they wanted their store to be changed visually, they had to pay the designers again to tweak the looks and feel of the online store.

However, nowadays everything is as easy as it could get. All you have to do is click a couple of buttons and your entire store’s look changes to whatever you want. Give your online store a whole new look by just using a simple theme.

Today, we are going to take a look at Parallax theme for Shopify. This theme comes with beautiful animated scroll effects that are called the “Parallax effect”.

Lets see how this theme works and what features does it offer.

Parallax Theme for Shopify

Parallax theme for Shopify is a visually attractive theme that supports beautiful effects and animations.

This theme focuses on beautiful scrolling effects that are called the Parallax effects. These let you design an attractive store that appeals to the users.Parallax Theme for Shopify

Parallax theme is all about showing off beautiful design and animations that make the user’s jaws drop.

The home page looks clean and sophisticated. You can pretty much tell a story with all the scrolling effects and take your visitors on a tour of the store.

You can showcase your products in beautiful styles and add your store details anywhere on the homepage with high-res images.

Parallax theme comes in four different styles, Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles.

All these styles are named after popular cities of the world and pretty much incorporate the colors to reflect upon their names.

Each style caters to a different audience, but Parallax theme is pretty universal so you can use it for almost any niche that you want. Works well with trendy products and categories that require high-quality images.

Check out the demo for the Parallax theme to see for yourself how all the elements of the theme come together and how the scrolling effects add to the overall beauty of the theme.

Parallax Shopify Theme Features

The Parallax Shopify theme comes with plethora of different features that provide your online store with functionality along with the beautiful visuals. Here are some of the top features of this beautiful theme.

Parallax Theme Effect

Parallax effect is a scrolling effect that gives the whole store a unique look and makes your homepage very appealing.Parallax Shopify Theme Features

Parallax scrolling is an online site trend where the background image or any other content is scrolled at a different speed than the content at the foreground while scrolling. This creates a a beautiful in-depth effect which makes your homepage quite attractive.

Parallax Theme Comments

This theme offers Disqus blog comments. This commenting solution is one of the most popular commenting system in the world and mostly used on blogs.

This creates a social media like discussions on your store where people can use social sign-ins and use avatars to create their commenting profiles. These discussions also help your store with social proof.

Parallax Theme Instagram

Parallax theme features Instagram feed that lets you integrate your Instagram account into your store. This lets you post and share your latest Insta posts with your customers and visitors.

You can showcase your products in real life through beautifully crafted Insta posts and videos so your customers can see them in action.

Parallax Theme Homepage Video

This beautiful theme also lets you use a full-width homepage video to showcase your products or your story.Parallax Theme Homepage Video

You can use the video to attract customers. Show your brand’s story or just showcase your top selling products in a beautifully created video.

Parallax Theme Mobile

Similar to all other Shopify themes, Parallax is also completely and fully optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile is mostly the main source of traffic so this theme looks and works great on smaller touchscreen devices.

Parallax Theme Footer

Footer is one of the most important parts of any website. You need to have a clean and sophisticated footer that shows everything in a beautiful manner.Parallax Theme Footer

You need to have all your important links in the footer of your website so your customers can easily access those parts of the site. These include About Us, Contact Us, Returns, etc pages.

Parallax Theme Customization

Parallax theme is very open to customization. You can change the look and feel of the theme easily through the customize option.

Change the buttons, colors, styles, and menus of the theme with just a few clicks from the customize page.

Parallax Theme Reviews

It has to be one of the highest accolades for any theme to have 100% positive review Parallax theme sports 100% positive reviews on Shopify theme store.Parallax Theme Reviews

Every single reviewer is more than satisfied with the theme and all of them love the functionalities that this theme provides.

Parallax Theme Price

Mostly free themes are the perfect choice for people who are starting out in the field, but Parallax is also a great choice for newbies.

It’s a paid theme and costs $180 which is quite a sum for anyone, but the theme is pretty much worth every penny.

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Final Words

My verdict for Parallax Theme is a solid 5 out of 5.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and clean theme for your online store then this is definitely one of the best themes out there. If you want to spend money then this won’t be a wrong theme to spend your money.

It provides you with great scrolling effects and all the functionality that you will ever need for your Shopify store and also lets you customize everything according to your style.

The theme does costs $180, but that price is pretty much justified by all the features this theme provides.

We hope you enjoyed our review and analysis of Parallax Shopify theme. Do share it with your friends and everyone.

Also, don’t forget to let us know which is your favorite Shopify theme and why. Comment below.

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