Best Shopify Themes – How to Pick the Best Theme

Selecting the best Shopify theme is a daunting task. Online store owners in the past used to design and style their stores from scratch. They had to build everything from nothing or have someone else build it for them.

Nowadays, we don’t have to do that anymore. We don’t even have to possess any coding or technical skills at all to design our online stores.

Today, we have Shopify, one of the best ecommerce platforms that provides you with simple click-to-build features for your store.

Shopify also gives you access to an extensive theme catalogue where you can buy stylish themes for your online store and install them with just one click. You can even customize these themes quite easily from the dashboard.

How to Pick The Right Theme for Your Shopify Store

Even though everything has been made easier by such platforms, it’s still a difficult task to decide upon the best theme for your store.

There are thousands of themes out there on Shopify theme store which often confuses a new user and make it difficult to decide upon one theme.

However, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a theme for your Shopify store. Here are the 7 factors that will help you choose the best theme for your Shopify store.

  1. Your niche and theme should blend

Most people get this one wrong, so you have to be extra careful about this factor when making a selection. Your niche should mostly decide the type of theme you need.

For example, if you are selling healthy drinks, healthy food, etc. then a theme with Green accents would be perfect. It would go well with the products on the store.

If you select a black/blue theme to go with your healthy drinks website then it might look vastly different from the actual spirit of the store.

So, when you are selecting a theme for your store, choose one according to your niche. Make sure that your store theme resonates with you niche.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

There’s enough data to support the claim that most people access websites on their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

So, it should be your utmost priority to keep your store a mobile friendly as possible. How can you optimize your store for mobile devices?

You choose a theme that’s completely optimized for smaller devices and looks good on different sizes of screen.

  1. Customization

Having creative control over your store’s theme is actually a great feature to have. Who doesn’t like to tweak and customize their store’s feel and look? Everyone does.

So, you need to make sure that the theme you choose for your online store allows you to customize the look and feel of the theme.

Having easy customization features means that you don’t have to be a programmer to tweak your theme’s look. You just have to tweak some stuff from the backend to make sure that the theme goes with your store’s essence.

  1. Paid or Free

If you are looking for a budget-friendly theme then Shopify has a plethora of free themes available as well. Free Shopify themes look good and function as well as the paid ones.

If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for your store’s theme then it’s a great idea to just go with a decent free theme for your store.

However, if you want to invest in a decent pai theme then do proper research into the theme’s functionality and what it offers, also make sure that it’s within your budget.

  1. Speed

Every website relies upon speed. Google loves websites that load quickly and don’t keep their visitors waiting for a long loading time.

You need to make sure that your store is fast and loads as quickly as possible so your customers don’t have to wait for a long time to shop on it.

When choosing a theme for your Shopify store, you need to take a serious look at the theme’s speed and overall responsiveness.

  1. Number of Products to Sell

Most store owners often overlook the product catalogue when choosing a theme for their online store. Most themes are designed for different number of products.

If you are selling just a few products then you need a minimal theme that puts the focus on your products.

However, when you are selling hundreds of products then you need a theme that shows multiple products beautifully as a catalogue.

So, always keep the number of products you are selling when choosing a theme for your Shopify store.

  1. Tech Support

It’s great when your theme comes with full documentation and provides you with how-to tutorials to get things up and runnings, but what happens when that’s not enough?

You need to be able to contact the technical support or the developers behind the theme when you run into any issues.

If the theme doesn’t offer any type of technical support then there’s no point in using that theme.

Best Premium Shopify Themes

  1. FashionopolismFashionopolism Shopify Theme

This theme is all about photos and images. If you love using high-quality photos on your store and want to showcase the product images then this is the perfect theme for you.

It comes with four different styles and layouts that cater to different audiences. It uses awesome featured images on each homepage to make things stand out.

The animation effects included in this theme are also quite extravagant and give it a quite peculiar style.

The theme also offers great customization options and it’s perfect for almost all types of stores. Fashionopolism comes with a price tag of $140 which is quite hefty for newcomers.

