How to Get 10K Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

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For almost all the businesses out there, getting leads is the biggest reward for maintaining a highly active social media presence.

However, if you want to use your social media presence to generate leads, you need to create a decent following on social profiles.

This means you need a good number of followers on your Instagram and other social media profiles.

There’s no shame in trying to get as many followers and fans for your Instagram or other social profiles. It’s exactly what we are going to show you today.

How you can actually boost the number of followers on your Instagram account and how you can go from zero to 10K in as little time as possible.

It sounds too complicated, right? Well, it definitely is, but it gets easier once you commit to it and be consistent with your efforts.

The more fan you have on your Instagram means more reach for you. The better the reach, the better the number of leads you can generate.

We are going to tell you that there are multiple steps you need to take and different approaches you can try to increase the number of followers on your Instagram.

All it takes is a commitment, consistency, and serious effort in building and maintaining a strong social media presence.

Here’s how to go from 0-10K followers on Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Since your profile is the first thing everyone will see, it’s always a great idea to optimize it. You need to make sure that you present the best of your profile so that potential followers can’t resist following you.Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Just focus on the basics to optimize your Instagram page. Include the following four things in your profile.

  • Your Name
  • Your Website URL (change it up a bit on a weekly/Bi-Weekly basis to point to your latest content)
  • A High-Quality Photo
  • Short yet captivating description/Bio

2. Join Engagement Groups

If you are really serious about getting followers and engaging with your audience then you can actually join an Engagement group on Facebook.

These groups are created by other Instagram influencers, marketers, etc to increase engagement for their accounts.Join Engagement Groups

You get to put your account in front of thousands of other users so they can also promote your content and increase your follower count.

There are also engagement groups available on Instagram and Telegram messenger as well. The engagement groups on Instagram provide the best results since everyone is already active on the platform.

These groups have strict rules and you will be banned quickly if you spam your account all the time. You need to be valuable to the community to take advantage of these groups.

3. Find Your Visual Style

As you already know Instagram is a visual platform. It’s a social media that promotes great pictures and videos. So, you must know the style of photos/videos you want to share.

You need to take high-quality photos and share them on your profile. Make sure that those pictures are related to your category and resonate with your target audience.

There are certain elements you can do to create a unique visual style:

  • Use a single color in all posts. (Cadbury uses purple color in all their images)
  • Usage of single fonts or writing styles.
  • Using a logo/watermark on each photo.

Creating a unique style on Instagram helps your business feed to look more cohesive and attractive to followers and also entices more people to follow. The attractive the photo, the better. You want people to automatically recognize and repost your photos for mass exposure.

4. Look at the Insights

Instagram makes it very easy for the users to track all their posts’ engagement, post impressions, and followers.Look at the Insights

You need to track your insights and look at them religiously in order to grow your account and amass a large number of followers.

The insights option is not available until you connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. Once you connect both these platforms then an all new Insights tab will appear in your Instagram account. This is where you will find all the insights and analytics for your account.

Once you start tracking, you will have the information regarding peak times when you should post for maximum exposure and engagement which will ultimately bring you more followers.

5. Repost Other People’s Content

When you are just starting out with your Instagram account, you are often going to run into content problems. However, you don’t have to create your original content every day.

You can also gather attention by reposting other people’s content as well. The people you follow share content and you can repost that content to gain attention.

  • Go to Instagram and search for your keyword.
  • Take a look at all the top posts.
  • Repost the ones that you think your audience might love.

Just keep in mind that you need to give full credit to the original poster in the description otherwise you will be flagged for stealing other’s content. OR you can find memes/funny images that don’t enforce any copyrights and post those for engagement as well.

You can also send a personal message to people who have similar follower number as yours and ask them to repost your content as well. This way you both benefit from each other’s following.

6. Post Consistently and Use Hashtags

Instagram recently tweaked their algorithm and made it very difficult for new users to show their posts to the world.

However, if you post daily with relevant hashtags, there’s a higher chance for people to actually see your content.Post Consistently and Use Hashtags

Keep in mind that Instagram now delivers shadowbans to profiles stuffing their posts with random hashtags. Make sure you only use 8-10 hashtags in your posts to keep them out of the ban range.

Best idea to increase the number of hashtags is by commenting on your own post with the Hashtags. This way you can skip placing hashtags in the photo description and use the comment section to fulfill that need.

As you can see in the image above, Carma.India comments on their own post to add their contact information and a good bunch of hashtags.

Instagram denies any shadowbans, but there’s still some practice going around where they start limiting your reach which can be considered a shadowban of sorts.

7. Engage With Your Audience

You’re posting and reposting great content that resonates with your audience, they love you for it. However, when they comment on your posts, you don’t respond to them at all. This is a big No-No. It’s going to hurt you because these poor souls will quickly unfollow you and follow the next guy/girl.

Use quizzes to make your followers participate and engage with your content. Quizzes are a great way to get every follower to engage with your posts.

If you want to make sure that your followers stay with you while also attracting new followers, you need to engage your audience on a more personal level.

Reply to their comments, answer their questions, help them out with their problems, give them suggestions, etc. This way more and more followers will engage with you increasing the overall activity which attracts more potential followers for your account.

8. Embed Your Instagram Posts in Your Blogs

If you have a personal or business blog where you post relevant content then it’s a great idea to include your Instagram posts in the blog content.

Instagram gives you easy embedding options so you can use the Instagram photos within your blog posts, this way your blog readers can follow your Instagram account directly from the blog post.

This way people who are visiting your blog for the content will have the opportunity to explore your Instagram account and follow you while they are at it.

9. Offer Incentives to Your Followers

Offering goodies in return for favors is a tried and tested method that never fails. If you incentivize the following process for your Instagram then there will be more people willing to follow you.

You don’t have to give out free products as an incentive, there are numerous other ways to incentivize the process. Offer discount codes for followers, offer to give them a shoutout, etc.

Just make sure that whatever the reward, it must mean something to your target audience. This way you can increase your number of followers while also hooking them for a long time.

10. Always Remember the Call to Arms…err Action

Your posts are all great and you are posting the best content. People love it, but they are not taking any action at all. Sounds familiar? Well, if it does then you are clearly not utilizing any Call to Action (CTA) in your content.instagaram call to action

Make sure that you are telling people what action you want them to take. Ask them to like/follow, click the link, check out your profile, etc. The call to action should be clear enough for the people to quickly understand, so they take the action you want them to take.

So, many people wonder if they can buy followers from some websites out there. Often newbies have questions like “Can I buy real Instagram followers”? Etc.

Well, in truth, you CAN buy followers, but those are not going to be real followers at all instead they are bot followers.

What are bot followers?

Most of the followers that can be bought through shady websites are just bots or bot followers. These are not real people instead these are IDs generated on a massive level to increase follower count. This is more hurtful to your account then it’s beneficial.

Always stay away from shady websites that are trying to sell Instagram followers as it’s against Instagram’s terms and policies which could lead to a ban or restriction on your account.


Getting your first 10,000 followers on Instagram is the hardest thing. Figuring out a way to gain those first thousand followers is going to be a daunting task, however, the above-mentioned strategies and tactics will definitely help you give a decent boost in your follower count.

But, once you are past the 10,000 followers mark, you still need to use one or more of the above-mentioned methods to achieve 100,000 and more followers. In the end, you always have to put yourself out there more than you did before. You have to figure out that perfect balance of posting and promoting on your Instagram account to get the most out of it.

Let us know what you think about these methods to gain your first 10,000 followers. Also, feel free to share with us your personal methods that you used to gain your first thousand followers. Comment below.

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