Don’t Run Another Facebook Ad without Reading these 7 Tips

Learn how to create the perfect Facebook Ad campaign. I show you how you can optimize your ad campaigns to get the highest conversion rates for your business.

Let me explain the basic difference.

At the top, it is the campaign. Under that falls the Ad set, and at the end is the Ad.
Why this segmentation?
Let me explain each and every level of Ad, one by one.

Basically campaign is the top level of an Ad. It has different objectives like Engagement, Reach, Conversion, Catalog Sales, etc. through which you can tell Facebook what you want to optimize it for.

For example: If you select Engagement Objective and you want sales from it. You are totally wrong. Facebook will show your Ad to the people who are most likely to Comment, Like, Share the post etc.
You can get purchases, but it is not the core thing that Facebook would be looking for.

How does Facebook know that which people are going to engage and which ones are going to purchase?

You remember the last lecture? Let me refresh your memories!

Facebook has data of people associated with specific actions.

So, Facebook can optimize your Campaigns Accordingly.
Following are the list of Campaign objectives that are required for you to run your E-commerce business.

Brand Awareness:
This campaign objective is not for small businesses.

How often will people see your Ad through this?

If you are using Brand Awareness Objective, your Ads will reach your selected audience for up to 2 times every 5 days by default.

Means for a  4-week campaign your Ad will be seen around 10 times.

Another campaign objective that is used for reaching people. But, this is for reaching people according to the frequency you set.


This objective is used for sending as many people to the selected destination as possible.


For getting likes, comments, and shares on the Ad.

Video Views:
Getting more people to view your video. Which later on you can retarget in your audience.

Lead Generation:
It is the most amazing objective that I mostly use. By this, you can collect emails. A good quality email list can make you $$$$ 😀

Even a more powerful tool than emails, because people are mostly on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

The most important event for your business. By this you can tell Facebook you are actually looking for Add to Cart, Purchases etc.

Catalog Sales:
The most important one for me. I can create Catalogs from my Website which afterward would be shown to my targeted Audience. Also, Dynamic Retargeting is done through this as well.

Store Visits:
If you have a physical shop, office, then this one is for you.

Before going towards the Ad set level. A new Ad that just got reveiewed by Facebook goes in to the learning phase.

During this time, Ad set learns optimization according to the selected event. Like on what budget action is going to occur.
How much time is required by an Ad set to come out of the learning time?
50 conversions per selected event are required by the Ad set to come out of the learning time.

It is the second step of running Facebook Ads. Now you have selected the objective or set your end goals.
The Ad set itself has many levels depending on your Campaign objective.

So from the top you select the Conversion event that you want to be triggered.
Here you have the audience insights Like their Country, Age,  Gender, Language, Targeting, and Connections.

Here you can specify on which device you want your Ad to be shown and which placement you want to use. Don’t ever exclude Newsfeed.


Here are the important points of Conversion Campaign Objective.

If you are looking for Add to cart then you select that. If you are looking for Purchases then select that.

What are my recommendations for you?
If i have a new pixel I start with View Content. According to me, Pixel must have at least has 1000 conversions first going for Add to Cart and purchases thing.
But some of the Videos on Youtube are claiming that running straight to Purchase works.

I tested this claim many times. It’s often a hit or miss.
So, I recommend to try both strategies to see what works for you.
7 Day Click or 1 Day Click?
As i already explained about the learning time of an Ad set. 7 Days for those who have small budget. If you have a big budget than 1 Day Click where 1 Day means Facebook is going to complete the 50 Conversions within the same day and come out of the learning time.
Ads Scheduling
Now you can schedule your Ads on what hours of the day you want your Ads to be shown and trust me, it will not ruin your optimization.

What works for me?.
Well, all you have to do is,

Step 1:
Select the lifetime budget from the budget area and specify the days.

Step 2:

Select the Run Ads on a schedule from the Ads scheduling area.

Step 3:
Select the time zone that you want. There are two options Viewers and yours. I recommend you to set it according to viewers. Now select the hours as you want to and your Ads will be shown as per the hours you want to.

On Ad level you specify your Page(from which page you are going to run your Ad), Ad Style, Ad Text, Link title(If it is a link post), Call to Action Like Shop Now, Learn More etc.

For learning about the perfect Ads that convert like crazy, you need to wait for the next lesson. Stay Tuned!

Adil Malick

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