2. RetinaRetina Shopify Theme

If you need a universal theme, then Retina is the one for you. It comes with four different layouts that each slightly differs from one another.

The Austin layout which is also the default uses individual page sections organized by categories. Montreal layout is quite similar but with sports different colors & widgets.

Melbourne layout is definitely the most colorful and fun layout while Amsterdam layout sports a trendy and techie hipster vibe.

All four layouts share the same features, and when you purchase Retina you get all four styles for use. These also include homepage sliders, feeds for social media, and “quick buy” buttons you can use on all your products.

Retina comes with a price tag of $180 which will definitely leave a dent in your wallet.

3. FlowFlow Shopify ThemeFresh, neat, and general enough to work anywhere on any shop. That’s what the Flow theme is all about.

It sports a quite peculiar homepage grid that promotes recent products or banners that lead to other parts of the site. You can also add a mix of different banners to add to the overall style of the site.

All three layouts are pretty much the same, so there is not much to compare them. However, the product page styles are different especially when you have different photo sizes. Flow is best suited for products with just a couple of photos since they all stream down the product page.

Flow costs $140 so buy it only when you have enough budget for it.

4. LaunchLaunch Shopify ThemeThe thing I love about Launch is how it works with any product category. It can work for single products that are often funded through Kickstarter, or it can be used as a theme for the whole store.

All three layouts use full-size headers with large images in the background. You can switch these pictures with slideshows or even videos if that’s what you want.

Each homepage also sports multiple widgets that work best with high-quality photos and videos.

The Fresh layout is much more online store-oriented with a unique design that works flawlessly with multiple products and categories.

The other two layouts are more suitable for single product stores like ones that have been funded through sites like IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, etc. Launch will cost you $180.

5. KagamiKagami Shopify ThemeAnother beautiful theme with shifting grids is Kagami. However this theme offers much more leniency in its design so you can change product widgets on the homepage and also add different collections with “new” or “trending” products.

The Baptiste layout uses a large picture-based product grid on the homepage to grab the attention of the customers. The Geneve layout uses a darker layout.

Each layout uses a masonry grid so you have access to everything with just a single theme. Plus, you can also add custom widgets slideshow on the homepage, FAQs page, and multiple different designs for the checkout pages.

Kagami can work with any type of store and any type of product and it’s definitely one of the best premium themes for Shopify. Kagami costs a hefty $180.

Best Free Shopify Themes

1. BrooklynBrooklyn Shopify Theme

Brooklyn has to be of the most popular free Shopify themes available out there. It is a very responsive theme that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes for best viewing.

It’s also one of the most rare themes that come with only one single style, but it’s still the perfect theme for any store that deals in apparel.

If you are launching a fashion store then Brooklyn is definitely a great theme to have on your store. If you are tight on budget and want a free theme then this could very well be the perfect choice for you.

2. SupplySupply Shopify ThemeSupply is another free theme that is quite minimalistic in its design and style. It uses a balanced color palette to add distinction between multiple page sections without over-doing the entire layout.

Supply comes in two styles: the Blue style and the Light style. Both layouts use a similar design. One thing I find interesting about Supply is the prominently featured area on the homepage of the theme.

You can use static images or beautiful dynamic slideshows to alternate between photos on the homepage. Visitors can be attracted further into the store if you can manage to place aesthetically attractive product photos at the top of the page.

3. BoundlessBoundless Shopify ThemeA picture is worth a thousand words. Images sell products and the Boundless theme for Shopify has no bounds. The header utilizes a fullscreen high-quality picture with additional space for your brand’s logo or a CTA (call to action).

All photo galleries and pages support HiDPI images, which means your product pages will look sharp and clear on all retina devices and even on wide monitors as well.

Another feature of the theme is the fixed top navigation panel which keeps your navigation links on the screen at all times. This way smartphone visitors do not have to scroll all the way back up just to browse other categories on the store.

Boundless comes in two different styles: one is called black & white, and the other labeled vibrant. I prefer the VIbrant theme more because of the beautiful color scheme. But I think fashion retailers can do well using the black & white layout as well.

