How to Create an Instagram Business Profile to Expand Your Business

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve been using your Instagram account for sharing your pictures with friends and family. However, now you want to utilize it for running a business.

The best part is that Instagram actually supports business pages and offers various options to maximize the utility you can gain from using Instagram Business.

That’s why it is not a surprise to see various users looking for ways to create an Instagram Business profile: instagram business profile problem statment 2

I’ll start with the basics, Instagram makes it quite easy for users to use their private and business account together simply by going to the switch profile option.

So without further ado, let’s begin…

How to Create an Instagram Business Page

Step 1: Once you log in with your credentials, you’ll be directed to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Now simply click on Add account.Create an Instagram Business Page_censored

Step 3: If you don’t have a business account yet, you will have to sign up for a business profile option.

Do note, if you convert to a business profile, you will:

  1. Be unable to keep your posts private.
  2. You won’t be able to link to multiple Facebook profiles – You will only be able to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

Create an Instagram Business Page step3

Step 4: You can either create a new business account or simply convert your existing account into your business account.

Create an Instagram Business Page step4


Step 5: To link your business account with your Facebook business page, click on Linked accounts.

Create an Instagram Business Page step5Create an Instagram Business Page 5.5

Step 6: A list of options of the pages you own will appear before you, select the one you want to link.Create an Instagram Business Page 6_censored

Step 7: Now that you have interconnected your business page with Instagram, you will be given the option to enter details that you want the customers to see.Create an Instagram Business Page 7_censored

Step 8: Going down the same page there are options for email, phone number and address. These will appear on your page as shown below.

Create an Instagram Business Page 8_censored


Step 9: The page now has complete information for the customer to contact you, a simple call button along with directions and email.Create an Instagram Business Page 9_censored

Step 10: In the event that you want to unlink your account, simply go back to linked accounts and press on unlink.Create an Instagram Business Page 10

Benefits of using a Business Profile on Instagram

Benefits of using a Business Profile on Instagram

  1. Using a business profile gives you access to Instagram insights, which will let you have an analytical view on how your page and posts are performing.Benefits of using a Business Profile on Instagram 1
  2. Secondly, it gives you the ability to add contact, direction and email buttons, which make your page look and feel more professional.
  3. Another advantage that creating a business profile gives is that you can specifically select your industry, for example shopping and retail, personal blog, art and so on.
  4. You can also take advantage of the Instagram stories feature to keep you potential or existing customers engaged. furthermore, you can add links in your stories.

Attract more audience with these simple tips

1.   Create a Killer Bio

Here’s where you make it or break it, so make sure you have a killer bio written, not too much and not too less.

What you need to include in your bio:

  • Simple introduction.
  • Focus on the audience you intent to attract.
  • Build a tone for your brand.
  • Add a link in your bio; this is the only place where you can put up a clickable link.
  • Most Instagram accounts tend to use this link to drive traffic back to their homepage.

2.     Use paid sponsorship to promote your posts

Using paid promotion helps you choose exactly who and what you want to target, such as age, gender location and much more.

3.     Use captions that grab the reader’s attention

Captions play an important role when it comes to posting on Instagram. They subconsciously create an image of your business and help in setting a tone and the personality of a business.

4.     Be consistent

Consistency is the key! Don’t go on randomly posting pictures of your product. Try not to annoy your followers by spamming their feed. Post consistently, also analyze what are the peak times that your audience is most active on the app.

5.     Set realistic goals and specific goals

When you start running your Instagram page, keep in mind what your goals are, maybe you’re selling straight off from Instagram, maybe you just want to show your products and operate from a physical store.

A few examples of such goals can be:

  • Building your community on Instagram.
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Increase followers.

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Wrapping up!

Once a simple and struggling photo-sharing app now has hundreds of millions of followers today, has turned into one of the greatest online market places for running or promoting a business.

With specialized business tools Instagram has made it very easy for people to sell from the comfort of their homes and identify potential markets around the globe.

You can use our guide to create an Instagram Business account profile. Just follow the steps and you will be done in no time. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop a comment below.

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