14 Steps How to Find Passionate Audiences for Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is one of the most popular means of marketing for businesses may they be online, brick’n’mortar, or a mix of the two. Facebook boasts well over 2 billion active users, hence more than 60% marketers prefer it as the primary Ads marketing platform.

Common questions that beginners are constantly asking on my social group are:

  • How do I discover ideal audiences for Facebook Ads Marketing?, and
  • How do I find passionate audiences for my Facebook Ads before beginning to advertise?

So, today we answer these questions and show you exactly how to find passionate audiences without the help of Facebook Ads Manager.

Discover Passionate Audiences for Facebook Ads Marketing

A large number of eCommerce newbies tend to jump into Facebook Ads too early. Since they have no prior expertise, most sellers don’t understand the complexities of Facebook Business. Instead of spending a fortune on marketing to sometime irrelevant or uninterested audiences, we will use a simple trick.

Let me take you through a step by step guide to find passionate audiences for your Ads marketing.

  1. The first step is to research and list your industry keywords. My example assumes ‘cats’ as the keyword.
  2. Now log on to Facebook, in the home search bar type your primary keyword
  3. Wait for suggestions to popup below, now click one suggestion closest to your keyword. This will display all results for Users, Groups, and Pages etc. for that keyword.
  4. On the results page, observe the tabs and click the one that says “Pages
  5. All relevant Facebook Pages that contain your keyword will now be listed
  6. Click one of the Page results
  7. On this Page, browse through posts and observe:
    1. Post Frequency – number of daily posts
    2. Engagement – Shares, Likes and Comments
  8. Identify a high engagement post, then click the ‘Shares’ link for that post
  9. This will show you all Facebook users who have shared the post
  10. Scroll through the profiles, browse them randomly. Check which other popular Facebook Pages the user follows.
  11. On the chosen user profile click More > select the Likes tab 
  12. You will now see all Liked Pages by that Facebook user.
  13. Now press “Control + F”, type in your keyword in the box. This will identify other communities with passionate audiences for your products.
  14. You will now have a list of active communities with most passionate audiences for your products. Save this list to an excel file. Try this as a template:

The brilliant thing about this simple technique is that you can use it for any niche & business. You can discover as many audiences as possible for different products & services. In case the guide is a bit long have no worries, our very own Saleem Ahrar has a step by step video tutorial to teach you the same trick in real time:

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See You Again Soon

I really hope this guides solves your Facebook audiences’ issue. Remember that this is a tested technique and has identified very ideal, passionate and relevant audiences for my products. In case you have an issue understanding the guide, simply leave me a message and I will personally help you out with the research.

Remember to join our exclusive community for entrepreneurs & wantrepreneurs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Visit out blogs section for more amazing eCommerce reads, guides, and tutorials. Do leave your very important feedback so we know which direction our content flows in the future. Until next time, see you again soon!

Ameer Rizvi

Ameer Rizvi is a professional blogger and previously worked with lifestyle, information security & entertainment services. Ameer now exercises his digital marketing & authoring skills assisting entrepreneurs and prospect wantrepreneurs reach their million dollar goals. A loyal Liverpool FC fan, EDM fanatic, geo-politics observer, and history geek; Ameer spends hours discovering strategies, hacks and tricks to contribute towards the eCommerce community.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Hello thank you for this helpful article i am working at tshirt print on demand and i am confused about finding the right audiences of 2 things which are fat moms who loves pizza how can i find the right audience

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