Either way, Boundless theme can work with almost any type of ecommerce stores, and it’s a great theme with a focus on HD imagery.

4. MinimalMinimal Shopify ThemeThe Minimal theme actually has more details and features when compared to the Simple theme, so it’s not as minimal as you might think. But, this also makes Minimal a great choice for store owners who want a minimalistic feel without having to sacrifice details like iconography.

The layout and design are super sharp, and it supports drop-down menus in the navigation bar. It also supports a carousel rotator for slideshows and beautiful product images directly on the homepage.

Minimal theme works best for different type of online stores. It works with both digital and physical products due to its straightforward and minimalistic design.

5. DebutDebut Shopify ThemeDebut theme is another simple yet elegant theme that’s perfect for people who are starting a new Shopify store. It’s another theme that comes with a single style, but it offers a bunch of customization options for homepage elements an product pages.

The homepage is highly customizable, and you can add extra features like customer reviews right into the homepage. The theme focuses on beautiful imagery and grid-like elements.

It’s also quite generic which means that it works well with any type of products, be it digital or physical. If you are a store owner who loves to use high-quality images, then Debut is definitely a great theme to have.

Best Shopify Themes for Electronics

1. StartupStartup Shopify Theme

Startup is a unique Shopify theme that comes with four different styles. The Tech style makes it perfect for stores focused on selling tech products.

The Art style is all about focusing on the creative and artistic products while the Cloth style is pretty self-explanatory with its name.

This Shopify theme is perfect for electronics when you use the Tech style. It works great with multiple electronic and technology products.

Startup costs $180 which is quite hefty for a Shopify theme, but it’s worth each penny with four different styles that fit any type of online store category.

2. KingdomKingdom Shopify ThemeKingdom is a Shopify theme that focuses on high-quality imagery and photography. If you have an electronics store with attractive products then this theme can bring the spotlight on your products.

Use quality images with this theme to showcase your products and grab your visitors’ attention right off the bat. A stylish sidebar adds a completely unique look to this theme which makes it quite spectacular.

Slideshow also lets you add videos so your customers can enjoy great product videos for extra details. Kingdom does costs a massive $180, but it offers great features that totally make up for the price.

3. TrademarkTrademark Shopify ThemeAnother image-based theme that works great for brands and stores with visually appealing products. If you are running an electronics store with beautiful products then this is the theme for you.

The multi-column menu break the entire menu into multiple drop-downs giving it a great look. Multi-layered slideshow which also supports videos for extra details and style.

The sidebar supports recent blog posts and other content that you can show so your visitors get everything right there on the homepage.

Video support on both the homepage and the product page so you can showcase all your videos everywhere you want on your online store.

4. EmpireEmpire Shopify ThemeIf you have a store that offers a large collection of products then Empire is the perfect theme for your store. It’s perfect for businesses with a large catalogue of products.

Since the theme supports large collections, it also provides homepage menu lists that make it very easy for your visitors to browse through the entire catalogue.

Special promotional tiles let you promote your new products, any sales or discounts, and promote any other content on your store.

Quick buy button lets your customers quickly add the products to their carts without having to leave their current page. Empire comes with a price tag of $180.

5. HandyHandy Shopify ThemeHandy is a perfect theme for electronics stores and it’s highly optimized for mobile devices. It’s a mobile-friendly theme that’s optimized for small screens.

It also makes searching on the store quite easy for your visitors. The search bar is available everywhere so your visitors can do a quick search for products and other items without much problem.

Handy lets you display your contact information and other details in a great quick link contact bar. Custom promotion tiles also let you promote your products and sales in a beautiful manner. Handy costs $180 which is quite a sum, but it’s definitely worth each penny.

Best Shopify Themes for Food and Drink

1. LoftLoft Shopify Theme

This theme is built specifically for promotional brands that want to promote their products as well as their brands.

It works great for food and drink category since you want to put your products out there as much as possible.

You want your visitors to see all the great edible or drinkable products you are offering and click on them for purchase.

This theme works well for stores with a large catalog of products and also works great with large images to showcase the real essence of the products. Loft has a price tag of $160.

2. VenueIf you are selling drinks or any edibles then Venue is another great theme to have on your store. It works great with stores that also have physical locations.

The theme is designed for sharing as much information as possible with your customers. If you have physical store locations then you can add those as well.

It brings different styles and each style works great with the food and drink industry. If you want to showcase your great eatables on your store then Venue is a great theme to have on your shopify store. It costs $160.

3. Palo AltoPalo Alto Shopify ThemeIf you have a small catalog with a limited number of products or if you are just selling a single electronic product then Palo Alto is the perfect theme for your store.

It works specially great when you are selling something of a novelty. A product that you designed or created just for some specific purpose.

This theme highlights a single product really well. It brings the product at the front and center so your visitors know everything about that specific item.

If you want to bring the entire attention to your limited number of products then Palo Alto is a great theme to use on your Shopify store. It comes with a price tag of $180.

4. FocalFocal Shopify ThemeFocal is a grid-style them that showcases all your products in beautiful grids and slideshows. It’s perfect for showing off great food and drink items to entice the visitors.

It’s aso build for huge collections so you can use the theme if you are offering a great number of products on your Shopify store.

The theme also incorporates infinite scrolling which means you can keep scrolling and it will keep loading products till the very last product.

Homepage video gives you the opportunity to include videos regarding your brand or your product creation process. Focal comes with a price tag of $170.

Best Shopify Theme for Large Inventory

1. GalleriaGalleria Shopify ThemeGalleria is a photo-focused theme that’s great for large inventories an product collections. If you have a store with a large product catalog then you should try out Galleria.

It’s a heavily image-focused theme so all your product images are always showcased so that the visitors can see everything that you are selling.

The navigation is simple enough that visitors can easily browse through the large collection of products available on your online store.

Other product-centric features make it a great theme for large inventories. Galleria will costs you a hefty $180.

2. VantageVantage Shopify ThemeAnother great theme for stores with large inventory. Vantage sports an attractive block-style homepage where you can showcase your product collection.

You can also embed a video on the homepage or use an image slideshow to show-off the best products you have to offer.

Customers can view product details in a pop-up so they don’t have to leave their current page. This way they can check out your large collection without switching from one page to another.

Hovering over a product image will zoom it so the customers can take a good look at the product. Vantage sports a price tag of $140.

3. ExpressionExpression Shopify ThemeHave a Shopify store with large inventory? Want to run promotions and ensure that your visitors see all the promotions?

Well, Expression is a great theme that will do everything for you. It’s a promotion-focused theme that works great with large inventory stores.

The dynamic product images are great. When your visitors hover over a product on your homepage, multiple product images are showcased right there.

Expression is all about promoting your large collection and making sure that your visitors see your catalogue in a beautiful manner. It costs $150.

4. CapitalCapital Shopify Theme

Showcase your large collection of products in a beautiful style and manner with the Capital theme for Shopify.

It provides extra details about each product when you hover over it, this way your customers don’t have to leave their current page and can get extra details regarding each product by just hovering over them.

Live search results ensure that customers get quick results when searching for products on the store. Advance product filtering ensures that your large catalog is easy to browse and search with multiple filters. Capital costs $160.

5. SunriseSunrise Shopify ThemeIf you have a commercial store with a large selection of products then Sunrise can definitely prove to be a great theme for your store.

It’s a perfect fit for stores that deal in toys or other playful products. Even though other styles of the theme do cater to other audiences as well.

Showcase your best products right on the homepage with a beautiful slideshow of images. Add promotional banners to promote your recent sales, discounts, or best selling products. Sunrise comes with a price tag of $160.

Final Words

If you are just starting your online store and want to select the best theme to go with your store’s niche then this article should be of help to you.

Now, you can easily select a great theme for your Shopify store by keeping the above points in mind. Also, if you are looking for a theme in the above-mentioned categories then we have provided the top 5 themes for each category as well.

Hopefully, this article proves to be useful for you. Comment below and let us know what theme you are using on your Shopify store and why.

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